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  1. Does anybody out there in NCL nation know if the JOY or other ships in her class have self service laundromats onboard? If not, how spendy is it farm it out while onboard? Thanks, Greenie in SLC
  2. Sat Seattle, Washington Sun At Sea Mon Ketchikan, Alaska Tue Juneau, Alaska Tue Endicott Arm & Dawes Glacier Wed Icy Strait Point, Alaska Thu At Sea Fri Victoria, British Columbia Sat Seattle, Washington Join the Bird on an Alaskan adventure on the Norwegian Joy. Alaska is one of our favorite locations to sail. The scenery and sea life can’t’ be matched. We sailed on inaugural Bliss last year and were scheduled to be on inaugural Joy (until NCL cancelled our cruise). A few months later, we are ready to experience the beautiful Norwegian Joy!
  3. My first NCL creuise will start in 22 days, on the Joy to Alaska. I have booked the two main shows in the theater already online. I know there are typically two comedians on board. What venue is used for these shows? Unfortunately, the web site will not allow me to pre-book the comedy acts so I will have to do that on-board. TIA Steven
  4. The description says balcony is 40-149 sq. ft. I assume the big ones are the suites. Are all the others 40? Does anyone have any pics of one that isn’t?
  5. I think we are going to switch our Western Caribbean cruise on the BA to a Mexican Riviera on the Joy. Looking at several rooms. A midship balcony, rear facing aft, or a Mini Suite. I can’t find a whole lot of traveler reviews on the two second two. Has anyone sailed in either a MS or aft facing balcony on the Joy? We’re trying to decide if it’s worth the extra money.
  6. Anyone sailed on both of these ships? I'm looking at an Eastern Caribbean cruise for Jan/Feb 2021 and both of these ships have the same itinerary but a few weeks apart. The Bliss sails out of Port Canaveral and the Joy out of Miami. The price per person for the Bliss is $100 more than the Joy. I'm trying to figure out if there is a reason to go with the Bliss over the Joy?
  7. I thought I read in a review that the Joy has an escape room, but now I can't find the reference. Does anyone know if there is one?
  8. Looking at the deck plan for Deck 19 on Joy and it shows a public sun deck and hot tub on the opposite side of the ship from Vibe Beach Club. Can anyone confirm please? Is there also a bar in that area?
  9. Some FYI’s about the NCL Joy, while I'm waiting for my cruise review to get published. We sailed the inaugural public cruise May 4-11 to Alaska/Glacier Bay. The speedway on the Joy is $15 per session, 8x laps per session. The Joy website still says $9.95, but the cost on the ship and on the NCL app, where you can book it from you mobile device, is $15. Not positive about the Laser tag arena, but I’m pretty sure it’s the same price. We did the racetrack once and I was disappointed with it. The track is too narrow and everyone was being throttled to slow down. The beverage package is now called the “Premium Beverage Package” instead of the “Ultimate Beverage Package”. Link to the drinks included for this package is https://www.ncl.com/sites/default/files/premium-beverage-package.pdf. You can get any drink any menu that is $15 or less. If you get a drink that’s more expensive, you pay the difference. Personally, we found that this package was worth it. It does not include bottled water (that’s another package, I think $15 for 5x 1L bottles). We loved our ADA cabin #10932, aft starboard! We didn’t know it was a disabled person’s cabin till we got there. It was twice the size of a normal balcony cabin. I would request this again. 😊 Our excursions booked offshore ahead of our sailing instead of the ship were great. No issues and cost a fair bit less than NCL. Happy to answer any questions you may have.
  10. My wife and I will be sailing on the Joy in a Mini Suite. When booking, the agent was unable to tell us if the bed would be next to the balcony or closet. Is there anyway to get a definite answer? Currently in room 13528. Thanks in advance.
  11. Looking to cruise to Alaska, July 2020. Both the Bliss and the Joy sail there. We would be happy with either itinerary. Which ship would you pick and why?
  12. We are considering booking a GTY balcony. We've been on some ships (not NCL) that had obstructed views, but they really weren't too bad. Does anyone know if the Joy has obstructed view balconies? Thank you!
  13. We loved our recent Alaska cruise on the Joy. Of course there are pros and cons 😁 Pros: *Loved the mini-suite (deck 12): plenty of storage for two, awesome bath, private balcony for watching whales & scenery. Especially important if you like your personal space and are cruising at the height of the season. * Ship layout and vibe. Super easy to navigate, lovely decor, and sparkling clean. *Loved the specialty restaurants (great food quality, good service). Wish they had an all-day breakfast option, though! * Casino. Small (but not as small as the Pearl) but new & clean, with smokers enclosed in their own room. Decent game selection and some decent payout, considering. Good for one night's entertainment. * Observation lounge. Excellent space to whale watch with abundant seating, snacks at all hours (almost), and a friendly bar. Cons * No thermal suite. I knew this going in, but it was still a bummer. * Itinerary, if you like excursions. We've been on Alaska cruises many times before and didn't feel compelled to do any excursions this time. The timing of port stays on this itinerary would be disappointing if you wanted cool shore activities. * Entertainment. I felt the shows were awful (my husband was more neutral). If you are hoping for Vegas (or even semi-Vegas), adjust your hopes😉 that said, there are a ton of other activities at all hours of day & night.
  14. Hi- its our first time on Norwegian. Going on the Joy at xmas with kids and grandparents. What specialty restaurants would you recommend? If you have 3 restaurants in your package, there is no charge at all for those 3? Which restaurants can you eat outside on the deck with 6 people? Thanks!
  15. Hello! Thinking about booking a balcony on the Joy with the sailaway rate. I noted the cabins are on the 8th deck (mid ship but looks more like the front of the ship) in front of The District Brew House, and Food Republic.....I'm wondering if anyone out there has stayed in those cabins and if there were any issue with noise from the two venues? Don't think this is a deal breaker, but would love to hear from someone who stayed on that deck! Thanks in advance 🙂
  16. Can anyone help define where the drinks package is covered, there is something in the conditions called 'venues' that where the we can't use the package. Also some restaurants. I found it very unclear. If you have been on the voyage and experienced this and can put it in lamans terms that would be great. Thanks
  17. I'm a newbie to NCL and am perplexed that there aren't a lot of shore excursions for the day we arrive in the canal zone. Only one excursion! All the other ports have many shore excursions. I've read that there are a lot of fun things to do in a few hours. Why aren't they there? Thanks in advance, Greenie in Salt Lake
  18. I would like to do one of the NCL Alaska itineraries on a ship with an Observation lounge (currently Bliss/Joy). For those who have done this in the Haven, did you feel it was worth the premium? The Haven upcharge for Alaska seems much higher than normal, I guess for good reason. One immediate advantage I can think of is the dedicated Observation Lounge. Another related question - if you stayed in one of the aft suites, was that worth the premium? The H6’s in Alaska are also much more expensive than normal. I guess the big aft balcony is good for glacier/animal watching?
  19. On the new Joy, what are the choices of restaurants we can choose for the Latitudes Dinners? I believe the one voucher is for either Cagney's or Le Bisto, but I don't know the choices for the second voucher. Thanks.
  20. We just got off the Joy! I was a little worried with some of the negative reviews, but overall it was a great cruise! Here's what we loved and some things we didn't love. - All the shows! We're huge musical fans so we all loved Footloose! It was really good, high energy, great music. Elements was also great. I like that it was a bit shorter so we were able to go do other things after it. - Game shows and trivia. My daughter loves these so we were almost always doing something in the atrium. My only complaint about the atrium is that it's always so crowded in there and there were never enough seats. I wish they had somewhere else to do these activities as we had to get there really early to be able to get seats. They would bring in folding chairs, but there were still not enough chairs. - We had booked all of our shows before we got on the ship, but when we got on the ship we had letters that stated they were changed. That's normally ok, but what happened is that they were changed to days/times where we had dinner reservations. So it was kind of a pain to have to switch everything all around when we'd already spent the time planning it before we got on the ship. - Amazing staff, everyone was very friendly. Super clean ship. - Loved all the music - The Cavern Club was really cool. Loved the Beatles! We also really loved going to see Marie Wise Hawkins in Q. We went to see them almost every night...there were always lots of seats and they are a great band to just sit and listen to. - We mostly ate in the Garden Cafe (other than 2 times in the Manhattan Dining Room for dinner). Garden Cafe was pretty busy, but we never had trouble finding seats. I wish they had more larger round tables for larger families. Food in the garden cafe was good, lots of variety. I also LOVE that they offered no added sugar options for dessert....I don't remember them offering that on previous cruises. If there aren't seats available, you can bring it down one floor to the observation lounge, which is nice as it's not quite so chaotic. -The Observation Lounge is amazing! We spent a lot of time in there playing games/cards. They have lots of games on the ship and we also brought some of our own. On the scenic glacier day we got up there at 11:00 to get good seats fo the day and pretty much spent the day there. They also have food set up there so if you want some snacks you don't even have to go up one floor. lol. The one thing issue we ran into at the lounge was fellow cruisers. Mostly on the glacier day....when members of our party would leave - to run up to get food, get drinks, go back to the room to go to the bathroom, other passengers would obviously ask us if the seats were available. If they weren't we got SO many dirty looks and just general rude responses. I know chair hogging is a big issue, so I'm probably in the minority here. But if you want a grouping of chairs, don't expect to come down at 7:00 with your double strollers when we're right next to the glacier and expect to get 5 chairs together. And then when you can't get chairs, don't get rude to the people that do have them and 1 or 2 members of the party are up doing something and will be right back. I thought it was cool how when we got right to the glacier, they would spin the ship around so that you could see all sides of it. -Bring binoculars. I loved being able to use those throughout the entire cruise. -I hated the last day of the cruise and not just because the cruise was over. lol. The entertainment was terrible. I'm sure it was because we were in port until 10:00. But they should put some kind of show in the evening in the theatre or music or something. They showed Aquaman. And yes, he's nice to look at on a big screen, but I can do that at home! Also the last city was Victoria. Which normally I LOVE!! It's so beautiful, but its was chaos. We had planned to do the hop-on-hop-off tour, but when we got to downtown the line for that was so long. We would have to wait 2 hours to get on the bus, so we walked up the street to try another company. We bought tickets for it, but then at the last minute the cruise tour showed up and boy did people get mad, because they took up all the seats on the bus and people had been waiting for an hour to get on the bus. We ended up getting a refund and just walked around the city for a while, did some shopping, walked the jetty by the ship and went back on board. In hind-sight, I should have bought tickets BEFORE so that we could have got on the bus at the stop by the port, but I didn't know that. Also after the huge rush of people at 2-4 were gone we could have easily got on a bus as we saw them driving around town mostly empty. It costs $15.99 pp to get the shuttle to go downtown. You can easily walk it, but we had some elderly people in our party and it would have been too long for them to walk. Loved the ship, it might be my favorite ship (been on the Pearl, Epic and Escape). Never felt crowded. Had to wait on occasion for elevators, but nothing really long. Tried to take the stairs to work off some of the food. Usually do the spa, but they didn't have the same spa as other ships, but honestly I didn't miss it. Happy to answer any questions if you have them!
  21. We're looking at a cruise on The Joy, a ship I never noticed before. What's the story on it? Is it a new ship?
  22. We took the kiddos with us on the Bliss 15 day sailing of the Panama Canal in April and had a great time. For 2021 I put a deposit on the Joy Panama Canal sailing. I noticed this time that Colon, Panama is on the itinerary and we didn't go there on the Bliss. What struck me was the arrival in port at 5pm and depart at 8pm. Seriously? Can this possibly be correct? I mean 3 hours? By the time the ship cleared customs and everyone disembarked it would be an almost about face with a need to get back on before leaving port. I've never seen any port on an itinerary so short if at all even possible. Has anyone experienced a short port call like this? A mistake? Thoughts?
  23. Just checking if anyone’s stayed in this mini B4 thanks
  24. We will be on the Norwegian Joy to Mexico in December. We are thinking of booking Cagney, Teppayanki and La Cucina 120 days before we leave. Does the 120 day mark start at midnight? Also, how long does eating at each of the specialty restaurants and the main dining restaurants take about? I am just trying to figure out about what time to book the restaurants and shows. How long is the comedy shows and Beatles cover band and can we book these beforehand? I believe that Footloose is 90 mins and Elements is 50 mins? Thanks!!!
  25. We were on the NCL Bliss last year for a short repositioning cruise. We loved the ship, food, and the entertainment. This year I’m looking at itineraries for both ships. If anyone reading has been on the Bliss and also the Joy, please post comparisons on your likes and dislikes between the two ships. I’d like to know a little bit about what I’m talking about before I present these two ships to my friends, ha ha. Random but If specialty dining is included for the first two passengers how much is it for the third person to have the specialty dining also? Thanks so much!
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