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  1. JellyBean07

    NCL Gem

    Can anyone tell me about the current entertainment on the Gem? Who is planning and where? What is worth seeing?
  2. Hi. Sailing on the Gem in January on the 19 day Panama Canal Cruise from LA to NY. A friend and I have booked a mid ship balcony room. If and when we receive an invitation to bid on an upgrade, what are the thoughts on the mini suites? For such a long cruise (19 days) I figure a bit more space would be nice. But while speaking to an NCL customer service person today she mentioned that there might be noise from draining the pool which they do in the middle of the night. Hmm! Anyone have experience they can share about noise? That would be a deal breaker for me. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. dcruiser50

    Smoking areas on the Gem

    Where are the smoking areas on the Gem. Just looking for accurate information and not looking to start another smoking discussion. So just honest replies please
  4. cruisin56

    Norwegian Gem

    Why is the Roll Call for NCL Gem for Nov 26th. Only shows up to Nov 15th
  5. Hello all, I just made the final payment for a Bermuda cruise on the Gem in April. The confirmation of the payment states "This cabin has an enclosed balcony" The stateroom is 10008. Can someone let me know what that is about and if I should try to change to a regular balcony please?
  6. I'm looking to hear from recent Gem cruisers as to the evening entertainment in the atrium, bars and lounges. I was on the Gem in October and they had a great piano guy, Justin but his contract ended in November. We've seen the shows in the theater so the lounges are we'll probab;y spend our evenings.
  7. CruiseGal999

    NCL Gem March 2019

    It's exciting to know that Justin Golan, Piano Bar Entertainer and Music Director, is returning to NCL Gem beginning March 2019. If you have sailed with Justin before, you know that he and his performances are full of high energy, incredible talent and infectious personality. If you can't wait until you sail to enjoy and participate in Justin's shows ... he has 2 new shows in NY at the Duplex Theater this February and March. Details below: https://www.theduplex.com/site/calendar Justin's shows routinely sell out ... get your tickets now. You won't be disappointed.
  8. Wilsons0605

    NCL Gem - Cabin 10167 ?

    We are booked on a cruise to Bermuda leaving on 5/31/19. We are currently set to be in cabin 10167. Has anyone stayed in this particular room before (or 10167 on any of the other NCL Jewel class ships)? It doesn’t share walls with another cabin (which I like because I’m a light sleeper), but it just looks oddly positioned on the deck plan. Thank you!
  9. We are thinking about bidding on a Penthouse balcony on the GEM Feb, 2019. It looks like this category has both forward and aft penthouses available, and it doesn't appear that you can select a preference in the bidding process. We had an aft penthouse on the SUN a few years ago. We loved it, except....that 10 minutes out on the balcony someone from the Great Outdoors flicked their lit cigarette, and it landed in my husband's lap and burned his leg! I was just reviewing a spreadsheet that a cruise critic member posted today regarding smoking areas on each NCL ship. I just want to be sure that smoking in the Great Outdoors is no longer permitted before placing a bid!
  10. A brief overview of our cruise in a garden villa. So, there were 7 of us in the villa, myself, my wife and 5 members of her family. We arrived in NY 2 days before the cruise and stayed at our go to hotel, the Doubletree Times Square. It was very expensive with it being near Christmas but the location cannot be beat. If you are in NY and want to try something unusual to eat, try Xi'an food, https://www.xianfoods.com/. There is one a couple of blocks away from this hotel. For those who do not know, Xi'an is a city in China (the location of the very famous terracotta warriors). Personally, I love the spicy cumin lamb burgers. Note that it is a very small place with extremely limited seating. However, it is not, by any means, a typical Chinese restaurant. We took a large SUV to the port (there was one waiting outside the hotel which the doorman arranged for us). Thankfully no one over-packed. We were let off a bit away from the actual embarkation area and took our luggage a few hundred yards before we found an available porter (approximately 11AM). From there, he took the luggage but we did run into something a bit strange. Once the porter took the bags we went directly to the haven boarding line (no one on line). The lady manning the entry took our docs, looked at them and directed us to the regular check-in area. I asked her specifically if this was the haven line, and she insisted that we needed to go to the regular check-in line. So, I left the family at the haven boarding sign and walked to the regular check-in line (all of maybe 50 feet to the left). I showed our cruise docs to the person at this location and she tried to direct me back to the first person at the haven location. When I said we tried to go through there and were redirected here, she walked me back over to the haven line and from there we had no further issue. Odd that the lady manning the haven check-in did not seem to understand that it was the haven check-in area. Anyway, we passed through and started the trek to the haven waiting area. Note that we requested two wheelchairs for boarding. The walk to the haven waiting area is quite long. Once we got there and when we were ready to board, we asked about the wheelchairs. As it turns out, we should have asked for them when we initially entered. The chairs were there. No big deal, they bought the chairs and away we went. The check-in process was fine, we met the concierge (Elvina) and the butler (Ronald) and were taken to Cagney's for lunch. Now for the one truly bad experience on this cruise. The food in Cagney's was awful. None of the family liked the food and my steak sandwich meat was still frozen. I am not exaggerating when I say it was like biting into a steak flavored ice pop. Needless to say I returned it, and it was then barely re-heated and returned to me again. At this point being extremely hungry, I ate it. We all thought this was going to be a very long trip if this was the quality of the food in one of the specialty restaurants and one of the restaurants reserved for suite guests for breakfast and lunch. Thankfully this was our only truly bad experience. While we never went to the buffet, the specially restaurants were good (Teppanyaki) to excellent (La Cuichina )(sp?) and (Le Bistro). In fact, most of the family declined to eat in the specialty restaurants as they loved the food in the main dining rooms. However, far and away the suite breakfasts, served in Moderno, were everyone's favorite meal of the day. Last notes on food, the Chinese restaurant varies from barely adequate to bad. We ordered food from there to the suite twice and gave up after that. O'Sheehans is very good. I liked the chicken fajita's and the family enjoyed the chicken wings. We ordered from there several times. It was funny but one time we went and tried to order something to take back to the suite. They informed us the butler had to bring it to us and so they called the butler for us. And here we were, trying to save him a minor trip. Ah well, the suite life... The GV is amazing and comfortable. The service provided by Elvina and Ronald was top notch. Yes, we filled out hero cards for both of them. For those interested, we tipped approximately 40 per day for the butler and 20 per day for the concierge. We added some extra for the room steward and the haven attendant as well. As many of the threads suggest, this is what we were comfortable with. One example of how they helped us; my sister-in-law got seasick on the day we were all supposed to eat at Teppenyaki. So, she initially stayed in the room. We asked Ronald to bring some ginger tea to the suite. Then before he could bring it, she came to the restaurant. So we called Ronald again and asked him to bring the tea to the restaurant. Then before he could arrive, she went back to the suite. At this point he arrived in the restaurant with the tea. He then, smiling the whole time, took the tea back to the room for her. The purpose of this trip was to get the family together and have time to talk and be with each other. This purpose was fulfilled magnificently. Due to weather, we skipped GSC, but we did not mind as we over-nighted in Nassau instead. Our Norwegian provided tour in Fla. was exactly what we expected. Our private tour in Nassau was well done. The shows were well done. There is a reserved haven seating area in the theater but if you can sit in the main level, do so. The views are much better. Disembarking was a breeze. Note that if you are in a GV (and possibly other suites, I do not know), Norwegian will provide transportation back to your hotel or to an airport. I think that is everything. If you have a question, I will try to answer. No, we did not take the dailies or the menus. Enough other people provide them. One last thought; it seemed strange to me that for a suite that can sleep eight, there is no sofa bed in the living room. For our 7th person, they brought a roll away bed. Have a nice day.
  11. Havent seen many reviews on the Gem.. leaving in about 3 months. tried to make dining reservation for 3, they say the system doesn't take for 3. You can do for 1 , 2 4, 5, 6--does that make any sense???
  12. zuzka61

    Gem's Le Bistro

    I am sailing on a 14 day, March 29, 2019 departure out of Boston on the Gem. Le Bistro is presently only available to make a reservation for the first 3 nights of the trip. Does any one know why this is so?
  13. We will be heading to Bermuda on the Gem in October 2020, but I like looking at things and daydreaming/planning in advance. I've been looking for Gem menus, but haven't really seen anything that was recent. Has anyone been on Gem recently that happened to take pics of the specialty restaurant menus? Or are the menus from other ships fairly close to what will be on the Gem? This is our second time on NCL, but I'm really considering it our first as our "real" first time was with family and I did no research prior whatsoever! 😉 Many thanks!!
  14. Snoozy15

    Norwegian gem

    we was on the May sailing from New York for the cruise, 26th may. Boat not as pretty as other ships we have been on , cost cutting ship, food was great in the speciality dining, but apart from that the buffets not that great, sad to see so much food being wasted, when people round the world starving, just take a little and go up,again if you want more , entertainment well seen better , the dancers were brilliant, bingo lady drove me up the wall,, why are they so obsessed with how long you have been married, Def not for me this cruise company, sitting on the balcony well we had to come in with the smell of people smoking wacky Baccy and listening to loud music , so ncl you are not for me,
  15. loubeee

    Arcade Prices on Gem

    Hi all! We are sailing on the Gem in less than a month!! Upon exploring myNCL, I noticed you can purchase arcade passes. We enjoy arcade games so we will make us of it, I am just not sure how much it costs to play per game and per person, therefore making the passes worthwhile or not. In order to play 2 man games (air hockey for example), would we both need to pay or just one of us? Thanks for your help!
  16. PEB

    Ncl gem

    Yesterday we booked the Gem for a B2B Canada New England cruise for Oct 2019. I have cruised on many cruise lines but it has been about 16 years since I was a passenger on NCL. I did work on NCL Pride of Aloha and Pride of America over 10 years ago. Seeing we booked the Gem I went to Yourtube to check out some video's and for the most part was pleased with the exception of 1 video. This video was from a January 2018 cruise and showed water leaking in a hallway from the lights and water seeping into a room. It was in a storm at the time. I guess my question is what kind of shape do you consider the Gem to be in? Another question would be what may be your favorite place on the Gem? Thank you for any responses you may have.
  17. Just looked on the map on ptz and it looks like the gem is going stright to nassau wonder why?
  18. scaaty

    Gem Dec 15-22 2018

    We love, love, love the Gem and her staff and crew, and as usual they did not disappoint us. We are suite travelers (aft penthouse, no Haven on Gem). Having been on the Gem many times for us it was old home week with greetings from all of the staff and crew we have come to know and love. This is one of the things that keep us coming back. We have done this itinerary many times and usually only get off in Great Stirrup Cay. Since DH has not seen the new Atlantis exhibit, we did go there on a ship sponsored tour. Being a child of the space age, I really love the Kennedy Space Center, and even though I've see the Atlantis exhi8bit before, I still got chills and he just loved it. Teacake performed this cruise, and all I can say is if you see her in the line up,don't miss this show. She has an awesome voice and does Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin songs. Even my old stogie, Italian DH, who doesn't understand all of what is said or sung, loves her voice and enjoys the show. Sadly I was sick (bad cold) for the rest of the cruise, so I spent time sleeping in the cabin and keeping germ spread to a minimum. This is where having a butler really is great. She brought me hot chicken soup and plenty of tea with honey and lemon! Our only disappointments with this cruise have to do with new corporate changes. The first being with photos.Now when they take a picture in a restaurant they come back with prints to buy then and there, they are not available later. We found this very disappointing as we like to review and decide at the end of the cruise. his resulted in buying much fewer pictures then usual. Yes, even as frequent cruisers, we still buy pictures! The second is much more subjective as anything to do with dining is. They have removed the potato soup from the Cagney's menu, as well as zucchini and spinach as sides. Also, as suite guests, the removed the salads from the lunch menu. We missed all of these. In La Cucina, folks may be happy to hear that they brought back the pizza. Not of interest to us. Sadly though the removed the carpaccio, beef lazagna, and lamb chops. Food is subjective and not all will agree with our disappointment and I understand that. Did this ruin our cruise, no, but felt the need to mention since NCL does read the reviews. Any questions, just ask and I will try to answer.
  19. This is our first time sailing on NCL. We're going on the Gem departing on Feb 15, 2019. Our kids are 20 and 15. How do they meet other teens and young adults? What activities are fun for this age group? TIA!
  20. Jayneks

    Laundry on NCL Gem

    How exactly does laundry work on the Gem? Do they charge per piece or is it so much for a bag?
  21. Sailing on the GEM out of Boston late May 2019. Any info on Thermal Suite Pass? Cost and what is included and times? Thank You
  22. kinosh

    Texting on Gem

    Sailing on Nov 3. I chose the internet package perk and there's the Cruise Norwegian app. I'm trying to understand how the texting works. If you have the internet package, the texting would work, but you are limited to 250 minutes, so it is impractical to be connected to that wifi continuously. The app seems like the better option because you can be connected to the app wifi continuously, but it costs an additional $9.95/device to text through the app. Do I have that right? Does anyone have any feedback on how reliable the texting is onboard?
  23. CalGal777sprotoge

    Norwegian Gem Thanksgiving 2018

    Has anyone sailed on the Gem during Thanksgiving? Wanting to know if we can expect a traditional holiday meal? Are the holiday nights generally more formal attire? Thank you in advance for your feedback...
  24. GeriatricNurse

    NCL GEM 'Freestyle Daily'

    Does anyone have a recent 'Freestyle Daily' for the 'Gem' that could be posted? :D
  25. I was watching the Gem while she was in New York this past Saturday, and am watching her docked now in Nassau, between the RCI Enchantment and Mariner OTS, and it seems to my eye, that the Gem is producing far too much smoke....as if it had a bad fuel injector(s), or something. I haven't heard of her having any propulsion issue's at all, but it doesn't appear aesthetically well with all that pollution pumping into the air... Any thought's on this? https://www.portnassauwebcam.com/