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Found 391 results

  1. Hello, our first NCL cruise will be on the Breakaway next month (just booked it). On other cruiselines, my favorite type of show is the Comedy club. How many nights is there typically a comedy show? I do not see them listed to reserve under shows. Also, I see shows listed that we can reserve....is this necessary? I would love to know when comedy shows are before picking other shows. Thank you for any insight you can provide. We are totally new to NCL. 🙂
  2. We are on the 6th day of our Breakaway Haven cruise in an aft penthouse H6 and have to say the ship is beautiful and generally immaculate, giving the crew a daily chance to clean up after a bunch of slob passengers. The only thing wrong with this ship are a few of its guests. The cabin is the best we have yet encountered at sea. The staff and crew are very friendly and accommodating, which should be expected. We could not find a better combination, especially in the Haven. Now I have to tell you about an incident that happened in the Haven Restaurant last evening. I have never seen such an incident in all our years of cruising. A threesome of ladies, about 50ish, were sitting at a table in the Haven Restaurant , drinking and not eating. The next thing I witnessed was 2 of the ladies carrying out their third party member in a manner I can only describe as seeing in a war movie like 'Saving Private Ryan'. The two of them on either side of the passed out compatriot dragging her out of the Haven 'war zone', her arms draped around their shoulders. The 2 remaining ladies returned a short time later to their original positions, continuing their libations. Only moments later I look up from my grilled salmon entree and see that the second lady of the original threesome , had fallen out of her chair, and was lying on her back on the floor laughing hysterically. She refused to get up or except help from the staff. A fellow passenger got up from his meal and walked over to assist, but she refused his help as well. The third lady of the original threesome just sat in her chair and drank through the entire escapade. The lady finally rolled over and resumed her original position in her chair at the table, grabbed her beer bottle and took a chug (no, she was not drinking out of a glass). By this time I was enjoying my chocolate layer cake, when the alerted ship personnel wisely sent in someone to stand, converse and chaperone the two ladies. Who would have guessed that evening we would be treated to a dinner and a show.
  3. Hi All! Looking into departure options and wanted to hear from any recent Breakaway Eastern Caribbean cruisers, what was the earliest time you were able to walk off the ship (with all luggage in hand)? If anyone has those sheets they give you with all the departure information that would be super helpful! Thanks!
  4. I was under the impression NCL uses terminal C until the new terminal B is finished. But I saw Breakaway at F, I think, yesterday (and it was the only ship in port.) Does anyone know if this was a one off thing or where which terminal it has been using lately? I though perhaps the construction is forcing a temporary further relocation.
  5. Going to be on 7 day Western Caribbean on NCL Breakaway. We received 3 restaurants perk. We like seafood, beef, and to try new foods. Mom will not want to go to Mexican / spicy restaraunt. Heard not so great things about Moderno and/or Cagney's. Plan to go one night to Ocean Blue and another to Le Bistro. What else would you recommend? Can we choose to go to one of these restaurants twice? If you think Moderno or Cagney's is great let me know
  6. First time cruising on NYE. From what I've read NCL is a more casual cruise line. Had I known I would have chosen a ship with a formal night. Do people at least dress formally on NYE? I'm trying to convince my boyfriend to bring his suit because I would like to dress up. I'm going to be in a lot of trouble though if he gives in, wears his suit and ends up being one of a few dressed up guys. 
  7. I have been wanting to do this review since getting off the ship on May 5th but have been busy with life. This will be my first review here on Cruise Critic. This review may go in bits and pieces when time allows. So a little about myself and my lovely wife. We are both in our early to mid 50's and this is our 4th cruise. All of of cruises have been with Norwegian.Our last cruise was in November of 2017 on The Getaway. We loved that ship so we decided to try the sister ship. We tend not to let too much bother us when on a cruise. After all we are on vacation so it takes a lot to screw that up so we tend to go with the flow while on the ship. I will try to post as many pics and I can. There will drink porn and a little food porn. I will try to continue a little later tonight.
  8. Cruised last year on Royal and LOVED The Quest! I keep telling everyone I know NOT to miss that show! Is there any MUST SEE on Breakaway?
  9. Hi, I've just scanned the dailies from the April 14th cruise from Miami. Hopefully all the links will work. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Disembarkation
  10. Great to see the corrections stuck! 15 more sleeps! https://wwwn.cdc.gov/InspectionQueryTool/InspectionResults.aspx
  11. Does anyone have photos of bar menus on the Breakaway? and the 'specialty coffee' menus? Boyfriend and I are debating the upgrade to the Premium Plus for our cruise on 8/18, but want to know the coffee/sparkling water/energy drink prices to make a more informed decision. Plus still don't have a good picture of wine by the glass that's above the Free-at-Sea $15 cap. We're thinking that 2x/person water + 2x/person coffee + 1 bottle of Veuve at dinner + 1 bottle of other wine at dinner = worthwhile when factoring in for other drinks above the $15 cap throughout the day, but we're still fuzzy on the numbers so hesitant to commit.
  12. Anyone stayed in both NCL Escape Haven & NCL Breakaway Haven? Which did you preferred & why?
  13. Where on the Breakaway is the best sports bar? Best place to watch football. Will be heading to the nearest TV to watch "The Game". What's the chance of being on the ship by 12:00 noon kickoff? OH- GO BUCKS!
  14. Just wanting to get clarification on what time check in opens in Miami? And what the best time to arrive is - we want to get on board as early as possible :)
  15. Do any of the speciality restaurants on the Breakaway serve lobster ?
  16. Have anyone stayed in NCL Breakaway Forward-Facing Suite 11106? What did you like or dislike about the suite?
  17. The show Velvet is showing up for our cruise on Breakaway for the week of May 5. It doesn’t seem available for booking yet. I believe it’s been on other ships. What has the cost been and was it worth it?
  18. Does anyone know who is currently tending bar in the Breakaway Haven Lounge?
  19. Hi All, We’re lucky enough to have booked a 10 day cruise from Orlando to the Caribbean in a spa suite within the Haven on Norwegian breakaway – I’m just wondering exactly how this haven deal works. Evidently we have a beverage package included – but is that the basic one with a $15 limit on drinks? Are those drinks still limited within the Haven bar, can you get a bottle of wine at dinner for example? I’m thinking we might be faced with the cost of upgrading the beverage package but I’m unsure? I understand we have full access to the Haven restaurant, but do we have access to all of the other speciality restaurants at no other cost? Or is there a four day limit or something? Similarly with the Internet – we haven’t we have a package but I’m guessing it’s not unlimited? The truth is, I’m a bit disappointed (At the thought of having to pay for these extras!)having splashed out for a haven suite, and we were comparing this with the other top cruise lines evidently offering completely all-inclusive deals – any guidance help would be appreciated. Big thank you
  20. Please tell me everything you can about Vibe on Breakaway from where to get passes to your experience. We are a group of 6 adults that are very interested in this for our upcoming cruise in March. Thank you! Trish
  21. Sailing out of Port Canaveral for the first time, and just did my online check-in. I wasn't given the option to pick a time to arrive at the dock as I always have been able to do at Port of Miami. Do they not do this for Port Canaveral, or did NCL change something up? I hate the thought of 4000 people showing up to this ship all at the same time.
  22. I have a quick question on the thermal spa area on the breakaway. Are the steam room and sauna coed or are there separate ones for men and women? Thanks!
  23. Title says it all....Salt or freshwater?? TIA
  24. Hello, Does anyone have a recent (2019) copy of the Freestyle Daily for the 7-day Eastern Caribbean cruise on the Breakaway out of Port Canaveral?
  25. I will be taking my 2nd cruise on an NCL ship, with the first being ~13 years ago on the Pride of America. I have sailed numerous times on RCCL ships and am looking forward to trying something different. I recently booked a "mini suite" on the Breakaway for June 2020 and was able to take advantage of the "Take All" promotion including 3 SPD and the drink package, etc. After I quickly booked the cruise last night before the sale ended, I started looking into the ship some more including reviews etc. One of the "themes" that I noticed in the more poor reviews was that guests were complaining about NCL "nickle and dimeing" their guests and the need to pay to see certain shows and that the pools are jam packed and if you want to access the "adult pool" you had to pay? I certainly recognize that when someone takes the opportunity to write a bad review on a product their filter may be skewed, but these points were of interest to me. So... CC, I am curious what is the actual experience that we can expect on the Breakaway? What would trigger an upcharge onboard? ...and then on a more positive note, what is your favorite thing about the Breakaway and do you have any tips? Thanks in advance. edit. I just went to NCL's website and noticed that they "extended" the Free for All promotion. So, I guess I fell for the marketing ploy. 🙂
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