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Found 79 results

  1. I read a review that said the pools close at 6 PM...is that right? why would they close so early when a person is gone m most of the day for excursions? Is there a "spa pass" for the week? and didn't there used to be a section here for each ship? I can't find it :')
  2. We are considering using the Pride of America for our Hawaiian cruise if/when things may get back next year. We have never been on an NCL ship. Tell me about Pride of America; I understand that it is different from the normal international ships. We usually sail with Princess. We enjoy Princess' EZAir. I believe that NCL has similar air arrangements. Are they reliable? How do you find them? We can find the cost of Princess EZAir just by looking at the booking. Please give us advice. Thanks.
  3. We have not cruised before and probably won't until our 25th anniversary in 2024. But I have been reading about POA and am already getting excited about it. It would be the perfect way to enjoy our first cruise and our first visit to Hawaii at the same time. Here is my question, something I am mildly curious about. Based on my research, the POA stays in port overnight at Maui. I am wondering if any of you who have taken this cruise in the past have ever driven to Lahaina and taken the ferry across to the island of Lanai just as a day trip? Any trouble getting back to the ship or anything like that? What is parking like in Lahaina? Google brought up an article saying the trip was possible, but it was dated 2015, and a lot can change in 5 years (even more in 9!) This is my first post so please be gentle...
  4. They need to allow refunds on original form of payment regardless if we used it on another future cruise that got canceled as, as well. IF you cant give a solid date on a start, why should we keep fcc which expires from the original date btw. I am considering opening another chargeback. if they have a solid date on restarting then fine I agree we would have to keep the fcc we used.
  5. Does anyone have any information on cabin 11026 on the Pride of America sailing Hawaii ? We were supposed to be sailing this June and rescheduled for next June and unfortunately, our original room was already booked so we opted for cabin 11026. Any advice or pictures would be greatly appreciated. TIA Stay safe and healthy ! steffysmom
  6. Since Pride of America is a US flagged ship and hires US citizens, will NCL get any bailout money for the one ship?
  7. Does anyone have any insight or thoughts as to whether the around the southern tip of South America cruises will sail? I hesitate to purchase airfare (as it is quite expensive) and be stuck with non-refundable air without a cruise to board. Of coarse, the longer I wait to book the air the more expensive. e
  8. I'm hearing that Pride of America in Hawaii and Star from south america to Orland departures this weekend are canceled. Not sure if this is the start of a mass shutdown, or being forced on specific cruises by local ports.
  9. I’ll do a review of each port then of POA and NCL overall because that is how my mind works. For background info, we are forty something experienced travelers, traveling in a small group. Flight out--EWR to HNL Not much worth noting except just sharing that United has nonstop service from Newark to HNL. A nice alternative to Hawaiian, especially if you have status with United. We stayed at the Sheraton for a few days pre cruise, we had an ocean view room which was great, we enjoyed the infinity pool. We mainly booked the Sheraton for the pool and view, we also received a daily credit which sounded great until we got there and learned it could only be used at like three places. It was fine, we spent it on mai tais, the location of the Sheraton is great, right next to the Royal Hawaiian. Also had dinner at House without a Key, spendy but worth it for a big trip like this. We used Johnny Cab for all our transfers based on the board’s recommendation. Everything went smoothly. For some reason they did not pick us up from the cruise terminal to take us to the airport, but sent another company who called us to let us know and met us there promptly and knew my name so it was not a big deal. I figured they got held up or something but it was a little weird. DAY ONE MAUI--we rented a car from Avis at the Airport. Got off the ship, and wandered around a little confused about what line to get in for the shuttle--nothing was marked--until we asked and were told by the security guard to wait in line 7. We saw several people turned away who did not rent from Avis (and the other company who provides the shuttle, I can’t remember who) so make sure you double check). They said they would check for either a rental agreement or car keys to get on the shuttle but didn’t always. Driver was helpful and told us the best roads to take and when last shuttles back to ship were. We got our car with no problems and were off to Lahaina. After viewing the banyan tree and wandering around for a bit, we had a whale watch with Captain Steve. We enjoyed it, although we didn’t see a lot of whales. I think they were a little quiet that day from what the guide and captain were saying, but we did see some whales and babies and the scenery was beautiful. Still very enjoyable and loved the smaller boat. Next, we went and saw the sun set on Haleakala. This was amazing, I don’t know why more people don’t do it. We stopped for shaved ice first at Ululani’s, which in hindsight set us back and we barely made the sunset with minutes to spare. But still worth it. We missed the last shuttle and had to take a dodgy cab back to the ship for about $15.
  10. I can't leave US now. Looks like Pride of America is the only cruise I can travel.
  11. Can anyone please give me some information on Deck 13 on the Pride of America. I see that the Sun Deck is above the staterooms. Is there noise at night or early in the morning that you can hear, if you are staying in one of the staterooms on 13? Thank You very much,
  12. I am traveling to Hawaii and the cruise leaves the day before I arrive. Can I meet it in Maui and join it there?
  13. First trip to Hawaii on NCL Pride of America. How did you choose a cabin? How important is room location given the ship is at port most of the time, sometimes overnight? And reviews sound like most of the time on the ship is morning and later at night. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Our Story: On other NCL ships, always had a balcony room for Mom, Dad, and son. As son will be 16 at the time of sailing, thought the 2-bedroom family suite with large balcony would be nice as he is getting older.. We would have a separate room, son would have his own little space, and the aft balcony would have great views (Napali Coast, for example). But we might do a helicopter tour of Kaua so not sure seeing Napali Coast from our balcony is important and could always go on an outside deck that afternoon. And that "suite" is $5000 more!!!! That's more money for shore excursions (or another cruise!). Below are some cabin examples. Cabin 12504 -- Large Balcony in the middle of the big, big expensive suites. Seems like good location - port side, close to open deck area and bar. It's an adjoining room so wonder if we might get bumped out if someone booking the adjoining suite wants it. Cabin 10678 - 2 bedroom family suite with aft balcony port side. Nice big balcony but how much time will we really enjoy it? Aloha Lanai Bar is above on deck 11 but the balcony is open above. Cabin 9698 is aft and directly underneath 10678 -- also a good location and has more cover over the balcony (in case of rain) but also will get less sun. Pride of America Deck Plans https://www.ncl.com/cruise-ship/pride-of-america/deck-plans
  14. Hello, my daughter and a friend disembark the "Pride of America" on Saturday 15 February after the one week Hawaiian Islands cruise. They then overnight at a Waikiki hotel before catching a plane back to the UK the following afternoon. I am trying to arrange a Pearl Harbour tour for them on the Saturday. Time is obviously tight but it would be hugely helpful if a past passenger can advise the likely disembarkation time at the end of the cruise. Also, does anyone know if post-cruise tours to PH can be booked onboard. Thank you very much for any help. Kind regards. Peter
  15. Hi everyone, Never been on a cruise before and going for the honeymoon for the 7 day Hawaii cruise on board of Pride of America. I have read lots of bad reviews about the ship, but not getting discouraged as we've picked the cruise for Hawaii, not for the cruise itself or for the sake of spending the holiday on the ship, I know there are more modern ones and better ones out there. I just have one question... We were given cabin 10140, which is a normal balcony cabin. All fine, but only after we booked it I started looking into the ship, dining options, activities etc and came across these photos online. The balconies on deck 10 seem very 'built up' compared to deck 9 or 8. The pipe in the photo is a different cabin, so please ignore it, our own doesn't have anything blocking it but I am still a bit worried that the balcony is so covered up. If you see the deck below, the walls end where the balcony railing is, whereas deck 10 balcony walls 'stick out' and there is the roof above as there is a pool and a cafe on deck 11 above. I'm worried it will obstruct the view but I could be getting too worked up about it. Not sure what to think as this is our first cruise ever. Would you say I'm being paranoid or better to change for deck 9? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  16. I haven't noticed this in the Cruise Critic News but I may have missed it. The Pride of America is going into dry dock for the month of May 2020.
  17. We’re back from a wonderful cruise on the Pride of America. Background DH and I are in our 60s and have taken over 20 cruises, starting over 40 years ago with our honeymoon on NCL. We’ve cruised mostly on Princess, HAL, and Celebrity. Our last NCL cruise was, unfortunately, an absolutely miserable experience 12 years ago on the old Norwegian Majesty. We loved our first visit to Hawaii (Oahu) a couple of years ago and wanted to explore other Hawaiian islands. We decided to try the Pride of America because we really liked the port-intensive itinerary and heard good things about the cruise from friends who live in Hawaii. We invited DD and DSIL to join us. Planning Our Cruise Because the fares on this cruise are relatively expensive, we decided to get the “Sail Away” rates for oceanview cabins. With Sail Away fares, you don’t get to choose your cabin—the cruise line assigns you a cabin—but the fares were MUCH less expensive than standard fares. We didn’t need most of the perks of the standard fare: we wouldn’t need wifi since the ship is in a US port every day; we don’t drink much; we prefer to do our own thing in ports rather than take shore excursions; and we’re happy eating in the main dining room. We ended up bidding for a balcony upgrade with a bid NCL called “Good” and got one. DD and DSIL bid for a balcony at the “Fair” level and didn’t get one. Before we left, I made dinner reservations for the four of us every night for 6:30 pm in the Liberty dining room. We would rather have eaten in the Starlite, which doesn’t have a dress code, but Liberty is the only one that takes reservations in advance, and we wanted the peace of mind of being able to eat when we wanted to without waiting. The Liberty dress code is basically no shorts or torn jeans, and men must wear collared shirts. (We learned onboard that the dress code is not enforced the first and last nights.) I tried making reservations through the NCL app, but it kept freezing, so I ended up calling customer service, and they were happy to make the reservations for me. Our itinerary from NCL said we’d need to be on board two hours before departure from each port. That’s not correct—we needed to be on board 30 minutes before departure. That extra hour and a half makes a big difference in planning what to do in each port. We were blessed with absolutely gorgeous weather on this cruise, but Hawaiian weather can be rainy, windy, and even chilly in winter. Higher elevations on the islands can be extremely windy and downright cold. When it’s cool outside, some spots inside the ship can be a bit chilly too. So pack rain gear, a warm jacket, and a sweater or hoodie for chilly spots onboard.
  18. On previous non-NCL ships we have sailed, there are been some 'secret' areas one can go to that are open to the public, but generally not easy to find, ie. certain platforms/deck areas. Does anyone know if the NCL Pride of America have any of these areas off the beaten path? Not sure if it is big enough to have anything like that, but thought I would ask. David
  19. Hi Any has details on the dry dock for Pride of America May 2020? I have been searching without success on the details. thank you
  20. We are disembarking on Feb. 15th from POA. We have a 3:00 flight back and don't want to waste time (5-6 hours) sitting at the airport. We would like the make the most of our remaining time in Honolulu and not worry about lugging our luggage around. Any suggestions?
  21. I've heard that at least on RC, there is only one door between connecting rooms, not 2 like hotels have. And that you can hear everything. We currently have an aft balcony cabin that is connecting booked, but wondering if we should change. Can anyone who has stayed in these rooms comment please?
  22. Great trip! Here's some info: Embark - we got there by 11am and were on by 11:30. No Platinum waiting area or special embarkation for Platinum. Suites had a separate area. Had lunch in the Skyline day 1. Rooms were ready around 1:30 pm. The Skyline was closed for lunch the remainder of the trip. Inside room on deck 4 under the lobby - noisy. Also one day had overwhelming shellac smell inside the room. Otherwise good location. There is shade to be found - back deck 11 is great; pool bar on 12 has a breeze and shade. Sides of pool are hot bc there is no ventilation on Deck 11. Deck 3 mid is used to get on/off the ship. Long lines for the first tender only. Not bad otherwise. Food was good all around. Same for drinks. Drinks were very expensive if you don't have the package. With tax/tips, could be $24 per drink! Long line to make dinner reservations on board the first day. Long lines at Skyline at 5:30 pm even with reservations. Separate line for no reservations was quicker, ironically. Comedian and magician were very good. Cover band was good, too. Ship never felt too crowded though it was full. Diner and Gold Rush worth visiting. Bring beach footwear for rocks! Stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village for three nights. Took UBER to Ship - @$15. Maui day 1 - took free shuttle to mall and then rode the public bus all the way to Lahaina and then transferred to waiting bus up north to the best beaches/Ritz/Golf. Wirth the trip! $4 r/t per person (day pass) Maui day 2 - walked across the street to public bus near TJMaxx/Safeway and took it to the beach in Paia. Beautiful! Rode it the rest of the route after the beach to sightsee. $4 all day pass. Kona - tender and took the $2 public trolley at pier at 9:40 am - DO NOT take this one! - wait instead until the 10:20ish trolley which skips the malls, etc. and heads right to the beach. We took an UBER back for @$12. Very rocky beach, but good for snorkeling. Can rent at the beach. Hilo- walked a block to the hop on/off bus $20 pp - went to first 5 stops including Rainbow Falls/Banyan Trees/Japanese Garden, then transferred to the beach hop on/off later (included in the price). Well worth it! Kauai - Walked to close by Marriott beach/golf course/lighthouse. Kauai day 2- took the $75 ship sponsored bus tour to Waimea Canyon - MUST SEE! Sat on deck to hear commentary while sailing past cliffs on way out. Disembarked on our own - off ship by 7:20 am. Had Lined up on deck 6 mid. Took UBER to airport for approx $17. Thru security at HNL by 8:30am. Waited a long time for noon flight. Let me know if you have any questions!
  23. Hey my cruise pals - how ya doin? I hope great! :) We are going to check out Hawaii via Pride of America. I am excited of course, we cruise NCL exclusively. I have read that the staff on this ship isn't always nice - for those of you who cruised on the ship would you find that this was your experience? My other question was when we booked our cruise we were told that the cabin we selected was one of the better cabins – I didn't know what that meant. We genuinely like concierge service so we typically always book that way anyway, so I wasn't sure what NCL meant when they said that. I am to understand that the ship got an overhaul in 2016 – did they change any of the suites ? Does anybody have any current video or photographs of our cabin 12500 Thank you so much in advance
  24. We are taking the Hawaii cruise on pride of America from December 21-28th. We disembark from the boat on the 28th at 7:00 and our flight out of Honolulu is not until 12/29 at 1:00am! Any suggestions on what we should do?
  25. Took this cruise at Thanksgiving in 2013 and thought it would make a nice change from our normal Christmas. And not disappointed. Started the with a Friday night stay in Honolulu athe the Hilton Waikiki Resort. The view was great and they even had a fireworks show that also great. Eat at the Hatsuhana and the food was great, especially the goyza, and very reasonably priced (for the location). Room was a little in need of a renovation, but adequate. The PoA is a nice ship, but does need the dry docking next year. Not a luxury cruise, but very good and very attentive staff for an American flagged vessel. Next stop was Kahlua on Maui. Used the Hoppa on Hoppa off bus to see sights. Will see some things other tours do not, but guides need some better info, but very reasonable price and attentive. Side note on weather, little rough and rainy but not bad Next was Hilo, and my wife wanted to see the Lyman Museum and Mission House on Halil St, which is very interesting, but not on any tours. So took the FREE shuttle to the Farmers Market and walked to the Museum. On the way back stopped at the Short and Sweet Bakery (bakery was on a Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network) a block up from the Farmers Market. Then back to market and then to ship. Next Hilo, and took Captain Zodiac Raft and Snorkeling trip. Wife loved the snorkeling, but the trip back and forth on the zodiac (~45 minutes each way) was a little rough due to the weather. Today (and tomorrow) at Kuai, and taking it easy, might go to the beach might not.
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