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  1. Monica887


    I have a tight timeline for my next trip and the only available sailing to me will be on the Dawn. Any thoughts on the Dawn, or things I should know? I like the Escape/Getaway for the features like ropes course and slides, and I like sitting by the waterfront (outdoor, quite, comfy chairs). I like the Gem and Jewel for lounges like the Spinnaker, with big windows and plenty of seating during the day. I'm not at all impressed by specialty restaurants. This trip will mostly be for relaxing. What should I know or consider?
  2. MAMA "B"

    Texting on NCL Dawn

    Does anyone know if the Dawn has the Cruise Norwegian App or I Concierge?
  3. I've read about White parties and other themed nights. Does anyone know on a cruise of this length when that will happen? Are there other themed nights? When do you suppose the laundry $20 bag be offered and will it be offered more than once on a cruise of this length?
  4. McFins

    Dawn Questions

    Hi there. I love the Gem and Pearl and am contemplating the Dawn for the 9 day from Quebec to NY next fall. I've searched the boards for some of the differences between the Gem and Dawn and know that there is no Great Outdoors or Spinnaker Lounge. Wondering if those who have sailed on the Gem or Pearl and the Dawn could provide their opinions (or anyone who has sailed the Dawn who cares to share their opinions). The type of info I am most interested in is below. I do know that I can research the NCL website for the actual specifications---I am more interested in folks opinions on how they felt about it. Thank you all in advance for always being so helpful Spa - is it similar to the Gem/Pearl? Co-ed? Cabins - do the mini suites have a tub like the Gem? Would you pick balcony room over a mini suite (i.e. I would on the Gem/Pearl due to the tub and because all mini suites were on deck 11 under the busy Deck 12) Casino - is it similar to the Gem/Pearl --- larger/smaller Outside space --- other than your balcony or the pool area --- are there any outdoor spaces?
  5. Gampy1967

    Norwegian Dawn Suites

    I know the Garden Villas are definitely the top rooms on the ship. I am confused on the next two though. The Deluxe Owners Suites are SA and Owners Suite w/ 2 balconies are SB so technically the Deluxe Owners Suite is considered a better room, correct?? I don't understand why. They both get the same extra benefits (champagne vs. sparkling wine, 3 bottles of liquor, etc.). Forgetting the balconies (which I prefer) vs. no balconies, the SB is larger and more expensive. Why would anyone technically upgrade from an owner's suite with two balconies to a deluxe owners suite? Is there something that the Deluxe Owners Suite has that I am missing?
  6. luvsboozecruises

    Dawn safe box

    Can someone please tell if the safe in the room has a key pad or a card swipe ? Thanks...
  7. mengel246

    Dawn with kids

    We are taking our second cruise this spring and will have our 6 and 8-year-old. We did a cruise 3-4 years ago with them on the Getaway (or Breakaway.. I can't remember what it's called), where there were waterslides, rope course, big trampoline thing. They were younger at the time and we didn't get to use most of those things. I know Dawn does not have the slides/ropes course, etc. Can anyone let me know what other things would be good for them on this ship? Thanks!
  8. Anyone done this lately? How was it? I read on another thread about another ship and salt scrubs in the thermal suite. Do they have that on the Dawn?
  9. Hi everyone! My husband and I are sailing on the Dawn in February, and I'm trying to decide whether or not to purchase thermal spa passes for the week. This will be our 3rd NCL cruise (we've previously cruised on the Gem and Star), but we've never done the spa. I would love to hear from anyone who has. Thank you! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. “For what human ill does not DAWN seem to be an alleviation?” -Thornton Wilder- (An what an alleviation the Dawn was for us indeed!!) Hey guys!! Welcome to my review of my cruise aboard the Norwegian Dawn on Thanksgiving week, Nov. 18-25, 2018 out of San Juan, PR. I’m still getting over my PCD (Post Cruise Depression) and as I write this and reminisce about those too few days, it only gets worse. So, what do I do? Easy. I start planning another cruise...LOL!! This was my fourth cruise but only the second along with my DW. It was also our first cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line and didn’t know what to expect with their Freestyle Cruising. And although in the end we had a great time, we were a bit nervous because there was so much lack of good, recent information about the Dawn and I felt as if we were almost going in blind. CC has spoiled me into going on cruises well informed about ships and destinations that this time, it was a bit nerve-wracking having so many “we’ll see…” things in mind. We were very surprised and surprisingly satisfied with the Dawn and its crew and we hope we get to sail on her again someday soon! Disclaimer: Opinions vary from person to person and what you will read here are my opinions, thoughts, experiences and those of my wife in some instances. They might not be the same as yours and even if you traveled on the same sailing as us, you might have experienced things differently. I can sometimes be opinionated and most times I try to be funny about it all. But in the end I do hope that our opinions help some and entertain others. If you have read any of my previous reviews, you’ll know that I work in the hospitality/gaming industry and therefore I might sometimes be very (maybe even too) critical of guest services, crew attitude and things like that. You might think it’s ranting or nit-picking but trust me, after 24 years in the business I know that the devil is in the details and even though you might not consciously care, details do start to stack up when not done right and they do mess with your experience. Yes, there were a few things that were off. It wasn’t all perfect as you’ll see when I get into details. But nothing was so major that it lessened our enjoyment of the cruise. Now, there might also be some differences from other sailings of the Dawn from San Juan since not all are scheduled to be the same in length and itinerary as ours. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, the sailing right after the one we took was a 10-day itinerary followed by an 11-day which included stops in the A-B-C islands as well as the ones we visited (at least I think that was the order). I will also be doing a bit of comparison between this trip and my previous cruises which had similar destinations. All my previous cruises have been with Carnival Cruise Line on the Southern Caribbean route out of San Juan. Even though we have previously visited most of the islands on this itinerary with Carnival (Carnival doesn’t usually stop at Antigua when sailing from SJ), we decided against booking with Carnival because we wanted a new ship. Royal Caribbean also has the Freedom of the Seas sailing from PR, but it didn’t seem as a better value for our “all-of-a-sudden” budget. NCL’s Dawn slotted right between the Fascination and the FOTS and even though there’s a lot of discussion about the “value” of the free perks on NCL, it worked great for us in the end. The ship experience will be different from those previous reviews, but you’ll still find reference for info on what to do on the islands (well at least I’d hope so!). Another difference from other reviews out there (for the Dawn or otherwise) is that I am local to Puerto Rico. That means that I will not be writing about the experience of going through the airports, airlines, staying at any hotel, taxis, etc. Anyhow, if you have any questions about these topics, feel free to ask whatever you like, and I’ll try to answer to the best of my knowledge. When I started with this cruise bug, I got TONS of ideas and information from other reviewers who shared their experiences like Mitsugirly, pghsteelerfan, among others. Some are still posting, some since retired or on hiatus from cruising and/or CC. But since the info I gathered from reading those reviews helped me further the enjoyment of my travels, I always try to pay it forward in case my experience can help someone else have a better one themselves. Also, while I try to be comprehensive in the info I gather and the pictures I take, please be aware that we’re still on vacation. So there might be some things I missed because, well… I was having fun!! Also, we had the Specialty Dining Package for three nights, which means the menus for the MDR will likely be missing for those nights, although I did save all the dailies for you guys. I’ll also try to post as soon as I can, as quickly as I can. These things take time to put together and life happens and can sometimes get in the way. So, please be patient if you don’t see the whole thing posted in three days. I never leave my reviews incomplete so I won’t leave you hanging. That being said… on to the review. Pre-cruise: This cruise basically came out of nowhere for us. We are currently doing some home renovations, including fixing up damage from last year’s hurricane Maria. We had already budgeted and put aside some cash in case something went over budget (as usually happens). Although the renovations are still ongoing, we have basically signed all contracts for the remaining work and GASP!!! nothing will actually go too much over budget so that means we got some moolah left after all. So, what does my DW do? She turns to me and says something along the lines of “after all this and what’s still to come, we need a vacation. Honey, go book a cruise!” (I might've said Hell yeah!!!! No less than an hour later I had the info on prices that we needed and sat down to discuss the options. I still had some personal time at work and she was getting Thanksgiving week off from hers so we decided to cruise on that week since the timing was perfect for us. I had never even looked at cruises for Thanksgiving week until this opportunity came along and I was amazed that (At least sailings from San Juan) prices weren’t really that bad. I was truly expecting them to be higher, specially in PR since a lot of people have days off during that week. Carnival was dirt cheap and came in around $700-something per person including taxes, fees and gratuities for an inside cabin with no extra amenities. FOTS was way up there since insides showed as sold out (or blocked maybe? RCI has a HUGE presence here in PR with local travel agents). So, they had ocean view and upward cabins starting at around $1000 per person including fees, taxes and gratuities. NCL had the “Free at Sea” promotion where Ocean View cabins and up received at least two perks “free”. We opted for NCL and the Dawn and opted for the “free” 3-day Ultimate Dining package and the Unlimited Beverage Package (UBP) and alas!! not all “free stuff” is free. There was a $100-something gratuities per person added to your fare if you opted for the UBP. We were fine with this since the regular charge for the UBP is $99 per person, per day PLUS 20% gratuity so for us it made a heck of a lot of sense to just pay the gratuities. The cost was just over $2,100 (or $1,050 per person) including taxes, fees and all gratuities (for the cruise and the UBP). Although NCL had the highest overall cost, we thought we had the best net value on NCL. This “free/not free” thing has garnered a lot of discussion here on CC about “misrepresentation” of what the promo really means but in the end, we saved money and that’s all I really care about. So, our sailing ended up being the first sailing of the Dawn from San Juan for its winter season, coming from her reposition trip from Boston, MA. Our itinerary would be a 7 night cruise with stops at Barbados, Antigua, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas. We also ended up booking an OK (class) Obstructed Ocean View cabin on deck 8. DW wanted me to get an inside but I convinced her to get an OV for one extra “perk” and we also got $160 of OBC with the offer at the time. I looked at the available rooms on some deck plans and chose cabin 8566 because it was one of the four cabins (two on each side) with the least obstructed view since the lifeboat in front of the window was smaller and had no roof cover, hence visibility wasn’t THAT much obstructed. But a few days after booking (I booked about 50 days out) I received an email with an “invitation” to bid for an upgrade. I took the bait and bid just over the minimum for a balcony cabin upgrade. This had me going crazy, logging in to NCL.com, looking for a “congratulations” message or doing mock bookings to see the remaining inventory, hoping to see lots of balcony cabins still unsold (which I did). Finally, 9 days before sailing I received an email stating that my bid was accepted and was moved to an aft balcony (not aft-facing) cabin #9196. SCORE!! A few minutes later I had all my cruise docs all printed out and my luggage tags with their info filled. Yeah, I was that exited!!! The day before we were to sail I had my suitcase all ready and kindda felt it a bit light. But I could not put my finger on why it was. Heck, I even had some space left. I thought it was due to packing smaller clothing than usual since I had lost over 40 lbs since the last time I cruised and was wearing one size smaller clothes than last time (as if that made any real difference). Little did I know that this “I feel lighter” would come into play a few times later in the cruise in multiple ways. Ughh...even writing this I feel like slapping myself. You’ll see… After doing some research I ended up buying three things specifically to take on this cruise and eventual cruises. One were some cruise luggage tags. Last trip the paper tags were almost ripped off my bags and being an over-worrier some times, I told myself that I wouldn’t risk it. This held up perfectly this time. Another item was a non-surge protected multi plug thingy which almost didn’t fit on the only American 120V outlet in the room (there’s actually another for electric razors in the bathroom). Although I forgot to take a picture of it actually plugged in but all I can say is that it was a tight, tight fit. Also, unless your chargers are very slim, it’s almost impossible to fit three chargers at at time, but we had no problem connecting two to the regular outlets and two more devices using the USB outlets provided for a total of 4 devices. Last but not least, after reading all the controversy and outrage about cruise lines doing away with drinking straws, I decided to buy a set of stainless steel straws. The set included 8 straight, narrow tubes, 4 straight wider ones and 4 bent tubes, along with two brushes to clean them on the inside. At 10.5” they ended up being to long for almost any glass that NCL served us in (which varied from plastic to glass, small to tall) and we ended up not using them that much unless we knew we were going to order frozen drinks. Also carrying them was a bit of a hassle sometimes, even if they were only two. So either I get shorter straws or I simply leave them at home next time and simply adapt. One thing that never, ever, ever goes into my suitcase is my photo equipment. I have a 55L backpack that gobbles up a LOT of stuff. I decided to put all the photo equipment I was taking on it so I could have it with me all the time during embarkation. And after this trip I vowed to leave most of it home next time. If you’re into photography and you already have been once (or more) to a place, you start to think about photo ops, specific shots of specific places and specific angles. Theory is one thing, practicality and what happens once you’re there is something else altogether. I have (and took with me) a Canon SX50HS bridge camera with UV and CPL filters, a Nikon AW100 (for underwater, now my secondary UW camera), an Olympus TG4 also for underwater photography (primary for underwater, mostly due to RAW shooting capability). I also took for its maiden snorkel trip an Apeman A80 action cam (GoPro clone with great capabilities and comparable qualities that I TOTALLY managed to mess up!) and finally my Galaxy S7 smartphone (in which I alternate taking jpeg and RAW pictures). In the end, the Canon is getting to bulky for cruising for me and having FIVE chargers, plus accessories, plus extra batteries are simply becoming overkill. I am starting to look into upgrading the Canon or simply not taking it with me on cruises. The TG4’s RAW capability and the S7’s (since upgraded to and S8+) camera proved to be quite sufficient on almost all conditions for what I needed. Although having two UW cameras for still pictures might be too much, it came into play later in the trip. As if that weren’t enough, I also took with me my Tycka Compact Travel Tripod (looking at a Gorillapod for next trip now) since I wanted to do some time-lapse videos with the action camera. An experiment that came out horrendous. It ended up being too much equipment for the activities weI did so I made the decision that this would be the last cruise hauling so much photo stuff. I am in no way a pro photographer. Just a photo enthusiast that sometimes has delusions of being Andy Warhol...lol! The thing is that I ended up using the tripod just once for a miserably failed attempt at a time lapse shoot leaving San Juan bay and the selfie stick once. I didn’t even install the windshield mount on the car while in St. Thomas. I think I’m going to start using the TG-4 a bit more to get the feeling of what it could do as a companion to my (now) S8+ cell phone, which is also capable of taking RAW images. That is, of course, IF I don’t end up getting a new mirror-less Olympus I got me eyes on before the next trip. Either way, I really need to figure out how to take less with me. So, finally, tomorrow I get my taste of the Dawn!!
  11. Hi, we have seen some very negative comments recently regarding the Dawn’s buffet in regards to selection and quality. We have always been satisfied with NCL buffets. Last cruise 2 years ago was a19 day out of Auckland and the buffet got a little repetitive, but that is too be expected. Have recent cruisers on Dawn experienced a decline in the buffet offerings and quality...will be on Dawn the 27th and curious what recent cruisers think....thanks,😎😎
  12. Hi all. Recently booked a mid-ship mini suite on deck 11 of the Dawn. In watching videos of similar cabins, noticed a quick shot of an overhang above the balcony. Looked at deck plans and realized that deck 12 is extended outward over our cabin. Attempted more research and couldn’t find any good views of this overhang to see how big it is. Our concern is is that it will limit the amount of sun we get on the balcony (having sun is a good thing to us). We once had a cabin with a severe overhang (on RCCL jewel of the seas) and only got direct sun for a little while in the morning and evening. Curious if anyone has photos or thoughts on these balconies? thanks
  13. I just booked the Dawn and am wondering if there is a thread like this already going. If there is please point me in the right direction. If not we will get one going here. Thank you everyone in advance
  14. It appears that the Dawn will finish up her Greek Isles schedule in Venice in November 2020. Do you think the return Transatlantic will start from that port or somewhere else. That itinerary has not been published yet? Any ideas?
  15. Family Travel Story

    Suite perks on the Dawn

    I see that the dawn going out of Boston to Bermuda the summer does have pent houses and two bedroom penthouses other than the size of the room is there any sweet perks like you would have on the jewel class or higher such as a Haven area. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Forums mobile app
  16. The last time I was on a NCL cruise, you could not bring any water on board? I imagine it’s hasn’t changed?
  17. piggiepuff

    Dawn dinner question

    Is the menu the same in both of the main dining rooms each night? Or do they each do a different menu? Thanks!
  18. I know the Dawn is now sailing out of Puerto Rico thru the month of March. If you call they tell you it is scheduled to sail out of Old San Juan #4 but everywhere on the boards always states when sailing out of Puerto Rico the embarkation and disembarkation is at Pan American Pier. Old San Juan is only used by NCL when Dawn is making a stop in Puerto Rico. Can anyone who has just gotten off the Dawn in Puerto Rico confirm what Pier you left/arrived at. I am trying to arrange transportation from our hotel to the ship for Embarkation and don't know whether to schedule it from the hotel to Pan American Pier or Old San Juan. Thanks.
  19. pasta1

    ncl dawn

    Any thoughts or opinions of NCL Dawn. Considering 11 day caribbean January guarantee $549 plus port tax? Have done guarantees previously on other ships.
  20. Hi Fellow Critics, Sailing in just under 6 mos on DAWN out of NYC. (florida/ Bahamas Itinerary) I was looking at excursions (i know i am a bit late) well there is not much left. Question 1 : Is there any excursions "saved or put aside" for suite guests ? or do we pick from the general population of what is available? Question 2 : If i pick an excursion that is "beach transportation" and for 4 of us its $39 total will i receive $50 credit per port perk or just the $39 ? Question 3 : If i choose the (2) person wave runner excursion in Bahamas with my (8) year old son can he ride sitting in front of me? or must he sit behind me? i'm afraid he may fall off when i hit the max throttle and really open up the engine. or from the waves created. I know it says you cannot "switch" ridding positions once you start but would rather him sit in front of me. Question 4 : We are cruising with my in-laws (they are in a balcony) (and want to book our (3) free dining options at the 130 days out mark (suite guests i understand can do this) my inlaws cant book until 120 days out....we want to all eat tgether...they also have the (3) free dinners...SO can i book a table for (6) people at the 3 restaurants we like? if i have to call NCL customer help...or email them for the reservations it doesn't matter (i just want us all to be able to eat together as a family) especially since we are bringing our (21 month old son on his first cruise) Thanks, Mark
  21. bjcruiser

    Dawn Casino Bar?

    Does the Casino on the Dawn have a Bar? I did not see one on the deck plans. Thanks Bobbie
  22. antsnanny

    Damage to the Dawn

    Face Book poster reports water poring from the ceiling into the Casino on the Dawn. In addition there posting that windows on 3 decks broke due to large waves? Anybody have any current information on how things are on the Dawn?
  23. We are going on a southern Caribbean cruise the first week of March on the dawn! We were wondering if anyone else has done this cruise and if they have any tips or advice that they could give us. Also, what type of crowd should we expect on this cruise? This is our first cruise so any information you tell us we will value! Thank you!
  24. What do you think would be the earliest disembarkation from the Dawn, docking hopefully at 5.30 am in San Juan. Obviously we would carry off cases ourselves.
  25. I am seeing a lot of message threads about not sailing on a cruise right before it goes to dry dock. Does anyone know what is going on with the Dawn in April 2019? I am on the Dawn for the 3/24/19 sailing out Puerto Rico for 7 days and then the Dawn is not scheduled for anything for April 2019 but has cruises starting back up in May 2019. It just underwent a major refurbishment in 2016 so I am surprised they would take it down for a month so soon. Any recommendations/suggestions?