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Found 138 results

  1. A group of 3 couples are making plans for our next cruise together, and we are hoping to know if the balconies on Vision of the Seas (or Explorer OTS, or Empress OTS) can be opened up between cabins that are side-by-side? We'd love to be able to have one big balcony, and I've heard that some people have been able to do that. So far, it has not been physically even possible on the ships we've cruised. Look forward to hearing from any of you who know about this possibility. Thanks!
  2. Do you think if, these cabins don't sell, there's a slight chance of a price drop in the JS suite category? Asking for ME!
  3. Hi everyone, We are trying to find a good January 7 night (week is limited) that doesn't cost a small fortune (i'm looking at you, Celebrity Edge and Symphony of the Seas). Itinerary out of San Juan on Vision looks promising...but... -Is Vision updated? Does she feel tired? -Is the MDR halfway decent? -If we're stuck with oceanview cabins on deck 3, will we feel claustrophobic (we usually do balconies but this is so port intensive - might be a way to save a little?) -What is the solarium like? -Is January 12 a good week to cruise out of San Juan? We're looking for peace and quiet, primarily, in addition to a good itinerary. Thanks for any info on Vision you may have!
  4. I'm starting packing for our Panama Canal cruise coming up in a week or so. I need to know whether to pack my clothes pins!
  5. I read a review that there are not any late afternoon food options onboard. We usually like to have a burger or sandwich when we come back from our excursion. What would be available around 3:30 or 4?
  6. I read a crewmember has gone overboard on Vision of the Seas but not been able to find other info yet; where is the ship currently sailing out of?
  7. It’s finally here! We are getting ready to set sail on the Vision of the Seas 12-night Mediterranean and Greek Isles Cruise round-trip from Barcelona June 11 - June 23, 2019. We are flying out of Tampa today for an overnight flight to Barcelona where we will spend three days before we board Vision of the Seas for twelve more days! Background: My husband and I have sailed with Royal Caribbean 15 times for a total of 91 nights at sea with Royal. This will be our 16th cruise with RCCL and the cruise where we make Diamond Plus. Yes, I know. We’re excited too! All together, we’ve taken 35 cruises for a total of 249 sailing days and we have enjoyed cruising with Royal, Celebrity, Princess, Norwegian, Disney, and Holland America. I always say that we’ve never had a bad cruise. Not one. There are things we enjoy about each cruise and each cruise line, and for the most part we are pretty easy to please. There have been minor bumps and snags along the way, but I figure those make for the interesting travel stories. I’m Angela and I’m in my mid-40s. My husband, Mark is in his early 60s and we enjoy cruising as our vacation of choice. We looked at booking this cruise when it was released a little over a year and half ago. We celebrate our 20-year wedding anniversary June 12, 2019, and wanted a special cruise this year. The first Royal Caribbean ship we ever sailed was the Sovereign of the Seas in June 2000. It was our one year anniversary and our very first cruise. We were hooked. I remember that ship seemed huge. We drove up to the cruise terminal in Port Canaveral and I recall saying something like, “Oh my God look at it! We are going to be so lost!” It’s hard to believe the size of the ships have increased SO MUCH since then. We’ve sailed on the Sovereign, the Legend, the Vision, the Grandeur, the Rhapsody, and even the Enchantment (both before and after the stretch) before we “graduated” to the bigger Freedom, Oasis, and Quantum Class ships. But here we are…back to the smaller and more comfortable size ship where we first started cruising. We are both kind of looking forward to seeing what it feels like to come back to this size.
  8. We have both lost 50+ pounds in the last two years. We are both worried about how much weight we might gain on our 16-day Panama Canal cruise. It would really help if we could weigh every day on the cruise. Can anyone tell me whether their are scales in the gym on Vision or anywhere else?
  9. Have a nice centrally located JS booked on a Vision Class ship next year but there are also several aft JS's open on my sailing. We LOVED our aft on Radiance class but were not a fan of it on Voyager and Freedom Class because of the scaffolding blocking the view and that long walk to the back. We have the option of a nice centrally located JS on our upcoming Vision class sailing, or an aft. So tell me --- what's your thoughts on the aft cabins on Vision Class --- which rooms should I search for and which should I avoid? Love or hate em? Photos to share? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
  10. Anybody know what's going on with Vision. I've noticed they've locked (CLS) the 5 Sep 2020 TA (it's far from sold out), and the 12-Night Med cruise prior doesn't show up anymore. The follow-on Canada/New England cruises still show after the TA. 🍷
  11. We have Oasis booked Dec 2020. Eastern Caribbean and coco cay. I’m thinking of switching to a 10 day Vision same week right before Christmas. Booked refundable deposit so switching not a problem and the prices for the rooms being considered are very close. We’ve only been on Liberty thus far, (and some carnival and princess ships also) but do have bookings for enchantment and Freedom between now and then. I like the vision eastern Caribbean itinerary better and 10 days is better than 7 as far as I’m concerned. The wife and kids may be less enthusiastic about a smaller ship and the extra sea days could be a problem if the ship doesn’t meet their expectations. She typically doesn’t like to be involved in vacation planning. “Just plan us a good time and if I don’t like it, I’ll let you know.” Luckily I do enjoy the planning aspect but there may be consequences for not getting it right. After a “boring” princess cruise, we didn’t cruise at all for 5 years. Last year, Liberty of the seas came to the rescue, and for the next couple of years, Royal Caribbean is the preferred get away package. Disney world has been requested for 2021 :( So with all that being said, I figure the safe bet would be Oasis 7 day since the kids are still very young. But I really want to try something longer than 7 days and see a few new ports. The oasis itinerary would only have only coco cay as a “new to us” port. Another bit of info, the excursions I’ve planned have been some of the high points for our family. So I think having 5 port days could make up for less activities on the ship. I’d love to hear some opinions, even the ones that stink :)
  12. The cruise for next August ( probably chartered) has been cancelled but I have not heard anything about options or compensation. Anyone?
  13. REVIEW: Vision of the Seas. 3/11 Introductions & a big scare: I like to call us newish Texans. We've been in the state about two years now after a job transfer. One of the "pros" on our "pro/con list" about the move was that we would be driving distance to a RCI ship now. We typically fly to South Florida, so this would be an all new adventure for us. Us consists of my wife, who proudly proclaims she married me for my diamond status. She and I went on Oasis together for her first cruise and she's been hooked ever since. We even invited 50 friend and relatives onboard Independence with us and got married that week. She's a stay at home Mom, and while being super super frugal, loves to splurge and pamper herself on RCI ships. We have two daughters The oldest is 10 years old. In kindergarten, she was doing rhyming words with her class and she had to draw a picture and write a word of something that rhymes with "car" She chose "bar" and drew herself sitting at the pool bar of a ship, complete with her seapass card and one of those Island Oasis machines. Our youngest is 5. She actually took her first steps on board Serenade. Got on the ship crawling, by day 7 she was a walking machine. She also went to Disney and as we headed out of the park announced, "next time lets just go on a cruise" We typically sail every spring break. My oldest's birthday, my birthday, and our anniversary all fall the same week of March, we tend to celebrate them all onboard. I have been sailing with RCI since I was a kid, and clearly have passed my love on to my family. We typically sail Oasis class ships. They have so much to offer families, it's always been our choice. Pre-kids I've sailed just about everything else. The only two classes of ships in the fleet I have not sailed are Quantum and Vision. When Vision offered a 7-day on it's first sailing out of Galveston is caught my eye. When that sailing happened to be during my kids Spring Break AND RCI was offering Kids Sail Free. I got out my credit card immediately. The cruise would visit Roatan, Costa Maya, and Cozumel. We had never been to Roatan. We stopped in Costa Maya, 10 years ago during the Inaugural season of Oasis. Falmouth pier wasn't ready for Oasis yet, so we went to Costa Maya instead. Only problem, the little man made port area was still under construction. There was literally nothing there but the pool and a few shops. So this would be a nice return visit. We were nervous about this cruise. We had some CC friends who sailed vision and absolutely hated it. We looked at the deck plans and yes compared to Oasis class, we were like wow.... there's a single pool up top (that kids can use), and a few bars down below and a rock wall. We could do Liberty, but the route was the same we've done on our past 3 cruises, we needed something new.... and Freedom class is my lease favorite class, (if i had to pick one) We have sailed Radiance class --- and were nervous about it, but it was such an awesome cruise. One of our favorites ever. But we cited the crew, they were fantastic and made the cruise so worth it. What's the chance of getting that again? Was this a bad idea? Sure it was a good price, but would the kids be miserable. We usually sail big and new. This is small and older. We prepped the kids. "This is a different kind of cruise... we will spend lots of relaxing time by the pool." Then we thought about that.... one pool... spring break in Texas... Kids sail free... We were going to be lucky to every get in the pool, we thought, there is only one for kids and there will likely be a million kids on board. "Kids, pack books, and kindles, and coloring books!" We're normally not so alarmist, but this one had me concerned. But we were ready. I'm not a big drinker at all. I love frozen mojitos, and that's about it. I usually skip wine at dinner, am not a beer person, enjoy a cocktail here and there but not often. Every year we buy the drink package, and every year yours truly goes 3-4 days on the ship without ordering a single drink. But with the down time I told my wife, we're getting it again. We'll be sitting by the pool, drinking lots of mojitos. So a few days prior to sailing I went online to buy the drink package. Thank Goodness I did. I log into our account only to get an error message that.... we have no cruise. Now I'm a huge RCI fan, but lets be honest, their IT dept has been known for a hiccup or two. So, I don't worry. I had just talked to RCI a day earlier. I called in to officially create a C&A number for my youngest. Even though she's been on several cruises. I just never bothered to create her own account. Agent added her to our reservation, so I know it's there. I paid in full 4 months ago. Well.... Called my TA the next day and asked her to check. Now this woman is older, she was my Mom's travel agent. I've known her FOREVER, and she's booked all 20+ cruises we've taken. Never have I heard her panic and swear and say, "I'll call you back" so fast. Yep I had no cruise. It was cancelled. Long story short. When I called in to add my daughter's C& A number... the agent accessed my reservation. So did my travel agent, as I called her later to give her my youngest new C&A number. Apparently, even though I had bought and paid in full for the trip months earlier one of them somehow, "repriced my reservation" Basically they changed the rate to current prices. The cruise cost more at then point then when I paid. So that night, the computer saw a balance due and saw we were now past our final payment date and it cancelled our reservation entirely. By the time my TA called in, RCI told her, "Sorry that room has been offered to someone else, the ship is sold out, there's no more cabins for them" WHAT???? RCI wanted to put us on another ship, but it wasn't driving distance, and we would have to fly ourselves there. Nope not happening. After a ton of back and forth and the TA blaming RCI, and RCI blaming the TA and I refusing to spend 3K on last minute airfare to South Florida Spring Break week, I finally got a call that somehow they got our room back and we were good to go on Vision. This non drinking man, had a drink during this process for sure. So..... Yeah this cruise has been one that we were super nervous about, and didn't have high expectations. But finally it's here and so we're ready to hop in the car, not a plane, and head to the ship. Our little, older, driving distance, Texas ship.... Up Next..... Day 0 Galveston!
  14. The Centrum of the ship and the location of Guest Services, Excursion Services and NextCruise Bookings conflicted each other in a terrible way. During visits to each of these services, one particularly annoying "canned" band was constantly playing and you couldn't hear the staff (and, they couldn't hear us either). On another occasion it was the cruise director. I went down there to politely tell him to turn the gain level down on his mic. I would hope that Royal Caribbean staff read this. Either relocate these services to another location such as the Some Enchanted Evening Lounge where it is much quieter.
  15. Hello does anyone know what themed nights there are in the 12 night Mediterranean cruise on Vision?
  16. During a relaxing period in the solarium DW went to grab some lunch and brought some back. She had these amazing potatoes, chilled. The ingredients were of course, cooked/boiled potatoes, red onions, vinegar, oil and dill. Any idea where I can find this recipe? We have two RCL cook books but this wasn't found and I can't find it online! Any help?
  17. Hi. Been a while. Just thought I'd give you a heads up to my latest foray into (for me) uncharted territory! Diamond plus! Ocean view room that was very cheaply upgraded from an inside. Prebooked My Time Dining. All sorts of onboard CC activities including Chef's Table with a group. I'm Gluten Intolerant but last time I did the Table did not enjoy the experience so will risk side effects for the momentary pleasure!! The story so far. Solo traveller. In my prime (!) First short haul flight delayed for two hours. Fog. Original long haul left without me so am ensconced in the BA lounge for a few hours. Over 11 hours to fly to LA. We've had a super roll call. @PCWalton1, Bill, will also be going live so you'll get quite a different perspective on things. I've one excursion booked with RCL, organised a group myself for one port of call, and joining other independent groups elsewhere. I've pretty much got my head around the new CC site. I think. Have some pics to be getting on with.
  18. Hi all, Just checking to see if anyone knew if there was a lunch option for suites on boarding day? I can't remember what the options are on the smaller ships. I want to say on Grandeur we just went to the Windjammer, but I honestly can't remember. Also, does anyone know if the suite breakfast is in Chops or Giovanni's? Thanks in advance, 🙂 amcbr
  19. Since I couldn't find it anywhere I thought I'd ask if Vision, alike some of the other ships, do they have an outside dining area at Windjammer?
  20. I am booked in an accessible cabin on this ship. Two questions please: 1. What is charge for Chops for lunch and dinner? 2. I have a balcony. Will I be able to get my wheelchair out there. (I will post this on disabled board also) Thanks Judy
  21. Hope someone who is on Vision of Seas after drydock in a week or so will post some comments and pictures. We have never been on Royal Carribean and looking forward to a Jan cruise out of New Orleans. Thanks ahead for anyone who could give any update or menus of any equivalent ship. Helping a few senior citizens get their thoughts and plans together.
  22. Did I make the right decision? We were on Symphony this last March and booked Vision next year because of the itinerary. It goes to Barbados, st Lucia, Antigua, tortola and Punta Cana.. We mostly did it because of the last two ports. As far as I know, royal rarely goes to either of those ports which is why we're paying more for this cruise than we paid for symphony. We were able to get corner js 8088 as well. Is it the right decision? Thoughts!
  23. Hi, Just reading some reviews of Rhapsody & Vision - see that there are no refrigerators in inside/ocean view cabins. Not sure about balcony. Always like to have a fridge - to keep water/vino cool. Is not having one a hassle? Have never been on a Vision class ship before & thinking about it. Wondered if the cabins are that much smaller than normal too. One reviewer mentioned cabin attendant would bring you a fridge if you asked. Anyone had any experience with this? Will they bring you a fridge on these ships? Thanks for all replies! NJ
  24. The Royal Caribbean app has a new feature, which seems to be only available for Symphony of the Seas, called X-ray Vision. If you have used it, please describe what it does and post some screenshots. Sent from my SM-G955U using Forums mobile app
  25. Hello everyone, Can someone please direct me where I can find the email for the Concierge for the Vision of the Seas. Last yr was MJ, I believe he is on another ship. Many thanks
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