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  1. If anyone wants pics / info about this sailing let me know and I will post! (Dailies / menus etc). We so far have Cagney's, Teppanyaki and La Cucina booked for specialty dining so other specialty dining menus may not be available to us. I plan to do videos of our suites (9502 and 9002), as I have not found much on these rooms.
  2. We are not frequent cruisers (this was only our third NCL trip and our first with the kids) so I spent months and months preparing for our Boston-Bermuda trip. Sometimes I think I checked this board more often than the moderators did! In general it seems like Gem doesn’t get a lot of coverage on CC, so here’s my quick rundown of the ship and our trip in general. First things first: we had a GREAT time and would go back, on the same ship and the same itinerary, in a heartbeat. We’d do the same exact room class— but we would NOT do the same room location! Embarkation was easy since we got to the port at noon and had concierge service. We didn’t even have time to grab a snack in the embarkation lounge as we were escorted directly to Cagney’s for lunch. Room thoughts- we were in 11030, the Garnet penthouse. It was an amazing room. Lots of space for the 5 of us, big balcony. We spent lots and lots of time in the room! Butler service (Josephine) was such a treat. She took good care of us, and because my parents had the adjoining minisuite, she also answered their questions and was polite and kind even though technically she didn’t work for them. Our steward Arnel was fast and efficient, and we appreciated him sticking closely to NCL rules about not being alone in the room without a female staff member if there was only a teen in the room. Our concierge, Anoop, was also wonderful though we only used his services for embarkation and disembarkation. He checked in on us throughout the ship and again allowed my parents to disembark with the priority folks even though they weren’t in a suite or Haven. What I did NOT like about the room was the noise. I’d scoured every online review I could find because I was concerned about being under the pool deck. I guess we were the odd ones out because the noise above was very loud particularly the running on the pool deck late into the night, the chairs being set up in the AM, and the band playing on the pool deck. We had been told that since we were in the back side corner of the deck near a staircase the noise would be minimum... nope. I’d stay in a 2 bedroom suite again in a heartbeat but not in THIS particular suite. Entertainment on board was okay. We did the welcome aboard show and weren’t wowed by any of it, so we just heard drips & drabs we made our way through the ship. The kids weren’t blown away by Splash Academy/Entourage so I don’t have much feedback there either- the circus show they put on in Stardust was super cute though! Overall we were happy with the food. Teppanyaki was the best meal of the trip followed by Haven/suite breakfast in Moderno. Food was always hot and plentiful, though it always took forever for the kids’ meals to arrive to the table. The great Outdoors is as great as everyone says. Just a beautiful place to have a meal or snack or sit and chat. Bermuda was gorgeous, though the construction on the wharf was a little loud and the cranes got in the way of the view. We did the Clearwater Beach triangle excursion (I definitely recommend, gorgeous EMPTY beaches) and also Hartley’s Helmet Diving. That Greg Hartley is a trip! Totally an amazing experience though, we all loved it (including kids ranging age 6-15). Not offered through NCL but you should absolutely do it, even if you’re claustrophobic. Overall I found the layout of Gem a little weird (only one bar in the atrium and then a bunch of bars jammed together at Bar City?) but it’s a nice size and we never felt like it was overcrowded. I do think that having access to the Haven level restaurants helped with this, particularly during the rainy weather. We had two rainy sea days (one with waves big enough for the puke bags to make an appearance in the stairwells) but it still seemed like there was room for everyone to find a place to hang out. We pre-purchased the thermal spa, which we’ve used and loved on previous ships, but it was a waste of our money this time. Somehow it didn’t occur to us that having the 3 kids along would mean there was much, much less time to lay around in an adults only area all day... One thing I need to highlight, though, is the staff. I kept seeing posts on FB groups that the Gem staff is rude. We never encountered even one staff member that was the least bit rude! Every single staff member would look you in the eye, smile, and speak to you. I seriously don’t know what people were doing to this amazing staff to cause them to be rude in any way. We had zero concerns or issues with staff and anything that we did notice was dealt with swiftly and completely. Disembarkation was so fast I almost missed it. We were priority so met at Stardust at 8:30 and were on the curb with our bags by 8:45. It would have been even faster if they hadn’t pulled my husband aside to hand him cash for his refundable onboard credit he didn’t completely use. Overall, gem has not been my favorite of the NCL ships I’ve sailed on but I would go back on in a heartbeat if given the chance! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have. I’ll add photos further downthread.
  3. Do any of the MAs on the Gem have the bed by the balcony?
  4. Just wondering how the Gem did on this "stormy" cruise? Was the ship rockin'? Did she miss any ports? How was the weather in Cape Canaveral, Nassau and GSC? Overall, How was the cruise? Anyone?
  5. Been very spoiled on breakaway bliss escape Did gem in 2012. Was very blah. Made me leave NCL for a few years. Willing to give her another try Where do they hold the spice h20 and glow parties. There is no aft area i know. Please tell me its poolside or OUTSIDE and not inside or spinnaker. The spice h20 on bigger ships are great will be very upset to hear if they hold it inside
  6. Hi all, Who's going on this New England cruise? Any plans for various port days? This is our first time on Norwegian and in this area so looking forward to a great trip! Alice & Don
  7. Where can I make dinner reservations as soon as I Board the ship? Thanks!
  8. Hi all, just used a couple cruise rewards and booked a minisuite on the Gem quite a ways out, Jan 2021. The deposits are so big for suites right now, so just used cruise rewards but could only get at best a minisuite. So, our pcl booked us into 11060 but just read somewhere on here that the 11th deck is terrible for noise....I couldn't handle that. Anyone have any good info? I am a cruise snob lol.... haven't been in anything other than a suite or haven for quite some time....this might be a shock to my system hahaha. Are there even coffee pots? It has been 2 years since I have cruised so things seem to have changed.... Thoughts? Thanks! Crbrowniegirl
  9. I am looking at the Gem end of March for a cruise. Was last on her 2015. What can I expect of the ship. Anyone been on her lately. I will be doing an inside cabin. Thank you for any info you may have.
  10. I sailed the gem this past spring out of Boston to Bermuda and found the food ok but not nearly as good as the Dawn was. Thought it was just me but since have known many people that have sailed this summer and it is the only complaint they had. You would think it would be the same fleet wide since they have the same menus.
  11. Just a couple of questions for recent Gem/Boston cruisers. If you can answer any one of them I would appreciate it! 1- Are you able to book a reservation at Orchid Garden (Complimentary Asian restaurant) once you are on board? 2- How was embarkation and what time did you arrive? 3- Was there a specific waiting area for Platinum/Plat Plus/Ambassador cruisers at the Port? 4- Do you know which nights the shows Blazing Boots and Swing were in the theater? 5- Any other tips for this ship? (It's been years since we sailed on her) Thanks!
  12. Have only done SF on the Dawn and the Gem's configuration might be different because of the Great Outdoors. Any thoughts? Thank you!
  13. Do all staterooms have mini-fridges/bar on the Norwegian Gem? Need it for medicine.
  14. Hi, I am thinking about taking NCL Gem out of NYC dec.13 it’s 8 nights 3 which are sea days. I was wondering what are the activities during the day normal on NCL only ever been on Royal. If some could post the daily activities for the Gem on a sea day that would be great. Also, does anyone have pictures of the menu in the main dining? Thanks in advance for any help!
  15. Just booked 2 suites today - #9502 and #9002, Gem leaving August 23rd. I have only sailed balcony cabins prior. We're all so excited!!! It will be myself (44) and my 6 year old daughter in one room and my 21 YO daughter and her 24 YO BF in the second room (he is a good guy, we have known him 5 years so we are not bringing a random person lol) 1) Has anyone stayed in these suites? I of course googled but would appreciate real life opinions. 2) This will be the first time having a butler / concierge. I totally understand tipping is all over the place but do you tip per day or at the end? I want to be sure I bring enough cash. 3) Can I really chance not booking specialty dining and wait to have the concierge do it? That sounds awful, I know, but I am still debating what days and places we want to go. I will obviously try to book what we are certain about ahead of time. 4) Any tips? I splurged and we are beyond excited to have these extra amenities (which we will not abuse) but I am still uncertain exactly what is "normally" asked of a Butler. Thank you all in advance!
  16. First time on NCL and can't seem to find out about our room. Saw the deck plan and see it's mid ship but curious if it's a full view or obstructed. Thanks for any assistance you can give! Very excited. We leave this Friday and just got our room assignment today as we did the Sailaway rate. Thanks!
  17. First time on NCL and can't seem to find out about our room. Saw the deck plan and see it's mid ship but curious if it's a full view or obstructed. Thanks for any assistance you can give! Very excited. We leave this Friday and just got our room assignment today as we did the Sailaway rate. Thanks!
  18. Hello! Does anyone have any info about the balcony cabins 9166 and 9168 on the NCL Gem? Thanks in advance!
  19. When I sailed on the Gem last April (2018), everytime I ordered a mudslide they made it using a premixed bottle of unknown contents labeled "mudslide". They barely tasted like anything and I could hardly detect any alcohol in them. This was a first for me. I had been on 4 NCL cruises before this one, the 2 prior both being on the Gem and every time I ordered a mudslide they made it fresh in front of me adding the vodka, baileys and kahlua all separately from their own bottles and they tasted much better! This is my favorite drink and I was sad to see the quality go down. I'll be on the Gem again in August and I was wondering if anyone has been on it recently and experienced the same thing or of anyone knows how/where I can get a mood mudslide! Thanks!
  20. Going to Bermuda soon on the Gem, and am interested in knowing whether I'll be able to text hubby while on the ship, and if I'd be able to text someone on the mainland. My daughter was recently on the Joy and with her phone on airplane mode she was able to text me, but she was mostly in alaska, altho sailing. Anyone have any insight on this?
  21. I (44) will be sailing late August Boston-Bermuda on the Gem. With me will be my 6 year old daughter, as well as my 21 year old daughter and her 24 year old BF (we have known him for 5 years - we are close). I have sailed the Dawn a few times but it was only with my husband and youngest daughter and we always had a balcony room. My question is - I kind of want to splurge and do the Haven this time around. But is it true that only the first 2 passengers get the perks (unlimited bar, specialty dining etc)? If that is the case, we may just do 2 balcony rooms. Any advice here? I realize I can call NCL but I am tied up out of town in work meetings / conferences and wanted to ask people with experience. We plan to book next week so any insight is appreciated!
  22. ok i have a comped oceanview cabin from a land based casino i want to go in october out of ny or boston so i dont have to fly both are bermuda my choices are the escape out of ny or the gem out of boston i know the escape is a mega ship i have sailed breakaway. we really dont need all the bells and whistles its just hubby and myself what would you recommend
  23. Wondering how often the shuttle runs between the ship and the South Boston Waterfront parking garage that is recommended on the pier website? For those that have used it, is it a mob seen trying to get on the shuttle when we return? How is luggage handled on the shuttle? We live about 25 miles north of Boston, so the fare to use Lyft both ways or park at the parking garage is about the same......and is there a designated area for ride-share pick up outside the terminal? Thank you for any recent info!!!! (we sail in 3 weeks)
  24. Quick question, we are sailing the Gem to Bermuda in August. The description of the sports area states play tennis, basketball, or volleyball; however, the picture shows some soccer nets. My 11 year old is an avid soccer player and wants to play while on board. Is this available? Should we bring a ball or do they have them on board? Our last Norwegian cruise was kid free so I never paid attention to the sports deck. Thanks for your help!
  25. We haven't cruised on Norwegian in many years. I notice that in all but two of the specialty restaurants meals are alacarte. How much would you estimate the cost of dinner for two if we each had an appetizer and entree? Thanks for your help.
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