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  1. I’ve booked a TA on the Escape leaving Southampton on Oct 26, 2020. But now I notice that Escape does not show a cruise for the 2 weeks prior. She is doing a Baltic Cruise Oct 2-11, 2020, then she’s nowhere until the TA. At least, I didn’t see any cruise listed for her from Oct 11-26. Questions.. Is there somewhere I can find out if it’s headed to drydock? Have you cruised post drydock, and would you do it again? TIA for any insights.
  2. I am currently booked in the 2 bdrm suite on the Escape. The price has went down so much that it looks like I could upgrade to the Owners Suite. Has anyone stayed in this suite? Looks like it is a forward suite and I have never stayed in a forward cabin. If anyone has stayed in both a 2 bdrm and an Owners Suite, can you let me know if I should pull the trigger on this. We really didn't need the 2 bdrm but I took the upgrade when the price dropped the first time a couple of weeks ago. Any info on how everyone feels about the Owners Suite would be great. The ones that are currently available are 18100, 17700, and 17100
  3. Yes, I do know the balcony is tiny.🙄 However, which deck is recommended for the Forward Facing Balcony that gives the best view from the balcony? I have read to avoid Deck 9. What about 10? 13?
  4. Hey CC! Our flight was delayed 1.5 hours today but we made it through downtown NYC with a lyft.. $51 later. But we made it. Off to Bermuda on the gorgeous Escape! Hope you all follow my fun this week! Party on!
  5. We're new to NCL and booked on Escape on 9/1 outta NYC. Just this past weekend, we went to make our reservations for the 3 specialty dining nights we have as part of our package, but found that some of them are either not accepting reservations .. or have only tables for 4 or 6 as options (we are a party of 2) .. or have only 9:30pm left. I didn't realize we'd have needed to book these farther in advance .. lesson learned. Are the chances of calling/checking with these restaurants on "day of" pretty decent in your experience? Just curious because we'd hate to miss out on something we chose as a package option. Any advice? Much appreciated!
  6. So just a little bit of background my wife and I are in our mid 30s. We have 12 cruises each under our belts 2 ncl 5rc and 5 carnival. I am not a loyalist to any brand but will say that I prefer to cruise Carnival. This was our second NCL Cruise it left out of NY 8/4 and we sailed in a Spa Balcony which we one on upgrade. I wont do a traditional review but just hit on some highs and lows. Food- For the most part we ate every meal in the Manhattan room. I thought the service was always good. We never had to wait for a table and I always asked to be seated on the dance floor. This really is a beautiful dining room. I thought the menu choices, food and service were all above average. I would rate it a B. My wife really disagreed with me here and was really disappointed. For the most part breakfast was in taste or savor. The food was always good. I could have used a little more variety but service was average to very slow. It took the 2 of us over an hour to eat breakfast. Lunch was usually in the pub. Food and service was good and I was surprised because I was not impressed with the pub on the getaway a few years ago. Little rant. I think the prices for the specialty restaurants is absolutely insane. We decided it was just not worth it to us. However towards the end of the cruise we didnt spend that much money so we splurged on the steakhouse. It was a mistake and not worth the money. Not some of the horror stories that I have read on the boards but not worth the $107 we spent. Its nice that the pub is open 24/7 but at 2am after a night of drinking I dont want to sit down for a meal. I want something to grab and go. NCL doesn't have this option. The buffet was open till 11:30 with late night options but the timing is wrong. It seemed like we always missed it because a comedy show or another activity was just ending Entertainment- NCL really came through here. Quire of man was amazing we saw it twice and my wife was called on stage both times. We really lucked out and ended up with a great group of comedians and an awesome magician. We always had something to do and were always entertained. The stuff the put on in the atrium was always very entertaining but the limit seating kept us from seeing as much as we would have liked. Surprisingly we spent almost no time at howl at the moon. The young girl was very good but the two older gentlemen were not, so it kept us out of there. While I'm sure some people enjoy After midnight we only lasted about 20 mins and then had to leave. Its hard to sit through a show when you cant relate to the music. Staff- I had heard great things about the staff and while everybody was okay, thats all they were , just okay. Numerous time we tried to spark of conversations with waiters, bartenders with no luck. I dont really hold this against NCL maybe they were just a little over worked or tired. Drinks/Bar Staff- My wife and I were very disappointed to see that almost every drink made was on tap or pre made. Even the mojito bar that we loved on the getaway was now all pre made. There was no creativity left for the bartenders. We ask several times for things to be changed up or mixed up to try new things and they always refused to stray away from the pre made drinks. Forget about getting a drink by the pool during the day. There were times were we stood up to the bar for 20+ minutes. Very few if any waiters coming around taking drink orders. We did manage to flag one down one day in spice and my wife waited for close to an hour for him to return from the bar. We did spend at least an hour or so in the district every night and it was really a nice place to get away. I am a true beer snob and was a little disappointed with there selection. What was even worse is they kicked over half of there kegs mid way through the cruise. Again I blame this on the drink package and bar tenders just being over worked because almost everybody on the ship can drink for free. We were seriously spoiled with Cheers and the Alchemy bar on Carnival. Pool Deck - I new it was going to be bad coming in but had no idea it would be this bad. We thought saving grace would be spice but we were wrong. It was almost impossible to find a place for 2. We are not chair hogs but I came really close to setting my alarm and going out on the pool deck. I dont think I have ever witnessed hogging this bad. At 11am I would say less then half of the chairs were occupied. Thank god for the SPA Spa- This really was our saving grace. We enjoyed the spa and all the thermal amenities. We spent at least 3 hours here each day and it was so nice to get away from the crowds. We have only ever stayed in a spa room on Carnivals Dream and this blew it out of the water. Ship- As expected. NCL has some of the most beautiful well decorated ships at sea and the Escape did not disappoint. The lay out was great. If you stayed off the pool deck the ship never felt crowded. Really love the layout of 678 ocean plaza and the waterfront. So to wrap it up. I was on vacation and still had a blast even though it might seem I was little nit picky. We will probably take a break from NCL for awhile. It has been so nice to travel out of NY and not have to travel to FL. So that kind of limits us on what we can do. Oasis is set from a 150+ million upgrade and will be sailing out of NY next year so might be time to give RC a try again. Let me know if you guys have any questions.
  7. Today NCL lowered the price on our September 29th sailing on Escape by $600 per person, two days after we booked. I realize rates go up and down but that’s an awfully big amount of money. NCL refused to refund the difference even though we just booked on Tuesday (48 hours ago). This was for a Haven Aft penthouse. We were finally offered a $300 total OBC. I guess when you book your cruise you take your chances
  8. Hi I've done the Escape Room on Epic once (failed miserably!!). Me and my friends have just booked to go on Breakaway next year and I wondered if the Escape Room puzzle is the same ship to ship? Or do they rotate them around?. We have 2 sea days so might be good to do this on one of the sea days if the weather isn't great. Many thanks
  9. Hi what does the $14.95 charge pp include when you eat at Margaritaville ? Thanks 🙂
  10. Taking the Escape to New England and Canada, (Bar Harbor & Portland, Maine and Halifax & Saint John, Canada. I was wondering while in port do they charge tax on beverages? I'm sure they do in Maine but wasn't sure about Canada. When we arrive back to New York what deck is disembarkation on? I know on the Breakaway it was deck 7 and aft was the quickest. I tried making complementary dinner reservations but the times I wanted were taken. I know I can make them on board. Do they have a dinner reservation set up the day of embarkation like they have on the Gem in the Orchid Garden? What is the best way to make these reservations. Thank you in advance for your help.
  11. Here are the Freestyle Daily's from last weeks sailing on Escape. Escape Day 1 Daily 07142019.pdf Escape Day 2 Daily 07152019.pdf Escape Day 3 Daily 07162019.pdf Escape Day 4 Daily 07172019.pdf Escape Day 5 Daily 07182019.pdf Escape Day 6 Daily 07192019.pdf Escape Day 7 Daily 07202019.pdf Escape Disembarkation 07212019.pdf
  12. It’s been a couple of years, but I swear the Escape Haven has a sauna. I don’t see it on the deck plans, though. Am I confusing it with another ship or does it exist? Thanks!
  13. Is Bayamo part of the dining perk? Does any one have a recent menu? Thank you!
  14. I read the following article: https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4306/ If the Choir of Men are done on the Escape does anyone have an idea what the replacement would be? We saw them on our last Escape cruise in the fall. We are sailing the Escape this September and we were looking forward to see their show again.
  15. Hi. I am thinking about upgrading from a mini suite to the aft facing Haven for my upcoming (November) Escape cruise. I have never done the bidding before. What kind of help can anyone give me on a good bid where I will have a chance of winning without way overbidding? Can anyone here speak from experience on this? Thanks so much!
  16. I thought I read in a review that the Joy has an escape room, but now I can't find the reference. Does anyone know if there is one?
  17. The weather was very nice yesterday afternoon with low humidity so I decided to take some photos of the ship from my vantage point on Staten Island near the bridge. I was hoping to see the Celebrity Summit leaving as well with their temp color scheme but apparently they didn't depart until 7PM.
  18. Hi! Someone know where is the bed? Near balcony or the door? THanks!
  19. HI. Is the view from the balcony of the front of the ship or the side like a regular balcony cabin?
  20. Just looking for clarification. I received a pre-cruise email this week saying I am 40 days away from my cruise on the Escape, encouraging me to make show reservations. It read "From the classic soundtracks of the 1980's at For the Record: The Brat Pack, to the smash hit musical After Midnight, stand-up comedy, and our signature Glow Party, there's something for everyone." I was under the impression that the Brat Pack was no longer on the Escape. When you click on the link in the email for the Brat Pack show, it just takes you to the general entertainment listings for the Escape, where it is not mentioned. So I'm confused. Is the Brat Pack still on the Escape, or not?
  21. Hello, I want to book shows on the Escape in November, but only After Midnight is bookable. Is the other main show The Choir of Man? It says book on board. Also, how long are they? Thanks!
  22. Hi we will be on the Escape in 1 week!! So excited. Does anyone know what time we will be coming back under the Verrazano bridge & past the Statue of liberty? I have seen some people say at sunrise but I want to make sure I am awake & don't miss it.
  23. We were informed that Barcelona is being replaced with Tarragona, Spain on our Transatlantic cruise on 4/18/2020. We were only told it was because of a conflict and Escape will not include Barcelona for the foreseeable future. Does anyone know why this change happened? So far, it's only on Escape. The Getaway had the same itinerary starting on the 23rd, but we fear that Barcelona will be replaced if we make the switch. Any thoughts?
  24. Hi everyone! We spent Thanksgiving week on NCL Escape. Let me state up front that we have no particular loyalty to any cruise line and if a ship cruises from NY or NJ we will probably try it out. We like variety and enjoy various cruise lines. At the end I’ll do a comparison of Escape and Anthem of the Seas which I’ve been on several times. We enjoy every cruise for the most part, and Escape was a very nice ship with excellent food, service and activities. So here is more detail with a lot of good, and some not so good. Arrived at the port around 11:15am. Since when does the NYC port not have Platinum security line? I felt for the ladies after Security—there would be a mob of people moving toward them for their next stop. We went to the platinum line to the right for check-in which moved pretty quickly. By the time we were checked in we were able to walk right on board. Went to the Garden Café buffet for lunch although we’re aware that O’Sheehans and one dining room is open for lunch. I enjoy the variety at the buffet for lunch and it did not disappoint. It did seem very crowded though. Cabins were ready at 1:30pm. We had an aft-facing cabin which was very nice and the large balcony was great although the deck loungers were not in great condition. The cabin itself is nice yet lacking in storage space with a small closet, some shelves and a couple small cabinets under the tv. Not sure how we’d manage on a very long cruise. Wish the bathroom had a nightlight like Anthem of the Seas and more shelf space too. The Escape closet was narrow (vs. deep); men’s shirt sleeves were tough to hang in there as the sleeves kept poking out the door opening. Bed was starting to be concave. The safe seemed tinier than ever! iPad mini no longer fits in it. Shelf space was ok. Norwegian is one of the last remaining mainline cruise companies that still puts mini-bar items in the fridge. Also, different from Breakaway and Getaway is your room lights are on the room # plate—do not disturb, make up room, and home. Like this feature. First night we like to go to the Welcome Aboard show to get a sample of the entertainment. The comedian Tom was very funny and we did catch one of his shows at Headliners later in the cruise. We also made it to The Brat Pack which was very good as I saw all those movies in the 80s so I knew what each scene related to, and also enjoyed the trivia questions on the screen before the show started. The musicians and performers were great. They expressly say it is not for children and it is not. I realize we are desensitized to language, but believe NCL when they tell you it is NOT a show for kids. We also did Wine Lovers The Musical on the last sea day and the food was good, as was the wine and entertainment. Note that if the show appears as sold out on your tv (you can book shows on your cabin tv), go to Guest Services. That’s what we did and we got in. We also saw a standby line upon check in and some of those people made it into the show too. We caught Howl at the Moon once. We were outside in shorts by the afternoon of the first sea day. It was Thanksgiving week so there were a lot of kids onboard. We heard it was about ~1,200. If you are platinum and you want to use your 30 minutes of free internet, wait a bit after you board and create an account and sign on. The 30 minutes free should show as an option. Mine showed on Day 2 of the cruise and worked fine. Don’t forget to sign out each time. Appreciated this perk. The ship is wider than Breakaway or Getaway, but I still think the Atrium is a not-so-great venue for so many of the shows and activities. And so many people say this. Yes, it’s in the midst of a lot of activity but is extremely crowded especially on sea days. On Monday we had a fun Cruise Critic Meet & Greet in District Brewhouse. Thanks, Charlie, for organizing. A few of the officers and Alvin the CD mingled with guests and gave out their contact information. There were also flights of various beers being given out, as well has hors d’ouevres. Thought it was very nicely done. Congrats to NCL for finally putting “this balcony is non-smoking” on the balcony doors, but it would be a miracle if I could go on one cruise and not have to smell smoke from the people who don’t think this applies to them. NCL should have said more on this topic at Muster. On Getaway the announcer clearly stated no smoking in staterooms or on balconies. Then he repeated it. On this ship you are told to check your Freestyle Daily for locations. Not sufficient. Carnival has recently raised the $ fine for smoking in prohibited locations. Also, speaking of cig smoke, when is NCL going to do something about the location of the casino. The entire 3 floors nearby smelled of stale cigarette smoke. Also, I want to say thank you to those who smoked in the designated areas only. Dining. We had the dining package plus two platinum dinner certificates. Don’t panic if you can’t make reservations before you board the ship—you can do this once you board—that’s what we did. We went the first night to Cagney’s but our meat was overcooked—as were some of the sides. This is the second time on NCL that Cagney’s was a disappointment. I had better filet mignon later in the cruise at other restaurants. However, I will say that the serving staff was very responsive when we told them we had a show in 90 minutes. We were finished in probably less than an hour which was great. Next up was La Cucina where we ate twice. Fabulous. I think we did Teppanyaki 2x after that and the filet was great as was the shrimp. We had a reservation at Moderno but decided that based on our last experience of extremely salty meats we would trade it for something else (although we do love their extensive salad bar). So we used the 2 platinum certificates for the first 2 dinners, and had 3 for the dining package. When we checked in for the last dinner at Teppenyaki, the hostess told us we had used up our dining package and we explained that the first 2 were platinum dinners, and the next 3 were part of the package, therefore this was our last dinner as part of the 3-dinner plan. We did try out Food Republic too even though it was a la carte pricing, and the 3 things we got were quite good, as was the fabulous Ancho chili cocktail that is on that menu only. We had the drink package and got drinks from various bars onboard. No straws, but we did not ask, and there is a notice about this in the Freestyle Daily. We did the black glass champagne tasting (extra $ but with 20% off if you have drink package) and it was very interesting. Enjoyed it a lot. You have to determine which are sparkling wine and which are champagne. Alvin the CD is very entertaining and is everywhere. The ships officers, particularly the Hotel Director, also very visible and helpful. This has not always been my experience with NCL hotel directors. This crew seemed to really want to please. Since when are pets allowed on ships? We were having dinner and a woman took her little dog out for a photo. Many of us just looked at this scene in surprise. She was heard repeatedly stating that she was “staying in the Haven.” But with a dog? What if someone is allergic to dogs? Hey Norwegian: You say no to bringing our own water and soda on board, but yes to a dog? And don’t get me started on the whole cleanliness thing. There is an entire thread about dogs on ships on the Royal Caribbean board. The onboard shop had only 1 or 2 Escape items—they were offering the bundle of turquoise t-shirt and white visor, but had no mugs, shot glasses, or other cool items with Escape on it. And I did ask and was told twice they did not have these items onboard. TV is the worst. 4 news channels (thank you no, I’m on vacation!) and one sitcom channel and one movie channel--both showing the same things over and over. I do like that your account shows on the tv as well as anything you have reserved, and you can book shows and excursions this way too. NCL’s app was not that simple and there were usually long lines at the Internet Café person when it was open. Royal Caribbean’s app I found to be more user friendly. For example, once downloaded and you’re onboard, it is quick and simple to access your information like account and shows without doing all the steps you have to for the NCL app to work. Why is the library available to get books so few hours each day? We enjoyed seeing the movie Book Club on the Spice H20 screen. Love outdoor movies. We went to one or two parties out there and it’s a great venue in good weather. Grotto looked nice for being able to cool off while not going in the pool. Port Canaveral it rained as we arrived and went past the beautiful Anthem of the Seas as that ship was also in port for the day. We rented a car and visited local places including a laundromat (yes, we did! Sorry but I don't trust ship laundry with fine washables). If you book with Budget and are using their shuttle, verify that it is the free shuttle from and back to the port. We had a driver on the return charge us, but we took this up with Budget immediately on the phone. And here is another stupid NCL policy—can’t bring water back on the ship. Even though I got the water from the ship and it showed NCL on the bottle. And the port lady was less than nice about it. Yes I know this is their policy for a few years now but really, no to water but yes to a dog? GSC. Tendering is such a long process. . . waiting for the tenders to fill. The island is ok; there are better private islands in my opinion. Note that your drink package does work on the island. This was the only place we found a person serving who did not understand what we were asking for even though it was right on their menu. We did have a beautiful day at GSC and enjoyed it. Guess I should be grateful we made it to GSC as I know it gets skipped occasionally. Nassau. As we were about to enter the channel we spotted the brand new Celebrity Edge just hanging outside the channel. Was cool to see this new style of ship in person. Been to Nassau a few times and we usually go sailing to Rose Island. Others we spoke with later did 2 hour island tours and enjoyed them. Next time we will check out Blue Lagoon island on our own via ferry. Last 2 days at sea. Bought an art piece from Park West. Had a bit of difficulty finding a frame I wanted as most of their styles are not plain which I prefer for a frame. Would have liked to take it to local store for framing but of course it was “a package price.” They used to have a computer program where they showed you the piece of art inside their many frame options. For some reason that option was not offered to me though I asked. There is some nice artwork but be aware these guys/ladies are schooled in the art of selling. They are listening to your conversations and will be very nice but also pushy. While it’s an interesting process to watch the auctions, be sure to read the stories online about Park West—especially if you’re considering expensive art. Weather was very nice until the last 2 sea days where we experienced some rough seas at night and into the morning. We don’t get seasick and didn’t mind. Many people were around the ship and all seemed fine. Debarkation: you now get a color even for express walk-off which we learned about watching the debark talk on tv. Still there was a line with some disorder and line-cutting, and no one was checking what color you had on your luggage anyway. Walk-off takes usually 20 minutes or so and it’s nice and quick through customs/immigration now. You only need to fill out a customs card if you are over the allowance. Comparing Escape to Anthem. Cabins on Anthem seem larger and have better storage space both in the cabin and the bathroom. Even on a 10 nighter on Anthem we had plenty of space for all our clothes unpacked. We love Anthem’s nightlight in the bathroom. Food I know is subjective but we enjoyed most of the food on both ships--we surely have not gone hungry on any cruise. Escape’s buffet seems more crowded whereas Anthem’s is much more of an open space. If you're a soft ice cream (product) fan, NCL has it in the buffet at all times whereas Anthem has very limited hours. Most upcharge restaurants on both are good. Both ships have activity location issues—as Anthem’s Schooner Lounge and Music Hall get very crowded for activities, but Two70 at the stern of Anthem is great for some activities like Quest. Escape has Spice H2O but it gets full and is weather-dependent. Escape has water slides; Anthem does not but has other offerings. Entertainment on both is very good. Anthem is leaving NJ in early 2020. Escape will also be moving on but Bliss will be coming to NYC and then Encore. YAY for new ships. Also, some people prefer smaller ships or larger. We like both and appreciate their differences. That’s a wrap. . .😁
  25. Hi there. On NCL Escape is the tendering in Bar Harbor by way of lifeboat or by ferry? On the Gem we tendered from the ship to the port by lifeboat and back to the ship by ferry (prefer the ferry) Also if you dont have a planned excursion, when/where do you get a pass for the tender? Thanks so much for your help!
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