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  1. luvsboozecruises

    Epic = yes or no ?

    Just got off the Dawns New years cruise..It was a really great trip , and have family who were on the Epic and said it was horrible and the worst cruise they were ever on.. My wife and i are booked on the Epic for 2019 new years trip out of P.R. and Need some help on from past epic cruisers if we should change to another ship ??
  2. Maineiacbartendar

    OBC on Epic

    We have an on board credit of $100 on the Epic in May. Anyone know if this can be used towards gratuity payment? Thanks in advance for any information.
  3. Pghpensfan

    DVD's on Epic?

    Does the Epic have DVD players in the cabins? Thanks!
  4. Jme4166

    Epic 10073

    We decided against booing on deck 8 and this was the room assigned to us. The balcony looks angled a little bit. Has anyone ever stayed in this room? Pictures? Thann you in advance!
  5. Celebrate3

    Beer on Epic

    What beers are available on the Epic?
  6. We're new to NCL. Our first NCL cruise will be this coming May on the Epic out of Rome. One thing I'm not liking about NCL already is that there aren't any self-laundry options available. I know that there are ship laundry services available. I've heard that there might be a "laundry special" during the week. Can any of you tell me more about that? What is the price and how much laundry can you fit in the bag? In the absence of any "special", what is the price? Thanks!
  7. Do you know what days this show is offered? We'll be on the Med cruise in May. Thanks!
  8. C cruise

    NYE on the Epic

    Has anyone done this in past years? and what kind of party did they have? How were people dressed?
  9. zmikael

    Epic: glass elevator

    Those experienced Epic Haven travelers: could you please clarify where the glass elevators running between the 15th and 18th floors, also stop if at all? I tried searching this board but got conflicting statements like the glass elevators stop also on floor 16 and 17, or they don't stop anywhere. The floor 17 map shows DOS-s near the glass elevators, so I doubt they can stop on the 17... Thanks in advance
  10. 5280mom

    EPIC TV?

    We are sailing Christmas week on the Epic. DS is receiving a small Nintendo game box from “Santa”. Are the TVs set up to be able to connect this to so he can try it out? Don’t worry-it won’t be a sit in the room and play video games all week situation, just know he would like to play with it and try it out. We are in the Haven if the TVs are different on this ship. Thanks!!
  11. We were on the Epic western Caribbean cruise last week and my plan was to make a comparison between that cruise and the RCL oasis cruise we were on in Aug. but the Oasis has it beat in every category with the exception of overall cost of the cruise so ill give some highlights of our not so Epic cruise last week. What went right. Itinerary was great and the main reason we picked the cruise. Coco Key – Snorkeling was great once you found the right spot. It was easy to find lounge chairs and there were plenty of places for the kids to explore. Jamaica – not one of favorite ports so we booked an all day excursion so we weren’t wondering around town. We did the Dolphin swim and duns river climb tour and both were great. We did a Dolphin swim in Cozumel a couple cruises, but liked this one better. They let you interact more with the dolphins and there was more to do at the resort area after the swim. Dunns was pretty fun as well, although our 12yo was a little hesitant about the climb but once we started doing it, he was fine. Overall, great way to spend the day in Jamaica. Grand Cayman – There were 6 ships in GC when we were there so do the math on the number of people in town that day… We did the sunken Ship snorkel tour which was also good, but a little deep to Snorkel. We could see if fine, but it was a little too deep to hold your breath and dive down to. Definitely on our bucket list to scuba dive when our kids are certified. That took most of the day so we did a tiny bit of shopping and then back to the ship. Another great day. Cozumel – One of our favorite islands. We did Snuba which the kids loved. We have done it before so everyone had an idea of what to do which made it even easier and more enjoyable for our youngest given it wasn’t his first time so he was more relaxed. After that we had lunch on the water, did a bit a shopping, and then back the ship. Also, the port where the ship docks has a great shopping area. Think outdoor mall. Very clean, restrooms, great stores. Probably not the cheapest place to shop on the island, but had everything we wanted and the prices weren’t bad. What went wrong Ok, so if you are a diehard NCL cruiser, you may want to stop here because this is going to get ugly. Room Steward - This was the first cruise that we actually had a bad cabin steward. Not that all of the other ones were perfect on our 20+ past cruises which I wouldn’t expect, but this one just didn’t give a you know what. We had 2 balcony cabins side by side, one for us and one for our 2 kids. We asked him to separate the beds when he made the up for the night which he said no problem. We even left him a note on the bed before we went to dinner and when we returned ready to put the kids to bed, the beds were not separated. He responded to our note with another note telling us to call a number to get them separated. When we called, they said they would do it in the morning which was not acceptable so after some arguing, they finally sent someone up to do it. Ok, so bad taste in our mouth on day 1, but we figured, that would be it. Nope, he only left 1 towel in the boys room on multiple occasions, no ice was ever filled in either room, sometimes we would get a next day itinerary on our beds, but usually only in 1 room, not both. Icing on the cake was on the last day, he informed us that he would not make up our room that night because he had to pack to get off the ship in the morning. So no clean towels and no info on disembarkation the next morning. I know there will be a lot of comments on why we didn’t complain, and my wife and I did contemplate that, but decided to do it after the cruise given he has access to a lot of our belongings that would not fit into the safe. Laptops, ipads, cell phones, etc. Overall service – Some of the crew members did admit that they were short staffed, but it was also pretty obvious. One of the three sides was closed because they didn’t have anyone to operate it, bar staff was way understaffed, especially at the pool area. We waited close to 30 minutes to get a drink at the main bar and on sea days, it was sometimes 3 people deep just get to the bar to order something. Bar staff walking around and taking drink orders was almost nonexistent. We were asked 1 time if we wanted a drink from someone walking around. Restaurants were not much better. They were also short staffed and servicing way too many tables. We ate at the MDR once given it took close to 3 hours to get through the courses. My wife and I could handle it, but the kids got restless. Restaurants – We bought the 3 specialty restaurant package and had a hard time using it because everything was booked. We found out that on day 1, people would book multiple restaurants each night and just show up for the one they wanted. Give that and the short staff, it was really hard to get in anywhere. Construction – I never thought this would end up in one of my reviews but they were doing construction on the ship which closed off a good portion of the pool deck. I believe it was where the putt putt golf area was. I know there are necessary things that need to be done on the ship, but thanksgiving week with a lot of kids sailing probably isn’t the week to do whatever they were doing. Summary I think its obvious that we had a bad experience on Epic and I don’t think we are being overly critical because we sailed on Epic on 2013 and had a wonderful experience so the service level on NCL has either gotten really bad over the years or this cruise was just a fluke. The only positive was it was considerably less expensive than our Oasis cruise in August but you get what you pay for. I wouldn’t say we will never sail NCL again because itinerary is very important to us so we may have to, but they will be way down on the list when we look at a cruise for next year. Im happy to answer any questions and would like to hear from someone else on Epic last week to hear their experience.
  12. MCC retired

    Epic Deck Chairs

    First time aboard the Epic last week . We were extremely frustrated with the availability of Deck Chairs especially sea days . Chair Hogging seems out of control on this ship ( like no control at all). Then we discovered the Sun Deck on 18 , accessible via the glass elevators . Always chairs . Quiet adult area ( kids w/adults okay) . No pool , little shade ,but several showers to cool off .
  13. What time can you board the ship if it leaves at 7pm?
  14. Does anyone have details why they are not yet boarding the Epic in Port Canaveral yet today? My dad is waiting in a huge, long line outside the terminal waiting to board the ship. I do know the Oasis is in port at Port Canaveral early today, but I wouldn’t think an RCI issue would delay an NCL ship from boarding. They are told boarding could be a couple more hours yet. Any info out there would be appreciated.
  15. jamadeliz

    NCL EPIC 8072 and 8074

    Has anyone sailed in either of these cabins? Curious about the downward view and whether there is a lifeboat below and/or a cover above. Thanks for your help!
  16. Sandcastle11

    NCL Epic thermal spa

    I read in a post that some of the thermal spas have primarily segregated areas. Are the lounging areas and the hot tubs on the Epic co-ed? I’m thinking about buying the pass for my sig other and I, But we would want to spend our time together...
  17. 5280mom

    EPIC walking track?

    Can anyone share info regarding the walking track on the Epic? We sail this weekend and I'd prefer walking the track versus on a treadmill. Is the track around an already occupied area (chairs, people to dodge) or is it a dedicated area with less traffic, conducive to getting a workout?
  18. tigers317

    Dining on the Epic

    We booked on the Epic for February with a group of 8 adults. We normally sail Royal Caribbean, but wanted to give Norwegian a try. How does the dining work on the Epic? I read they have free style dining on ncl, but do you still have a make reservations each night or do you just show up? Also we are thinking of doing the 3 night dining package. Is it worth it on the Epic or should we stick to the main dining? Sorry, I have a lot of questions, but looking forward giving ncl a try.
  19. GetMeOutOfMN

    Haven Questions on Epic

    New to NCL (previously sailed on Royal many times and Disney once). We booked a 2 bedroom family suite in Haven for our family of 5. I am having trouble getting a clear answer on a few things. It took some clicking around to find the ask and answer section as well as the cruise stories. I found the NCL FAQ's to be pretty minimal, but in the ask/answer sections I found the answers to conflict with each other. I could call my TA and have them call NCL but I wondered if anyone knew: - Whether Haven guests can access Posh Beach Club for free? - I also can't figure out whether the Champagne, custom selection of liquor**, fruit, bottled water and sodas will be complimentary or not. - I understand Room Service charge will be waived, but do we still tip delivery staff? - Per the FAQ's, we are expected to tip the butler, concierge, and beverage staff... What is the recommended tip? Do we still tip beverage staff even though we have pre-paid gratuities on the drink plan? - Anyone stayed in Haven on Epic? Which floor is best (Deck 16 by the bars and pool, or Deck 17 around the courtyard) Is the convenience of Deck 16 worth the possible extra noise? I understand there will be plenty of extra costs, I just want to know whether to let my kids know not to touch the minibar and to give a tip if they order room service. 🙂 Thank you for any help you can offer!
  20. Does anyone know where I can find the cost of extras on the Epic. Things such as Bowling, Cirque Dreams (we have the specialty dining promo), escape room, and anything else I may have forgotten. Thanks!!!
  21. Jme4166

    NCL Epic Deck 8

    We are looking to book a BF Balcony on Deck 8 of the Epic. Has anyone stayed on this deck before in a BF? I have read quite a few posts about the deck being open(no top) and the views being obstructed by life boats, is this really the case? Thank You in advance
  22. We are arriving in Rome at 8am, and we sail the same day at 7pm. The plan is to go straight to port from FCO airport. Does anyone have a clue to what is the earliest that NCL will board Rome passengers? I know most passengers embark/disembark in Barcelona for this cruise, so I am hoping we are not stuck sitting around the port for terribly long. Thanks!
  23. Can anyone share any insight as to the casino open and closing hours. We have only done Caribbean itineraries.
  24. I intended this to be a much more detailed review, but time keeps getting away from me, so I'm just going to post my notes as I wrote them at the them, other wise nothing will get done! ha ha. I'm missing the last couple of days, and there will be typos, and changes in thoughts as the days progress. Happy to answer any questions. Epic review 12/5/2019 I’m only going to write significant things as everything is covered here on CC. But please feel free to ask any questions. Day 1.. Embarkation Arrived at port Canaveral early. Check in was slow. I was in group 1 and got onboard at noon. Decided to try my luck for a posh pass and got them..Me and hubby. $104.00 each for 10 days. Intended to go to Manhattan for lunch as I don’t care for the chaos in the buffet, but a rocket was scheduled to launch at 1.16 pm, and so we headed to garden café/buffet, we got a table next to the window. I had a salad and was disappointed with the choice of options. The deli selections were poor as well. Not a complaint, more an observation. My salad was ok… nothing wrong with it, but not enough choices, no croutons or seeds, blue cheese dressing was thin. Watching the rocket take off and land… the launch booster that is…. was an amazing way to start a cruise. Next went to check out Posh! Very nice, quiet, very cold weather. Back to room to get ready for dinner. I had a nice long soak in the bath tub… in our mini suite. I have no idea why anyone is complaining about this suite… well aside from the bath room set up. I can see how that would affect some travelers. It’s quite spacious. I’ve read about people not being able to pass each other, but this room is better than all but one I’ve been in, and this is my 12th cruise. The only one better laid out was Seabourn…. Which us in an entirely different category so not comparable. I don’t have a problem with the bath room set up, I love a bath tub, and I think it makes the room more spacious. I did bring 'poo pouri' and recommend it. Manhattan for dinner, I was pleasantly surprised. Started with a gumbo, it wasn’t nice and I didn’t eat it. No biggy. Hubby ordered ravioli in lobster sauce, it was so good I ordered one for myself. Hubby got sirloin medallions, I had ribs… that were ok but I liked to sirloin better so I ordered that. Delicious. Slow service on bread butter and water. Average for everything else. I hardly ever do desserts but intend to try more this cruise. We both ordered a salted caramel chocolate tart and it was very good. This is high praise from me as I was a pastry chef for years. Ordered a Bailey’s but it wasn’t real Bailey's… a homemade variety heavy on the vodka, I couldn’t drink it. Overall I was quite impressed with Manhattan. day 2 Grand stirrup caye.. Cancelled too windy. Didn’t mind at all, temp still cool . Breakfast osheehans. Waiter was very good and helpful. Had country platter, nice sized portion, just enough! Walk around ship and then to H20. Hot tub on starboard side is cold. Pool lovely and warm. Weather is still on cool side. I can sit out in shorts t-shirt and zippy jacket tho. H20 food, fries hot dogs ribs (cold) chicken burgers. Walked around buffet, the choices look very limited. Didn’t eat there, Oshheehans 2 pm for lunch…. Busy 20 min wait Bangers and mash, was ok but won’t order again. Apple pie… didn’t eat it not great. Brownie was very good. Bushwhacker cocktail was the same as a mudslide. Dinner Shanghai, was awful, noodles fried rice, orange peel beef were so horrible and i didn't eat any. Red bean pastry was just a load of phyllo pastry very dry with a tiny amount of filling so small you couldn’t taste what it was. Very disappointing. Cavern club to see the Beatles next. We arrive 1hr20minutes early and just managed to get a seat. Beatles were good. They played for about 50 minutes. Martini Bar next had lavender patch, very good will order again. Friday7th Skipped breakfast and went to Taste for lunch…sea day. Very good def recommend it. Vietnamese chicken pho. excellent Grouper sandwich, okay. Cheese cake good. Up to Posh, we can’t order food here. I feel like we don't get the same standard of service as the haven guests. This place needs some water, like a hot tub. I am beginning to wonder if this was a waste of money. Dinner Moderno. Service is slow at times, enough attention at other times. The appetizer bar is amazing and I wish I had just made this my meal. But I ate lightly because I thought I would be eating lots of meat. I don’t eat big portions of food and so I really only wanted to eat some fillet and lamb, the lamb was shank and leg, quite nice. I waited for some fillet, and waited and waited, after asking twice some arrived. Dried and over cooked. I talked to the waiter who said he would bring me freshly cooked fillet, I waited again, and when it arrived one small piece was over cooked and 2nd piece was very rare and sinewy. I complained, after another wait the the manager came over and said he wouldn’t charge us for our dinner. Early night after, that very disillusioned with this cruise so far That’s 2 bad eve meals on the trot. Event places are way too small for a ship of this size. Cavern club and headliners need to be way bigger. theater only holds 600 odd people. Sat. Ochoa Rios Stayed on ship and purchased thermal suite for 2 for rest of cruise…. $378.00 Bfast in Taste. nice, Service was good. Spa am. Very relaxing. Spent 3 hours in there. They prorated the rate. Original Price for 10 days was $250 each. Lunch at buffet bad. This is the worst lunch buffet I have ever seen on a ship… and this is my 12th cruise. The deli section consists of 2 types of small sandwiches. Sliced Ham and a cheap looking deli meat. Cheese was provolone and mozzarella. Bread choices and butter…. That was it. Salad again very limited choices. I think I will do room service if I don’t go ashore on next port day. Ate pizza… this was quite good…. then went to Posh for a drink, as buffet is like a cattle market. Tried to get a drink at the pool bar on way down to my room. Waited for ages gave up and went to spice instead. Service is much quicker there. They have some premixed drinks. Not sure what they all are. One thing I have noticed is that walking from one end of the ship to the other is fine. It doesn’t feel any longer than other ships I’ve been on. Our room is aft behind elevator block so I’m sure that is cutting down on the walking. We've not heard any noise at all from people / elevator area. Deck 11. Priscilla queen of the desert was absolutely brilliant I loved it so much I might go and see it again. Be warned tho….. plenty of f’ bombs and raunchy lines. Some people left. Fyi, the line to get in is for standby seats. Go to the right side of the entrance if you have a reservation to be checked in. Taste for dinner, very good. Ravioli appetizer is good, and I had that again. Belly pork was nice but I was too full. Shakers next for another lavender patch…. Very good. Hubby has belvedere peach again. Sunday. Up early to get tender. We were in group 6 …booked 2 days ago… . The guy there said to go to Manhattan and just get in line no matter what your group number, it seemed confusing, but we did as he said, and it seemed very organized. We got in line (which were seats,) waited about 10 minutes then we boarded a tender. Very easy and quick. However we went about 7.30 am and were in the 1st tender, I don’t know how long the wait became after that. We had booked a tour with Native Way. Stingrays, snorkel in and lunch at rum point. We were the only 2 on the boat. Supposed to be 4 others but they cancelled. So we had personalized attention. Sting rays was great done it twice before. Snorkeling was amazing..... up there in my top 3 snorkel sites now. We had catch of the day 'Sofia' for lunch, nice. Then 1 hour to spend on beach then back to boat for ride back to bus, back to port and we got there at 2.20pm last tender was 3 pm. Very good day out def recommend. Back on ship to spice hubby wanted to catch the end of the game. Quite busy but we still got drinks pretty quickly. I got sandwiches from the buffet, fyi look inside the sandwich and add more filling. There was hardly any tuna, so I put that on one side and added a piece of chicken to the other side. Then to Posh, have met some lovely people here, no crowds good service. The bed was a little on the hard side for me, so this morning I left our room steward a note to ask if he had a mattress topper. We later passed Augusto in the hallway and he said to let him know if everything was ok or not, got to room and he’d put a big thick topper on the bed. Now that’s what I call Service! Hopefully we made his day too as we left him a nice tip😀 Very impressed with the room itself and Augusto. Lots of storage space makes it easier to keep the room tidy. 4 suitcases all fit under the bed. Hubby is not digging the toilet, he's big guy tho. I don’t have any problem with the bath room set up at all. It is different tho. Again…. Don’t forget the poo pouri, this is a saver here. Dinner in Taste again, service has been good every time here. Ravioli again… love it. I had an Asian dish with pork,is was okay but the ravioli fills me up. I think I just need 2 appetizers instead off app and entrée. Another leavender patch and peach martini then an early night. Couldn’t stay awake…. Even to watch the Beatles. Monday Fyi. There is a machine at the bar in the buffet to make fresh orange juice. It's $3.75 and not included in beverage package. I take oranges from the buffet to my room, I brought a squeezer with me and make my own . Breakfast in Taste, all very nice, service was good. Yogurt parfait wasn’t anything to shout about but nothing wrong with it either. Belgian waffles is very good, loads of salmon on my bagel, but order it with extra cream cheeses it has the merest scraping and I’ve heard others ordering extra too. Then to thermal spa, very relaxing, lunch in Taste, we had popcorn shrimp, the lady on the next table ordered a double portion, good idea as the regular portion size is small .shrimp pasta is good, steak and cheese was okay, pasta was better. Dessert we shared the peanut butter cup cheese cake, although this is a stretch of the imagination as there is a broken piece of pb cup on top, so we got the choc mousse and poured this into the cheesecake with a side of ice cream. We weren’t hungry for dinner so just had a quick bite to eat from the buffet. The buffet was better than the lunch time one. Still no toppings for salad tho, not even a crouton. Went it music trivia in the cavern and won! Movies on TV are good. Biggest gripe is having to walk thru the casino to get to the restaurants; you are routed thru like having to walk thru them in Vegas. And it can be smoky. Thursday Cozumel went to Xenses, if you like the idea of this from the description, then go for it, I won't say too much coz that will spoil it for you, but I loved it. There was time for shopping and lunch in PLaya del Carmen afterwards, but you do not actually go to port in Cozumel if you take this trip, as the ferry leaves the dock next to the cruise ship. Cirque was very good, But I personally like Priscilla better. Ice bar was very disappointing, the carvings have been there for years and all of the detail has eroded away. Cocktails were very nice though. I thought I had more notes than this, heres my impressions overall looking back at the cruise. When the food was good, it was very good, don't be put off about me being negative about the bad food, theres always more food to be found, so it wasn't a problem, other than Shanghais, that was disgusting. The ship has too many people for me. Entertainment was excellent the best I've seen at sea. Oh one IMPORTANT THING Don't rely on your TV in the room to make your bookings, quite often it said fully booked, but I called directly, and got reservations every time. Guest services was very good, low wait times, efficient. I don't think I would do Posh again, but then again I might think differently if I'd had to use the 2 pool bars during the day, especially Waves, the service was very bad there. Thermal suite is def worth the money, and a saver if the weather is bad. Overall quite impressed with NCL. I would choose a smaller ship tho. Hope this has helped some of you a little.
  25. Could anyone that has been on the Epic recently tell me the time that you were allowed to leave the ship. One place online states 7 am and another says 8 am. I am just trying to plan what time to tell our friends to meet us at Disney. We are planning to walk off with our luggage and hopefully be close to the front of the line. Thanks!