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  1. We just got off the Spirit, and there are a few rumours around about what will be happening when it goes into dry dock in January. I thought I would quickly summarise what I have found out. Firstly, it is openly being stated that they are adding a couple of Teppanyaki tables, to take it up to three. I believe they will be using the room at the back of Shogun. On one occasion when we were told this, they said they were adding 3 tables, but I think this was a misunderstanding. The other changes will apparently be significant, but the senior officer we were talking to wouldn’t tell us anything specific and said that things can still change. There is a lot of speculation that Champagne Charlie’s will be turned into an o’Sheehans type place, which makes sense due to its location. I didn’t hear anything to confirm this, and I assume the shops on that level would need to be moved. It is my guess (and I have no confirmation) that something like this will happen. There were quite a few people onboard in ports who were walking around the ship with what looked like plans. I’d have loved to have seen what was on those plans. Two specific places we saw them were Raffles Terrace and Blue Lagoon/Shanghai. I think that it is agreed by many that something needs doing with Blue Lagoon, and if they add an o’Sheehans then it isn’t necessary. I suspect that the whole block containing Blue Lagoon, Shanghai, Henry’s Pub and maybe Le Bistro and the arcade will be stripped out and started again from scratch. The presence of people looking around the area suggests that this may be correct. Finally, we were told by a staff member about plans for Raffles Terrace. I have no idea if this is correct (and he wasn’t necessarily someone who you would expect to know detailed plans), but he said that the kids pool was going and a big screen being added to create a Spice H2O type area. Also they will be building back from the buffet, at least on one side, to create a better La Trattoria (or other restaurant), rather than it being part of the buffet. Whilst the source of this may not be that reliable, I think it all sounds likely.
  2. I will be on the NCL Spirit out of Stockholm this weekend. Does anyone know if the IPhone internal communicator is available on this ship? It was available on most others, costs about $10.00 for the trip. Much thanks - Steve
  3. Question for those that have taken NCL to Japan. We just cancelled our RCL cruise to Japan for a much better and now more affordable NCL Japan cruise (13 nights to all the places my kiddo really wants to see). A big box travel agent told my friend who is also going with one of her friends) that NCL doesn't let you off the ship until 2 hours after arrival and then you have to be back on the ship 2 hours before departure from ports. I've never heard that before, but granted, I've *only* cruised Bermuda, Bahamas, Caribbean, Alaska, and the Med--the more "mainstream" places to go. They didn't say you always lose those four hours, but then they suggested a land tour instead (which I won't do--my kid, as much as I love her, even though she is turning 16 during the cruise will definitely not survive a land tour, too much doing everyday, she would hate it). They also said we'd be spending about 2k in excursions per person, which is insane. Is this all true, or is this a big box travel agency's ploy to get a better commission on a land tour? (I would ask my TA... but she has had a death in the family, and I refuse to bother her right now).
  4. We’re booked on the Nov.21 cruise. Should we bother bringing bathing suits?
  5. Hello Cruisers! We recently returned from a 12 day NCL cruise to Norway on the Spirit. We had an amazing time in such a beautiful country. I'm going to give you a detailed trip report. I have dozens of pictures, menus, food porn and more. I go into a lot of detail in my reviews. Some people like all the details, while others think I am too nitpicky. I don't consider myself either a cheerleader or a critic of any cruise line. I'm just sharing my observations which may or may not be relevant for you. I hope you'll find some useful information here. This was our seventh cruise. We have cruised with Carnival four times, once with Celebrity, and once in Tahiti on the Paul Gauguin. We looked forward to trying NCL to see how it compared to the other lines, particularly Carnival since that is the one we had the most experience with. I'll make some observations about how I think they compared. We started planning this trip many months in advance. We booked the trip in August 2018. We soon joined our roll call where we had an exceptionally good leader. John created a spreadsheet where he kept track of all the people who joined the roll call along with all the excursions we were planning. This roll call really enhanced our trip so much and we were very grateful to John for all the work he put into making it happen. I am a big planner, so I spent the next months making plans for our time pre and post cruise in London. We booked air travel, hotels, and transfers. We purchased travel insurance. Excursion planning was a big deal. I'll spend a lot of time talking about this here. Our roll call was very helpful with this and we planned a number of excursions with our fellow cruise critic members. At the time we booked our cruise, and for several months after, NCL did not have any excursions listed for our cruise. When they did finally list some excursions, we found the prices to be extremely high. We did not book any excursions through NCL. We had a $50 per port excursion credit included as one of our perks but even with that credit, the NCL excursions were exorbitantly priced and we did better making our own plans.
  6. Fishing from deck 10 balcony! Face blacked out to meet cruise critic guidelines.
  7. Time for another adventure! This summer we are heading to London for two nights and then on a 14 day cruise. We will be posting here and on our blog, alpacamybagsblog.com For now we are at the airport, waiting to board our flight. See you in London!!
  8. Hi. Does anyone have any dailies from the Spirit, recently? Thanks! Gail
  9. I am traveling on the NCL Spirit leaving Stockholm on 8/17/2019. Our favorite restaurant, Teppanyaki, isn’t available to book on line. The NCL website says no reservations available. I called NCL and they say I can book on the boat. Can anyone provide clarification? Thanks. We don’t want to be caught out. Steve
  10. We are booked on our first NCL cruise, sailing to Norway on the Spirit in June 2019. I've been doing some reading about the restaurants. We have the 4 specialty restaurant package. If I'm reading things correctly, there is an Italian restaurant on most NCL ships called La Cucina, but on the Spirit it is La Trattoria. What is the difference? I found one very old post that said La Trattoria only has a pasta bar. Has this changed? Does anyone have a current menu? And as long as we are talking about the Spirit, I'd love to hear any other comments you may have about the ship. What are your favorite restaurants and activities? Anything you don't like about the ship? Any other thoughts? Thanks!
  11. Looking for help and info on shore excursions on ports of call on Spirit cruise around the British Isles. What ports are best for ship excurs. and what ports are fine for local tours or just walking around? Any info from previous passengers on this cruise would be helpful. I have searched on this site for info on this cruise (leaving July 21 - Aug. 2) from Southampton and can not even find this cruise listed anywhere. Can anyone tell me why? I can find reviews of the Spirit....and will take those with a grain of there salt. Has anyone out there done this circle around the UK? Thanks in advance.
  12. Our family of four (two adults, two teens) have booked adjoining balcony staterooms. Our teens will be staying in one stateroom. Does anyone know if the bed in a balcony stateroom can be configured as two twins instead (to avoid the horror of them having to sleep in the same bed)? Or is it physically one queen bed? thanks!
  13. My husband and I are celebrating our 30th anniversary and are looking at Spirit in mid-December. We are taking our 4 adult kids also, so 3 cabins. We have never cruised with NCL and I am reading the reviews of Spirit and am a little concerned about the condition of the ship. But then I read that NCL has cancelled Spirits cruises in January for an extended dry dock so it looks like this is the last cruise for her for a while. Dates are December 15 to 22nd ... the itinerary looks fun. What are your thoughts? I've read of instances of last cruises before dry dock where the work is started and it is a mess with carpets being taken up, etc. Our other options was MSC Gloriosa, but it's just so big...and those reviews are even worse. We have cruised RCCL extensively, and Princess in Alaska. This cruise is a once in a lifetime opportunity for us and we need to celebrate. We've been thru more than most (I'm a 5 time cancer survivor) and really want to do this right. Thank you so much for any help.
  14. We just got back from a European cruise aboard the Spirit, the cruise itself and the crew onboard the ship were wonderful, however our room was a huge disappointment. We have sailed in mostly suites on our prior cruises so we have come to expect a certain quality when it comes to the suites. Our SF suite stateroom 10508 was is severe disrepair, the enamel coating in the tub was peeling off so anytime you took a bath you had chunks of enamel floating in the water with you, the shower had extreme water damage and was unsightly, the mosaic tiles on the walls were missing and falling out, the speakers in the room were falling out of the ceiling etc. We didn’t let any of this ruin our vacation but I was extremely disappointed in the room itself. We paid almost 10k for the cruise and to me the room was not worth half of what we paid, NCL should be extremely embarrassed by the lack of quality in this suite. I have attached a few pictures below.
  15. Hello, I was using iCruise to browse some cruises for January 2020, and I found a really nice 11 night Norwegian Spirit cruise that caught my attention. But, when I went to NCL.com to look at the prices there, it says that no Spirit cruises are available for that month. Was the cruise I found a charter or something? Does NCL have any European offerings in Janaury? Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me!
  16. Just curious if anyone has recent experience with the internet speed on the NCL spirit? I had purchased the social media package in past on the Getaway and had a good experience, however NCL spirit is the oldest ship so not sure if it will be the same in terms of internet speed. Any experiences would be greatly appreciated!
  17. I am getting married in November on the island of Santorini Greece while traveling on the Norweigan Spirit. It's just going to be the two of us on this trip. Does anyone know if the salon on the Spirit does makeup? I want to have both my hair and makeup done for the wedding but I can't seem to get a straight answer regarding the makeup. If they don't then I'm going to need to get "lessons" on bridal makeup which will probably make me nervous and I'll end up looking like a clown. Please help...
  18. I am going on the Spirit in November and woke in port at Santorini Greece we are getting married. It will be just the two of us on the cruise. I want to get my hair and makeup done before the wedding in the salon on the ship. I can’t seem to get a straight answer. Does anyone know if the salon does makeup? If not I will need to get bridal makeup “lessons” before the trip and hope I don’t look like a clown. Please help...
  19. Enjoyed the cruise and will cruise again but have a couple of problems. 1- Very disappointed with the treatment of wheelchair guests in the theater. The only accommodations for wheelchairs are tucked in the corner. Suggested to cruise director that chairs be moved so up to 4 wheel chairs/scooters would have a good view of entertainment. Response was corporate gobbledygook that any changes needed to be done fleet wide. It’s absurd that the cruise director can’t move a chair to accommodate a wheelchair because it is the right thing!! It was sad watching a woman in a wheelchair watching the show all by herself. 2- went to bingo and after giving my payment learned that the $2,000 jackpot was paid ONLY with a coverall in 47 numbers. The odds of a coverall in 50 numbers is 1 in 212,000. That information should be given up front. 3- The staff did nothing to encourage mingling in the dining room 4- Excellent choice of ports
  20. Does anyone know if there are tea/coffee making faciliites and bathrobes in BA balcony cabins please?
  21. Recently returned from 2 cruises on the Spirit. Review is posted under ship reviews and it's really long. I did break it into topics (listed below) in case some aspect of the cruise is particularly interesting (so you won't have to sift through the whole thing). I'll check back here in case there are specific questions about our experience. I can certainly repost any of these sections on this board if there's interest... Review topics include: 1. Arrival/Embarkation 2. Cabin 3. Dining 4. UBP 5. Overall Service 6. Casino experience 7. Ports 8. Back to back info 9. Debarkation Hope some of you find this helpful. ~Bob
  22. Hi , Anyone stayed in 10612 port side midships - are there outside maintenance apparatus near the balcony that could cause noise inside the cabin. I seem to recollect something mentioned but not sure if this was the cabin. Thanks for any help
  23. We would love to hear port activity recommendations for the Norwegian Spirit Summer Solstice fjords cruise. If feasible to DIY we would of course like to minimize expenses as we have a group of 4 adults and booking through the cruise line is expensive! Ports will be Geriranger, Flam, Haugesund, Stavanger, Trondheim, Hammerfest and Honningsvaag
  24. How difficult is it to make Specialty Dining Reservations once you are on board the Spirit? Are all of the prime times reserved in advance? I would like to be able to play some dining reservations by ear but don't want to be eating dinner at 9:00 or 10:00 pm. Any advice?
  25. I apologize in advance as I’m sure this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find it. So does the balcony rooms have the option of either having two twin beds or one queen? if so, I didn’t see a place under our reservation to put our choice in. Thx in advance. Maybe something you do after you board?
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