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Found 297 results

  1. I just completed the 9 day Baltic Cruise (Copenhagen, Germany, Estonia, Russia, Finland, Sweden) on the NCL Getaway. I decided to convert all the "Freestyle Daily" for the entire cruise to a PDF for your research enjoyment. It was a fun trip and a review is forthcoming. Vicpylon NCL_Getwaway_Freestyle_Dailly_Baltic_6-2019.pdf
  2. Hi, I was wondering what are the changes to Spice H2O on Getaway? I have seen its says they have installed a water water feature but when I have looked at old pictures it seems to have one anyway ? Did i I read it had been made smaller to extend Vibe ? Thanks
  3. I've bought passes for the Thermal Suite for my husband and myself. Just wondering if any of the areas are co-ed so we can hang out together? 🙂
  4. Does anyone know what the menu is for the show? Is it the same as the MDR that day? Is there a set menu or does it change?
  5. Has anyone else seen the price of Tappenyaki restaurant on the Getaway Dec 8-13, 2019?? $46.80!!! We are not going to pay that to eat there no matter how good the food is. What justifies that price? Anyone know?
  6. I've seen that some ships offer behind-the-scenes tours but it looks like none get into the mechanics of the ship--engines, etc. My husband LOVES anything to do with machines and engines and tech and I know he would totally nerd out at the chance to see some behind-the-scenes stuff on a cruise ship. Is there any chance this is a possibility??? The rest of the tour stuff he would find somewhat interesting but the mechanical stuff would truly float his boat, so to speak. 😉 2
  7. We plan to eat at Cagney's, Ocean Blue and Le Bistro. What 2 dining venues would we use our 2 SDP for? We have never eaten at Le Bistro before. What would be the better deal so we wouldn't have to pay the up charges at any venue? Are all these restaurants ala carte?
  8. We usually travel on smaller ships and are a bit nervous we will like the feel of the larger ships. Is the Haven worth it to have the quieter area? Does it get crowded and hard to find space within the haven areas as well? Looking for the pros and cons to the bigger ship and if we should splurge on Haven.
  9. Are the stateroom doors on the Getaway metal? We want to get magnetic signs for our doors but I saw somewhere that now all ships have metal doors.
  10. When I was trying to decide which Haven Spa cabin to select last year on the Breakaway, I realized they are not all the same. There are two minordifferences between the “Away” class Haven Spa cabins: Some “Away” class Haven Spa cabins have a brown support polein front of the whirlpool tub. You can look through other posts and find apicture of “the pole”. It doesn’t obstruct your view out the balcony door, butsome people prefer a cabin without a support pole. In addition, some “Away” class Haven Spa cabins have a smalltable and two chairs on the wall beside the balcony door (as pictured on the NCLwebpage). Others have a low sofa/chaise lounge against that wall. In the cabinswith the sofa/chaise lounge, there IS a table set against the whirlpool tub,but the sofa/chaise lounge is too low to use as a chair if you want to dine inthe cabin and think to pull it over. When we had this sofa/chaise lounge on theBreakaway, we asked our butler to bring us two chairs for the room. (Made theroom crowded, but worked.) I’m sure it works for others – we like the table/twochairs. It was a bit frustrating as I researched cabins that there wasn’ta report on every cabin about whether it had “the pole”, and very few peoplecommented on whether a cabin had the table/two chairs versus the sofa/chaiselounge. All of that explanation is a preamble to the request I madeof my room steward this year when we were on the Getaway a few weeks ago: Please note forme which Getaway Haven Spa cabins have “the pole”, and which have thetable/chairs versus the sofa/chaise. And he did! I had a little chart I’d put together in advance, and hetook it the first day and got it back to me several days later after he had theopportunity to check out all the cabins to be sure. (I gave him aspecial tip for doing this.) He explained that all port side Getaway Haven Spa cabinshave the sofa/chaise; all starboard side Getaway Haven Spa cabins have thetable and two chairs. I also found out there are four cabins with the pole oneach side, and four without. Here is the list: Getaway 14128 – No pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14130 – Has a pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14132 – Has a pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14134 – No pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14136 – No pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14138 – Has a pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14140 – Has a pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14142 – No pole – Has a sofa/chaise Getaway 14728 – No pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14730 – Has a pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14732 – Has a pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14734 – No pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14736 – No pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14738 – Has a pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14740 – Has a pole – Has a table and two chairs Getaway 14742 – No pole – Has a table and two chairs My guess is that this would apply equally to the Breakaway,since they are mirror ships, but I can’t guarantee that. I hope this list will be worthwhile to future cruisers whosearch for advice on which Getaway Haven Spa cabin to select and want to knowwhich ones have “the pole” or “the sofa/chaise”. I have gained some wonderful information and guidance from the people on Cruise Critic, I thoughtthis would be my way of contributing to the knowledge on the Board ... and saying thank you.
  11. Hello CC. For the last 6 months or so since I booked my first NCL cruise, I've read so many great reviews on here, and now I finally have the chance to return the favor! Behold, my first ever CC review of the NCL Getway 4 day to Bermuda! Background: My wife and I are fairly new to cruising. We've only been on one other cruise, which was on DCL when she was pregnant with our first. We are in our late 30's with 2 young and very rambunctious boys. Wrangling them was probably the hardest part of the trip (I genuinely was ready to cancel the 2 other cruises I have booked), but they did eventually settle in and we were able to enjoy the rest of the cruise. Room: I booked the Haven Aft Penthouse suite (H6) since when I booked it, it wasn't considerably much more than the mini-suite I had originally booked (certainly not double which seems to often be the case). I wanted to start off our family cruising with a bang. I also tried to keep it a surprise from my wife, which was difficult since the Haven signs are everywhere, but since she's new to NCL and cruising in general, I was able to keep it a secret until we got to the room (priority boarding? my travel credit card gives us that! the Haven lounge, that's just a random priority embarkation lounge!) Plus we had our hands full with the boys so that was a good distraction as well.
  12. Hello, on the Getaway 5th Sept to the Baltic and was just wondering if anybody can let me know what breakfast options there are, other than the Buffet. Just can`t really be bothered with the buffet fight for seats in the morning.😓. Soz if this info has been posted but can`t seem to find any links..! Cheers all..!
  13. Just wondering if a bungee would secure the door open? Any past guests know this answer or have suggestions to keep the door open? Thanks in advance!
  14. If you have the Starbucks app you can use it to buy beverages from Starbucks when on board the ship. You need to be sure you have a decent amount of money on the app as you can’t use any rewards or stars when on board. We used my Starbucks app when we were on the Getaway a week and a half ago with no issues. If you don’t have the WiFi package the dollar amount won’t update on the app but the register will be able to tell how much you have left.
  15. Are Haven areas crowded? We usually travel on smaller ships and are a bit nervous we will like the feel of the larger ships. Is the Haven worth it to have the quieter area? Does it get crowded and hard to find space within the haven areas as well? Looking for the pros and cons to the bigger ship and if we should splurge on Haven.
  16. Hi, I have booked for myself, my H and two other couples to go on the Getaway in November. After a great show on Epic we decided to pay the extra to our dining package to watch Steampunk. Myself and one other couple booked ours via the App for £14.17 each including grats but when the third couple tried to book it came up £28.34 each ? I presume this is an error as we all have the dining package and I know the full price is more than that anyhow ? Confused
  17. I see the Getaway is sailing Italy/ Greece cruise in 2021 (May). I was just curious if ALL ports of call would have to be tendered for this larger ship. I wish the smaller ships would be doing this itinerary as less passengers to get on and off at each port of call. I see smaller ships going this year and 2020 - was hoping another smaller ship would sail for 2021. Time will tell - maybe something will surface later.
  18. Here is my review. I broke it up into two parts, the ship and the ports, otherwise you would be reading one long post. Let me know if you have any questions and I will try my best to answer them. I do not have the dailies for the trip nor pictures of the food or menus. PSA: The toilets on the Getaway are self-flushing but you HAVE TO CLOSE THE TOLET SEAT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE STALL. IF YOU DO NOT THE NEXT PERSON COMING INTO THE BATHROOM WILL GET A YUCKY SURPISE. Luckily most people figured the toilets out by the end of the cruise but let’s just say it was quiet an adventure using the bathrooms at the beginning. Background: Husband and I are in our early 40’s, both teachers, we have six-year old twins (who stayed home with family). We booked the trip to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We’ve sailed NCL four times (including this cruise), RCI (twice for me, once for Ben) and have a RCI cruise booked in April with the kids. Perks: We had free/reduced airfare ($499 a person flights from Boston to Copenhagen, can't beat that), the drink package, 4 night SDP, the 250 minute internet package, and $50 towards a port excursion). Airfare/transport: We booked the cruise and airfare through NCL due to a fantastic Black Friday sale that they were having. We had direct flights from Boston to Copenhagen that left at great times: 5:00 in the evening on Friday the 12th and 12:50 in the afternoon for our return flight on Monday the 22nd. We flew Scandinavian Air, our seats were great, the airline crew were polite and efficient. We both had our own screens and were given headphones, blankets and pillows. On the flight over we were served dinner and breakfast, on the flight back we were served lunch and a light snack. The food, was meh, but hey we were on vacation. I would book the flights through the cruise line again. We didn’t spend any extra time in Copenhagen as family was watching the kids and we didn’t want to impose anymore. We booked transfer to and from the ship through NCL. Unbeknownst to us the transfer over to the boat included a 2.5-hour bus tour of Copenhagen. I don’t know if this is what they normally do or just because our flight landed at 6:30 in the morning. The tour was pretty comprehensive and the tour guide was great. Word of advice, go to the bathroom before you get on the transport!! The Boat/Crew: The Getaway has recently undergone a facelift. The boat was clean and well-maintained. I have to say this was the friendliest crew that I have encountered on NCL. Crew members went out of their way to say hello as I was walking down the hallway or waiting for an elevator. The boat was sold out so there were lines at times. Just be patient and wait, you are on vacation after all. We spent a lot of time at Syd Norman’s Pour House outside bar (even in the rain at the end of the second day in St. Petersburg). Scherwein and El Marie, the bartenders, were fabulous, they quickly learned our names and our drinks. They really helped to make our trip a fun one. Muster Drill: It is much longer than on the other cruises that we have been on. Because there was such a large number of people from Europe and China on the boat they had to state the directions in English, Spanish, French and Chinese. The muster drill took a little over an hour… Room/Room Steward: We had a balcony room on the 14th deck, right under the pool deck. The room it’s self was clean and big enough for the two of us. However, we heard them arranging the chairs on the pool deck at 6:30 in the morning. Lesson learned, don’t book a room on the 14th floor under the pool deck. Owen was our room steward and he was fantastic. Whenever we asked for him for something we had it promptly. He always gave us fresh towels when he made up the room and turned down the room at night, even though we had hung them up and were planning on using them again. He was very friendly and always asked how we were doing and if we needed anything. Dining: We had the four night SDP and we ate at the Teppanyaki Restaurant, La Cucina, Ocean Blue and Moderno. All of the meals, and service, were excellent. There is no longer an upcharge for Ocean Blue, we had prepaid it and they refunded it to our account after we ate there. I didn’t take any pictures of the food. Entertainment: We saw Howl at the Moon twice and that was about it. It was great and really entertaining. Spa: We took advantage of the 30, 20, 10 offer that the spa was offering. If you booked three appointments you got 30% off the most expensive, 20% off the middle priced treatment and 10% off of the least expensive treatment. We both got massages, mani/pedi’s and seaweed wraps. Our experience at the spa was amazing. I had the same therapist for my massage and wrap, she was fantastic.
  19. Hello, Can anyone tell me what it's like to cruise on the Getaway over Christmas? Special meals? Decor?
  20. New to NCL and am trying to maneuver my way through the deck plans of the Getaway. The specs given show total approximate sq footage and then balcony sq footage. Will the sq footage of the balcony be included in the approximately total sq footage or in addition to the approximate total sq footage. Sorry to be confused and thanks for any clarification.
  21. Which of the specialty restaurants on the Getaway have fixed prices vice an ala Carte menu? In other words which ones can you eat with the Free Specialty Dinning with out an up charge?
  22. Join the Bird for a 7-day adventure on the beautiful Norwegian Getaway to the Western Caribbean from Miami. After serving as the Bud Light Hotel for the Superbowl from January 30, 2014 to February 3, 2014, we were on the inaugural voyage of the Getaway out of Miami to the Eastern Caribbean. This will be our third voyage on the Getaway. Sun - Miami, Florida Mon - At Sea Tue - Roatan, Honduras Wed - Harvest Caye, Belize Thu - Costa Maya, Mexico Fri - Cozumel, Mexico Sat - At Sea Sun - Miami, Florida
  23. Getaway-- Can I use OBC to pay for the spa? Would I have to do that on the ship or can I do it before we sail, having our travel agent do it? Can I book this online before we sail? Any idea or rough estimate how much this pass is for a 5 day cruise?
  24. Just returned from a 9 day July 4th- July 13th Baltic cruise on the Getaway. The ship looks beautiful after her refurbishment, with new carpets shipwide and in the Theater where they replaced all the seats. The ships hull artwork was bright and vivid, obviously touched up as well. The weather was cold, although many enjoyed the hot tubs. The children's area was not used much, only a few days on the return trip as it warmed up a bit. The ship sailed at full capacity plus, with many large/extended family groups. This made for seating challenges with Dining, and some groups were rather demanding. Otherwise, the ship didn't seem full. The entertainment was top notch, especially enjoyed the Howl at the Moon pianists, the English Band and hosts at Syd Norman's and the cast of Million Dollar Quartet. Burn the floor was also good! New Cruise Director Fernando is getting into the swing of things, it was obvious he was still getting to know his staff, but they seemed to respect him. Because of the full ship, the Spa was often quite busy, especially on sea days. It settled down after Day 3, and I had no problems finding a stone lounger, relaxation lounger and enjoyed the thermal spa. The spa staff was attentive, removing towels from loungers every hour and checking on folks reserving loungers without ever sitting in them. One area I found where the crew need to reinforce rules is adult only hot tubs and Spice H2O. I observed on several occasions underage kids with an 18 year old+ young adult in those areas, and they were never questioned. It was obvious they were very young. There were also several large families that I would just consider rude. I understand cultural norms are different, and there were 77 nationalities represented by guest on this ship. However, there were SO MANY folks who would just TALK LOUDLY over anything not being spoken in a language they speak. When your muster drill is being given in 5 languages, folks need to be patient. Several times on tours unfortunately guides had to ask people to stop talking, watching videos without headphones and speaking LOUDLY on cell phones. It went beyond cultural norms, it was just rude. Shows were no problem, and getting reservations for dinner weren't either. Our one and only issue came with reservation to the Cirque Steams and Dreams Dinner show. We were charged twice due to prebooking, and all was resolved eventually. Please show up super early, as we showed up 10-15 minutes before the time given and were barely given time to eat dinner. Almost all spots were taken, and we were way in the back. I would recommend at least 30-45 minutes prior. This wasn't communicated clearly. Be sure to ask and get clear directions. Also, I would recommend checking the menu in advance, as the broccoli had red pepper flakes and was VERY SPICY. My husband and I also found not all steak was the same, I clearly had filet mignon and his cut was more like a sirloin. It was also here we noticed folks videotaping the ENTIRE show, even after being asked to put their phones away. Recording piracy is a crime in the US, but many just said "No English", and kept on doing as they wanted. I don't know the fix for NCL, except to collect phone/cameras at the door as some concerts do. As for the show, it was a lot like others we have seen in the past, so this upcharge experience should be done by those who have reviewed it's content. I will note that NCL shipboard management heard our issues and resolved it to our satisfaction. The Shipboard Credit desk will exchange local money, just not on debarkation day. Credit cards are best and easiest to use. We had a great time, and loved the ports. This area of northern Europe is very expensive for everything, so plan accordingly. We want to go to the Norwegian Fiords, and maybe England/Ireland. I wish NCL would offer more ports in Portugal, as that would be also be a place I would love to visit. We enjoyed our time, but are very thankful to be home.
  25. I was looking at some recent Freestyle Dailies posted and class-wise, I only see morning evening stretch classes and an abs class also early in the morning. Do they still have the spin studio? Do they have additional yoga classes throughout the day? Any idea on how much classes cost? I did a spin class on the Breakaway years ago that was like $30. Does anyone, by chance, have a daily class schedule example they can post? Thanks!
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