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  1. The Sandrews

    Smoking on Jade

    I have an illness called Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Smoke makes my vocal cords go crazy and I close up so I can't breathe... so I must avoid it. Two questions: 1) On Jade, does the Casino smoke travel outside the Casino? We went on the Carnival Paradise and there were two whole floors I couldn't go on (the fun floors, of course....the ones with the fun bars and karaoke and trivia) because the casino had no doors. I'll never go on a Carnival cruise again. 2) I know the smoking area at the pool is shaded. Is there another shaded area away...like, other side of the boat away, from the smokers? I'm from Florida so I'm not looking to get a tan...just R&R and to beat everyone at trivia! 😂 I don't want an argument about smoking...I just want to no have a physical reaction while I'm on vacation. I'm gluten intolerant, so I have enough problems without not being able to breathe.
  2. Kjudge

    Jade Questions

    How does everyone like this ship! How big is the casino?
  3. Robinsilver

    GTY Cabin on Jade

    I am looking for an inexpensive get-away with my sister-in-law, and they have very cheap deals on a 4 night on the Jade, late January. It works perfectly because of her set vacation time she has. I am trying to decide whether we should go with Oceanview, or Balcony. If we take the guarantee, we don't pick our cabin, obviously, but has anyone done this so they can tell me if it is likely that we would get Deck 4 if we took Oceanview? Balcony is all 8, 9 & 10. I don't care if it's obstructed view. Just as background, I have been on about 20 cruises, quite a number of NCL, and when I go with my husband I book a suite, but have been in a regular cabin for a few nights with a friend, so know that it will work. It is particularly appealing because it is only $229 plus charge and fees, so $368, and includes unlimited drinks and specialty dining. Too good a deal to stay home.
  4. holdon216

    Jade dining questions

    Sailing The Jade April 2019. Are there any nights in the main dining room that are more formal then the other nights? We have 4 specialty restaurants with our package. I want to make sure i don't book one for a night when the main dining rooms might have, say lobster. If so what nights would they be on an 11 day? Also are there any restaurants on The Jade where pants for men are required? Thanks
  5. Jdaniels679

    Jade Thermal Suite

    Hello all! I wanted to send a message out to the NCL group to pick your brain. I've been surfing through the boards, and I haven't seen a great deal on the Jade thermal suite. Apologies if you guys have seen more posts than me about this...I'm still a novice and do my best. I realize the ship was refurbed last year, and the updates seem quite nice. I've seen a few pictures of the thermal suite on Jade, but I wondered what is actually in the thermal suite area? What I mean is, I love to use the steam room. Is this something that is only in the thermal suite area, or is it available in the fitness center locker rooms? Also, is the therapy pool a heated pool, or is it like the pool on the Escape (which obviously is bigger)? Again, I know you guys are the experts and have much more knowledge on the topic than myself. Appreciate the feedback and wish you all a lovely day.
  6. Seb_Nicole

    Topless area on Jade

    Hello, Not trying to offend anybody. Just wondering if there is a topless area on Norwegian Jade (So nobody gets offended!) I have been reading about a freestyle sundeck not sure if that's still acceptable and or if there is one on the Jade. If anybody know can you advise me ? Thanks ! 🙂
  7. We are on the Jade in mid Feb. After reading about one of the docks being down in Key West for 3 months, I decided to check and see which pier the Jade docks at there. I looked on the Key West site, no Jade shown. I checked cruisett and it says there is no information available for the Jade from Jan 4 - Mar 19. I checked the ports we are docking at (Key West and Costa Maya), both show ships in port - including NCL.... but no Jade. Anyone besides me find this odd?
  8. Just off the Jade, ate at four of the specialty restaurants. Cagney's and Teppanyaki were both very good. Didn't care at all for Cucina, both menu choices and the food itself. Wouldn't care to go back. Bistro was okay but not great - probably wouldn't go there either. One of my issues was that it was difficult to get reservations at desirable times (didn't want to eat at 5:30 or 9:00), both pre-cruise and once on board but when we were seated at Cucina and Bistro, both places were practically empty! Both showed as "red" (essentially unavailable) on the message boards, yet there were so many empty tables. That doesn't make sense, especially for those who had the dining package and couldn't get a reservation!
  9. Itchy&Scratchy

    Jade, interrupted...

    We were on Jade's 2018 Thanksgiving cruise which was rudely interrupted by a mechanical failure.... However, I'd like to review what we liked and didn't like about our very short stay on Jade, since it was our very first time on NCL. Early flight out of ATL to MIA on day 1, got an Uber to the port, arrived right around noon. The registration line was out the door... however, we were inside the ship no more than 10 minutes later. Very quick and efficient. We went to the buffet for lunch, and it was extremely crowded. The cabins wouldn't be ready until 2 pm, so people stayed put at the buffet with all their carry on luggage. We proceeded to La Cucina, since I've read on CC about it accommodating spillovers. We found a nice table for the 4 of us and then saw our friends (4) who joined us in La Cucina. Their parents found a small table for themselves at the buffet area. We had some unremarkable food for lunch. Hubby liked a passion fruit flavored dessert. When the cabins became available around 2, an announcement was made and we headed to our rooms. We had an OV 5102 aft, and mom had an inside 8003 all the way forward. Both cabins were fine, but had a different bathroom set up. We had a sliding door between the toilet and the rest of the bathroom. While the bathroom itself and the showere were spacious enough to move around, the toilet part was very short. I am 5'6 and by no means leggy, and I had a hard time finding room for my knees. My poor hubby is 6'1 and he had to do some serious origami to fit. Both rooms were nice. I liked our location a whole lot better than my mom's, but we both had Sailaway rates, so we couldn't choose. Our cabin had 3 USB outlets and a couple of regular electrical outlets. Our cabin was spacious enough for 3 of us. On day 2 at sea we just hung around, played giant chess on deck 13, I think, used the hot tubs, sat by the pool, the boys ate a ton of soft serve ice cream. We ate both breakfast and lunch at the buffet. I particularly liked egg salad, and got a little big of a lot of items. The menu was nowhere near Princess level, but we never went hungry. Nutella was available at breakfast in single serve packets. That was a very nice plus. DS loved it! I liked salmon mousse on a bagel, since real smoked salmon was nowhere to be found. There was always a line to get an omelette, so I only managed to get one on day 4. It was good. Ready made omelettes were flavorless. Another pleasant surprise was free brewed coffee by cup in a machine. Tea selection was average to below average, so I didn't drink as much tea as I usually do. Unlike on Princess, waiters don't go around offering drinks and drink refills. A smaller buffet and more sitting space at Great outdoors was very nice to have. I think Princess buffets are organized better because you are not walking a mile with your food just to find a place to sit, and then you need to walk a mile back to get a drink. And, of course, first you get your kid's food, find a place to sit, get him a drink, put Nutella on his pancake, and only then you can go and get food and drink for yourself. :) To be continued.
  10. StepheeBee

    Jade enclosed balconies?

    Hello everybody! I searched for this and didnt see anything so forgive me if this has been asked before! We are sailing on the jade next month and received a category B2 assignment which is a family balcony. When I look photos of the ship, those on deck 8 look like they are enclosed or almost like a "cove" balcony? They didnt mention this when I booked and I haven't been able to find any info. The sail away category description on the site (which we did NOT book) says balcony may be partially obstructed, but category b2 does not mention this. We were just curious what to expect! Thanks everybody!
  11. This is our second NCL cruise, 1st time on the Jade. We've sailed Princess during playoff games, but this is our first Superbowl at sea. Will we have options for viewing? IIRC, on Princess it was only on MUTS, but that was prime viewing. So excited to be at sea during Superbowl Sunday!!!
  12. StepheeBee

    Jade Fitness Center

    Hello everybody! I searched for this and didnt see anything so forgive me if this has been asked before! What does everybody think of fitness center on the Jade? I've been really working hard and seeing progress using an at home fitness program that I'd like to continue daily while onboard (especially with all the yummy food and drinks available!) The program uses sliders and free weights and floor exercises. I've looked at the pictures but it is hard to determine - is there enough space for this without bothering others or being in their way? Im already self conscious enough, I don't want to be drawing any attention to myself. Any other cruisers have advice on continuing programs that you've started at home? Thank you all ☺☺
  13. It appears that the SC and H4 rooms are virtually the same and that the only benefit to the upgrade is the Haven courtyard amenities which appear to be minimal compared to the larger ships. Does the Haven justify an additional $1,200 or more in cost?
  14. We are a family of 5 (NCL platinum) and split into two mini suites for this trip on the Jade, December 24-January 4. Embarkation We drove down from North Carolina (I know, ridiculous but we wanted to visit friends in South Florida before the cruise). Parked in the garage about 10:15 a.m. and hauled our luggage to the nearest porter to be brought on the ship. Waited in a pretty crowded waiting area for about an hour (we were in boarding group 2) and then headed onto the ship. The ship We had been on the Jade before for a European cruise a couple of years prior. It's a smaller ship which we prefer as there are fewer people and it’s easier to move around. The ship is in good shape and with a couple of minor exceptions the crew was friendly and helpful. Unlike other ships we have been on, the fitness was usually busy but not overcrowded. We never had trouble getting on a cardio machine. The stretching/free weights area is tiny but it usually is on ship gyms. We did not use the spa. Staterooms Our two mini suites were definitely an upgrade on space from a balcony which is the category we were in the last time we were on the Jade. Bigger room, bigger balcony, and bigger bathroom with bathtub. We were able to pull the balcony chairs from one balcony so we could all sit together in 4 chairs. My son slept on the pull out couch which was pretty hard. My Mom’s cabin steward was not terribly attentive and we went days without seeing him though the room was mostly taken care of. Our cabin steward was always there and he was really terrific. Dining We had specialty dining for 4 nights as part of the package-we did Moderno twice (the kids really like it), Cagney's, and Teppanyaki. Great food and good service in all specialty restaurants. The Garden Café was not usually too crowded and we never minded walking through to the Great Outdoors to get away from the hordes. We ate in Alizar and Grand Pacific a few times and O’Sheehans for lunch and breakfast. For some reason, this is the first time we had eaten at O’Sheehans for breakfast on any cruise and it was a very pleasant, relaxed experience. The Kids My son had just aged out of the Splash Academy. He LOVES the Splash Academy and was excited about trying out the teen activities (Entourage). Unfortunately, because he was the youngest, he had a hard time fitting in with the older kids and did not love the many scavenger and other “hunts” that were the planned activities. It would have been great if Entourage had more open hours so kids could come in and play foosball and PS4 without having to participate in group events. My daughter is 17 and wanted nothing to do with the Teens area. She mostly hung out with us. Entertainment We attend the shows mostly as a diversion for our 17 year old. There are usually a couple of good performers and the people watching is at least as entertaining as the shows themselves. We don’t gamble and I’ve only been in the casino when I’ve gotten lost. Drink package Because we travel in two staterooms, we usually try to divide up the “free at sea” offers. This cruise each stateroom received two “free at sea” offers. My husband and I took the Ultimate Beverage Package and Specialty Dining. My Mom and the kids had 250 Internet minutes and Specialty Dining. We shared the 250 internet minutes and most days it worked though it was slow. Mom doesn’t drink alcohol but does like a virgin Mudslide and a Diet Pepsi once a day. The kids like Shirley Temples and Pepsis. We never had a problem ordering drinks for everyone with just one card. I always leave an extra tip (bring dollar bills) but I really don’t think I received any special treatment. Ports Cartagena We were most excited to visit this port and I wish that we had more time there. I would definitely go back. I had read all of the warnings about safety but we felt very safe the entire time. We got off the ship promptly at 7 a.m. and walked through the touristy terminal with parrots, flamingos, and a gift shop. We walked out to the taxi stand and negotiated for a van that would hold ten people. The driver was from Switzerland and spoke perfect English, good Spanish, and some German. We then recruited a German family to join us in the van. The cost was $5 per person and he took us to the Old Town. We wandered around the Old Town for awhile and walked the wall before it got too hot. I bought my son a Colombian soccer jersey for $10. Negotiations started at $45. We stopped for a snack of gelato and then walked to the Castillo (Fortress). There was quite a line to enter but we eventually made it up the hill to explore the very impressive building. ` I speak enough Spanish to get by but most people wanted to practice their English with me so I would speak in Spanish and they would respond in English. Everywhere we went took USD or credit card. We had no issues communicating except the cab driver on the way back to the ship did not speak English. I would definitely bring sunscreen and water. After the Castillo, we had to back on the ship by 1:30 so we caught a small cab back to the cruise terminal (terminal de cruceros). Negotiated price was $10 total but traffic was so bad and it took us so long (35 minutes-should have been about 10-12 minutes), I gave him $20. Panama Canal/Gatun Lake We got up at sunrise to watch the ships enter the locks. It was very cool but honestly the return trip had a much better view for us and I could have slept in! Because only NCL excursions could tender from the ship and the shore excursions were not that interesting and were pricey, we stayed on board. A lot of passengers cleared out and it was a great day to just hang out and watch all of the cargo ships coming and going. For the return trip through the locks, we watched from our balconies and then walked in the Colon terminal just to say we had “been” in Panama. Colon terminal has a couple of photo ops and a pretty neat grocery store that we wandered through (it takes USD and credit cards) but we had a hard time stretching this out to even 45 minutes off the boat. We ended up just walking within the terminal area to get our steps in. Puerto Limon, Costa Rica This was the second most anticipated stop. We got up early so we could meet our private guide at 7 a.m. We watched the ship try to dock several times. Finally, the ship started to pull away and an announcement was made that it was not safe to dock and we would not be staying in Costa Rica. We instead headed early for Harvest Caye. We were NOT happy. I emailed our tour guide and he also expressed his disappointment and the economic impact on the entire area that was looking forward to hosting the ship. Harvest Caye Because we missed Costa Rica, we were on the ship for two sea days before Harvest Caye and we were ready to get off! Before we left, I reserved a 6 seater golf cart from Captain Jak’s for $55 for 4 hours. We bought ferry tickets to Placencia from the Shore Excursion desk (See story below about tender tickets for Roatan. Initially we were also told we could not buy ferry tickets on the ship but I kept asking different people until I was directed to Shore Excursions). Tickets were $20 per person round trip. We were given a set time (10:50) and told we had three hours on Placencia. I emailed Captain Jak’s and gave them our ETA and they offered to meet me at the docks. Once we arrived on Harvest Caye, I went to the ferry desk and asked if they had an earlier ferry. They did and we boarded about 30 minutes. I called Captain Jak’s and they were kind enough to meet us early. Once we arrived, we hopped in the golf cart and took off to explore the island. We stopped at the beach and several stores and had a great time on our self-excursion. The return ferry was scheduled for us at 1:30. We may have been able to get on a later ferry but they only have 61 seats and if we missed our guaranteed time and there was no space on a later ferry, it wouldn’t be good. We then spent a couple of hours relaxing and exploring Harvest Caye. We found seats by the pool and there were also tons of seats near the beach. There were lots of local vendors and places to eat. Roatan We used a tour guide we have used before, George Lemus of Roatan Custom Tours. George is fantastic. He speaks excellent English, is very responsive to emails, and has great ideas for activities. We toured the island in a large van, did a little shopping, and then hung out at Paradise Beach Club for $20/pp for the rest of the day. We walked down the beach and did some of the best snorkeling that we have done in years (we brought our own snorkel equipment). Great water clarity and lots of fish. Paradise Beach Club has a restaurant and bar and we ordered food for the kids and Monkey LaLas for the rest of us. They reported the chicken fingers were very good. My husband, Mom, and I walked down the alley to Omay’s local food stand. We ordered fried fish with plantains, rice and beans for $15 a plate (paid in USD). Two plates were more than enough for 3 of us. Costa Maya We had been here before and went back to Maya Chan. I can’t say enough good things about Maya Chan even though the day we visited the weather wasn’t great and the beach had a lot of sea grass (obviously, neither of which they control). The service is exceptional, the food AMAZING, and the location perfect. I got a massage (one hour-$45) and the kids played in the new pool, kayaked, built sand castles, and roamed around. There was another large party there but we barely noticed them. The taxi ride back to port was dominated by a couple who had imbibed too much and were the definition of ugly Americans but it just made for a teachable moment and a funny story later. My difficult-to-please 17 year old declared it the best stop on the cruise. Disembarkation We were scheduled to arrive at 7 a.m. and since we were driving home (not a good idea), we wanted to get up and out early. Unfortunately, we were not let off the ship until after 8 a.m. We always use the walk off process with our own luggage and the line moved pretty quickly. Immigration was a cursory glance at our passports and if there was any customs scrutiny, I missed it. We were in the van and on the road by 8:40. Norwegian Generally As I mentioned, we are platinum with NCL so clearly we keep coming back. However, there are things that need improvement and now I just plan for NCL screw ups. One is the specialty dining reservations and transportation reservations. There are always discrepancies between what the NCL app says, our confirmation print out says, and the reservation desk says. ALWAYS, check and double check the times and names of any reservation and print out your confirmations. Second is the lack of communication. On the day we were tendering for Roatan, I found out in an email about 4 p.m. the day before from our Honduran tour guide that we were tendering. NCL did not mention it until the Daily came out that night. We have had horrible experiences tendering before where the ticket acquisition is unmanaged and chaotic and the lines are endless so I was immediately suspicious. I walked down to Guest Services to confirm that we were tendering. Yes, we were. I asked where and how do we get tickets? 7 p.m. in Bliss Lounge. Ok. So we drew straws to see who would go down to Bliss Lounge and wait in a long line for part of the evening to make sure we got tickets. But then I had another suspicion. NCL usually tells me the wrong answer at least once. So, I called down to Guest Services to inquire and was told that tickets would be issued at 7 a.m. the following morning before tendering began at 8 a.m. I then asked if we get priority tender tickets because we have platinum reward status. The answer was yes but she couldn’t tell me how we acquired the tender tickets with the status. She thought I could just show up. The next morning, I continued my fretting (as I noted we have been burned before on the tender process) so my husband dutifully went down to Bliss at 7 a.m. to get tender tickets. After waiting in line, he was told that because we are platinum, we cannot obtain tender tickets and we should just show up, flash our cards and we will have priority boarding. Theoretically good. However, when we did just that, the very nice dancer who was pulling duty as queue director did not know this policy. I politely told her what we had been told and then we just kept on walking to the tender. So, yes it all worked out. But I have been on cruises where it did not work out because of poor communication between passengers and crew and these situations could be easily avoided. Maybe NCL staff are trying to give me the run around. I don’t know. I really think it’s just the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and then does not communicate internally to the crew and externally to the passengers. I should not have to hear from my tour guide in Roatan about our tender process before NCL tells me. Tips We have TMobile and our package allows us to call the U.S. for .25/minute and data and texting are free. So anytime we were in port, it was great to check in and allowed us to preserve our 250 NCL internet minutes over 11 days. We always bring lots of dollar bills and small denominations so we can tip and pay taxis and vendors easily with exact change. Water bottles are handy to take when in port and we always bring ziplocs so we can pack some snacks for our time off the ship.
  15. Wondering in general about what type of movies are available on demand. Old chestnuts or reasonably current ones - perhaps the same types/titles available on planes? I'm planning for our TA sea days. If it matters, we're on Jade, but I suspect they will be the same across the fleet. thanks
  16. We are casual cruisers. Our first NCL cruise was 2017. Taking the Jade Panama Canal Cruise this March and for the first time am considering buying NCL social media internet service. I have read NCL FAQ and terms of service but I'd appreciate input from actual passengers who have paid for and used the service. Was the service useful, reliable, accessible from many ares on the ship or a waste of your time and money. Our itinerary has stops in Cartagena, Limon, Harvest Caye, Roatan and Costa Maya. Would I be better off with a Verizon international data package for internet access? Advise appreciated.
  17. deeko

    Jade Haven ???

    Hello. We are booked in an SF suite aft for an upcoming cruise on the Jade out of Miami. The itinerary was very affected by the hurricanes of last year. I've just been sent the possibility of an upgrade to a Haven suite. We have been in the Haven 3 times on Epic. I cannot see any reference to a Haven Restaurant on the Jade. So my queries are 1 Is there a Haven restaurant on the Jade? 2 If not where is dinner taken? Breakfast and Lunch were in Cagneys the last time we were on the Jade in an SF suite. Thanks for your help in deciding if an upgrade is worth the money.......I know someone will have been in the Haven on the Jade since the refurb. All help appreciated Deeko
  18. Does anyone know if they have the Wheel of Fortune slot machine on the Jade. Thinking about co-ordinating a slot pull for our M&G. On the Sun, the casino folks recommended using WOF as it is easier for everyone to see what's happening. TIA
  19. I saw a post recently that showed American (110 V) power outlets and a USB outlet in cabins on the Norwegian Jade. On some ships I have been on they also had a European power outlet, either behind a bed or a TV set. This was useful as an extra place to plug in electronics, if you have the correct adapter. Does anyone know if the Jade has those type of plugs, and if so, what type of power adapter is needed to allow the plug to be used by American plug devices? Thanks for any information.
  20. RaginCajunCruisers337


    Currently on the Norwegian Jade and was just informed by the captain over the PA system that the remaining 7 days of our South Caribbean cruise is canceled due to mechanical problems. Anyone know any information on what’s going on, how we are getting back to Miami from Puerto Rico and what’s going to be offered as compensation. NCL JADE CRUISE PASENGER REPLIES ONLY. DONT NEED TONS OF UNINFORMATIVE REPLIES FROM NON-CRUISERS. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!
  21. 10XCruiser

    MDR's on Jade

    Hi Everyone, What is the difference between the Alizar and Grand Pacific Dining Rooms? Do they serve the same menu at each? Not sure which to make reservation at. Thanks in advance!
  22. In a facebook group, someone posted this noticed they received about the Norwegian Jade having mechanical issues. Their cruise is being cut short and will have to debark the ship tomorrow.
  23. I can't tell from the Norwegian Jade deck plans... Is it possible to walk from Deck 8 aft cabins directly into O'Sheehans restaurant? Thanks
  24. We have the chance to bid on an upgrade to the Garden Villa on our upcoming Jade cruise. I know that these cabins are used by families for events like family reunions and weddings, etc. In fact it would be perfect for that. if we were in the same situation. But of course with big groups of people come noise. Also I think they overlook the pool deck. Can anyone who has stayed in one comment? Thanks.
  25. Does anyone have pictures of menus for an 11 day cruise. Heard some many comments about bad food, just wondering what the menus might be like.