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Found 26 results

  1. Early in the year, I went down to watch the Viking Orion depart from Auckland, New Zealand, as I had not seen her in Auckland before. As the Viking Orion started to depart from Princes Wharf, in a yacht sailing in to her!! 😮 - 7th March 2020. Here are the photos of the crash: Here is the video I did off the crash: The yachtie and the Viking Orion was OK.
  2. Okay... I might not have exact dates, but it looks two longer cruises in May are now cancelled since it was scheduled to be in Asia and then work it's way to Vancouver to start the Alaska season in early June. I think some April dates are cancelled as well. So - where will the ship be all this time? Will they be adding some other cruise on the West coast? Can not imagine the ship would be empty for 40+ days.
  3. I’m posting mainly pictures. Departure last night at 9.30 pm from Vancouver. Stunning weather and sunset.
  4. Viking Orion arrived in Melbourne Australia on March 15 and as no Covid on board all 700+ passengers disembarked safely. Great work Viking. However it is a mystery why she is still in Port Phillip Bay and seems to charge position every few days? Can anyone shed light on this? We enjoyed a cruise on board this great ship in December 2019 from Bali to Sydney.
  5. It’s been awhile since I have posted, forgive my inexperience with the new format. We have a special anniversary in May and we are considering cancelling our Edge cruise and taking Viking in Alaska. We like the Edge and have a great reservation but when we saw the Viking availability we picked up a hold. Just concerned about the recent reviews and given This is Vikings first cruise in Alaska I am nervous to switch. I know they will not be in Hubbard or Glacier but hope we can see wildlife other ways. We have yet to sail Viking and except for some of the recent reviews feel it might be a great fit. Happy to hear from those experienced Viking and Alaska cruisers. Sharie
  6. From local news service; Viking Orion cruise liner docked in Port Melbourne this afternoon as Australia's international lockdown measures came into effect. A Border Force spokesman said about 724 people were on board the cruise ship, including 27 Australians. The ship entered Australian waters just before Prime Minister Scott Morrison's ban on international cruise ships came into effect at midnight on Sunday. "Everyone will be subject to the 14 day self-isolation period if they remain in Australia," the Border Force spokesman said. About 40 people will stay on the ship before catching a flight out of the country tomorrow. The remaining passengers were either entering self-isolation in hotels or other accommodation, or trying to book flights out of Australia. A Viking spokeswoman said the passengers had been provided with the latest information about mandatory self-isolation and the company was arranging flights for anyone who wanted to return home. Viking also announced last week it would temporarily suspend all cruise operations until May.
  7. I feel for all those affected by changes in itinerary / cancellations etc and I also feel for those who are directly affected by coronavirus. I wish all of you well. I am curious about Viking Orion - which I understand is now going to re-position from NZ - Aust - Asia to Alaska. The ship is scheduled to depart Sydney on 20 March (to Bali, now cancelled of course). Is anyone aware of the direction Orion will take to get from Sydney to Alaska (via LA maybe?), and will the ship sail empty ? - I assume not. So if Viking is planning to sell a new itinerary ex Sydney on 20 March might there an opportunity to pick up a bargain ? I don't wish to rub salt into the wounds of those who are affected, nor seen to be taking advantage of their loss - but I am curious. Any insights anyone ?
  8. Has anyone heard of any changes to the Orion itineraries? United suspended all flights to Hong Kong thru May 1st yesterday. I haven’t heard about the other airlines. I assume by now everyone has heard of the problems that ships leaving Hong Kong have faced? I think it is incumbent on the cruise line to make some decisions very soon as far as some future cruises are concerned. We all need to make/adjust our plans. Wishing everyone good cruising and good health!
  9. Trying to figure out where the break-even point is on cost of individual drinks in a bar aboard a Viking Ocean ship vs. the beverage package. How much is a typical premium spirits drink (say a Tanqueray martini, or a Cutty Sark on the rocks, or Absolut and tonic, as examples)? Also, if you are in a Penthouse Junior Suite, I understand you get liquor supplied in your minibar. How much liquor (presume this is those tiny bottles?) per day and do you get to choose what you want supplied? Name brands? Thanks so much!
  10. How do you get tickets for the planetarium shows on Orion? We will be sailing in March. Sounds very interesting. Appreciate any info/comments. Thank you!
  11. Can we expect to have a Christmas service? Is there special food or celebration of some sort? Cheers, Sue
  12. Viking confirmed a change to our Alaska & The Inside Passage cruise on the Orion embarking Seward, Alaska on June 15, 2020. Sitka (one of seven ports on this itinerary) is no longer a scheduled port of call. Instead the ship will depart Juneau as originally scheduled the first day there and return at 7 am the next day to anchor/tender for a second, shorter day in Juneau. Also, the time scheduled for Ketchikan is now one hour less in this port and it will be an anchor/tender. We did not receive a notification from Viking or an explanation, nor did our TA. Last week I was perusing the itinerary on MyVikingJourney.com and noticed deviations from when we booked the cruise in July. I notified our TA and she has been in contact with more than one department at Viking and today it was confirmed that our cruise schedule has been altered. Our TA received a revised guest statement showing the alterations, but no explanation was given for the deviations from the cruise itinerary we purchased. I don’t know if this affects other sailings, but if you have a 2020 Alaska & Inside Passage cruise booked, you may want to check your trip summary/calendar on your MVJ.
  13. I am a US citizen and understand that I need to get an Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) for Australia and an ETA or e-visa waiver for New Zealand. Viking is offering this service through Generations VISA Service for $125 per person USD. I did some research and found I can do this online via the official websites for Australia ($14 USD) and New Zealand ($30 USD), total $44 USD. Has anyone done it online and did you have any problems traveling? Just want to be sure I'm not being foolish trying to save a few bucks. Appreciate any help, thanks!
  14. It's a long time to wait, but we are excited to say we have deposited for this amazing cruise! I can honestly say I'm not looking forward to the long flight, but that's part of the package if I want to see Australia & New Zealand. Who else will be joining this cruise? Don't forget to sign up for the Meet & Mingle!
  15. Just booked an ES3 Explorers Suite 3094 on the Orion for July 2020. That was the only floor I was able to get at this time. Can you give me any pros and cons. I did see that the higher floors are more expensive. Not sure why? Have asked to be put on a wait list for a higher floor if it comes up. Keeping all my options open. Looking forward to sailing on the Orion again! We where on her maiden voyage last June and had an amazing two weeks. Kat
  16. The cruise was from Tokyo to Vancouver, 23 days. We had a Standard Veranda cabin which was okay. Next time, and there will be a next time, we’ll probably try the next size up which is a Penthouse Veranda. A few more square feet would have nice, but not essential. The ship is new and was spotless. The interior design is very Scandinavian, clean lines with lots of very light-colored wood panels, white, and very sharp and crisp. We would agree with the founder of the cruise line that it is things the ship doesn’t have that attract us (NO casino, fresh flowers, formal nights, facilities for children, and butlers.) No arguments there. The interior finish of the ship was excellent. Clean, exactly fitted panels, no ornamentation beyond what was absolutely necessary. A style that my wife and I like. However, there might have liked a few more signs such as where the restrooms are, etc., but I have no decor complaints. Oddly there are two very, very large digital display screens, one by the pool and the other in the atrium. They didn’t seem to use these although there were always some pictures (of stamps, for example) that were there nice but of what use? The planetarium was unique and was an excellent planetarium for looking at the stars. The resident astronomer gave a great talk and used the Planetarium stars and graphics very effectively. As a movie theater it was a dismal flop. Either the films were of low resolution and carelessly made, or the star projection equipment was not up to the task. We gave up after two and never went to the third. Minor Problems: Our cabin door always needed an extra shove to close and lock and I heard others complaining about the same problem.. Still others complained that they couldn’t get their door open and would see a few people kind of pushing and shoving in the hallway trying to get into their own cabin. Likewise, doors throughout the ship’s seem loose fitting and even under moderate vibration doors seem to rattle as did some of the interior features. Also, the paneling in the massage treatment rooms rattled and creaked when the ship wasn’t dancing about. I did see several places where the door seals, from outside to inside, had failed and there’d been some leakage. One day with moderate seas two of the doors on the main deck from the promenade had water sloshing inside. Just enough to get things wet. It just seemed odd to me that a new ship, wouldn’t have done a better job of putting doors in correctly and sealing them. Arrival/Departure: Departure arrangements were smooth easy and quick and more onboard in less than 30 minutes. Arrival was a bit more difficult as there was not enough room at Canada Place for the Orion to dock. Early in the morning the ship did dock to offload luggage and take on supplies, but people disembarked using tenders and then a bus to a hotel where the luggage was waiting. Worked out fine but was rather clumsy. Food: Great main dining room, Manfredi’s had excellent Italian cuisine. Room service breakfasts are just what we ordered and the buffet restaurant had a very nice selection. I do have some suggestions 1) more sandwiches at lunch, 2) the menu in the buffet restaurant repeated about every two weeks and this was a three week cruise so a little more variety would have been appreciated, 3) the Cook’s table, a five course fixed dinner, looked interesting, but the first nine days straight (three days for each menu) were all Asian cuisine. A little variety would have been appreciated. Service: Great no complaints. Waiters, room stewards, cleaners, customer service staff, or did their jobs efficiently and with never more than a short wait. Staffing seemed more than adequate. So, we will be back to Viking. The Itinerary: My wife and I cruise by destinations, and the 2/3 of the ports on this cruise were new. · Otaru in Japan was interesting, and, for me, a great train museum. We walked around on our own. · The two Russian ports were just OK. Rather grim, but more prosperous than I expected. The Grumpy Cat has nothing or Russian immigration officers! · Dutch Harbor, Valdez and, Seward were small, but each interesting in its own way and in each were a some really good museums. · Nice local guides and tours across the board. · Sitka had no big ship piers, so it was by tender, but that also meant not another 12,000 (yes, 10,000) cruise ship passengers about. We took a great walking tour of town, the Orthodox cathedral, Sitka National Historical Park, and the Raptor Center. The Raptor center is the best we have ever seen! That alone is worth the stop. · Ketchikan earns the title of the northernmost ultra-tacky, Caribbean port with wall to wall gift shops. Room for four 5000 passenger ships at the same time. The day were there about 12,000. total. Any ambiance or interest was destroyed! Complaint: In most of the ports there was a tender/shuttle service. There were not enough tenders and buses for the first few hours. Independent travelers naturally had to wait for the scheduled tours and but adding one more bus/tender for the first few hours in port would have made this go a lot smoother. No doubt I will take another Viking Ocean cruise. I liked the ship and will repeat. Finally, this cruise went from Tokyo to Vancouver and crossed the Bering Sea. Three days of CALM and one day of SUNSHNIE. They must use CGI to film Deadliest Catch!
  17. Hi there, We will be going on the reverse of this cruise in August this year, Vancouver to Tokyo on the Viking Orion and I am keen to hear from those of you who would be kind enough to share your comments on the shore excursions you went on so that I am able to choose which ones I should book, particularly the included ones please on how you would rate them. Thank you kindly, Linda.
  18. Currently on board Viking Orion. This information is our impressions of the Explorer Suite. Background: we have sailed over 25 times on various carriers. We typically book high end suits. First time on Viking. Arrival and embarkation was disappointing. Viking does not have expedited check in for their high end suites. Line was long but took only 15 minutes to get to the counter. Checkin agent had difficulty with automated passport and credit card reader. It did not work and resulted in another 10 minutes to get checked in. Cabin was basically ready at 1100. Viking does not have butler service per se. Our cabin attendant met us but was scrambling to keep up with events. Things came together slowly. Bags arrived very quickly. The Explorer Suite is advertised as one of the largest on the ship. That maybe but it far smaller than a comparable accommodation on Oceania and Celebrity. The main salon is small and a bit cramped. The closet and storage space for clothes is similarly small and does not accommodate a lot of hanging items. The single bath has a huge shower/tub arrangement, however the suite lacks a separate toilet. The door mechanism is loud and will wake up your partner if opened during the night. The shower does not drain well. Lighting controls for the bath are outside, again lighting up the sleeping area and disturbing your partner. Deck access is only made via a side door. The forward deck is closed off and not accessible. A waste of space to be sure. Given the price Viking charges, you don’t get the same value for space on other carriers. FYI. Will post more
  19. Once we got underway and were just cruising, the splendor of Alaska was right there from our veranda. Although there have been some hiccups, the staff is gracious, facilities spotless and the scenery magnificent. Today we had a pod of orcas entertaining us as we lunched in the World Cafe. I finally figured out the “explorers dome” and have seen 3 presentations in the planetarium. I can’t believe it’s almost over.
  20. Viking Orion Bali to Sydney Worst Shore Excursions Ever https://www.cruisecritic.com.au/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=643734 I am booked on the Hong Kong to Beijing tour (Far East Discovery) in September and was disappointed to read bad reviews about the recent tours. I had wanted to go on the Bali To Sydney tour but my husband liked the China tour. It was a hard job to get him to go on an ocean tour as he only likes river cruises. Convinced him that Viking Oceans was different and included tours and was small. Seems like the Bali To Sydney tour ( Komodo and the Australia Coast), tours were even worst. The link above is a recent review of this tour. I expected the included tours to be a bit basis, and I do not mind it just being a bus tour, but the tours on this trip sound appalling. The cruise does include tours, so they should be of a reasonable standard. otherwise why bother. The paid for tour also sounds extremely disappointing. Has anyone got anything good to say about any of the Asian cruises, or the Australian and New Zealand cruises regarding the included tours. I know this area is new to Viking this year, but some research must have gone into it. Where is the quality control. Come on Viking, review these poor tours and make changes.
  21. So after a wonderful week in New Zealand , we are heading across the Tasman Sea. Last night was a bit bumpy; we have had a few bumpy nights on this cruise already. As Stretchcruz mentioned, we left Dunedin two hours late. Not sure if the ship was traveling faster last night to make up for the lost time, hence the rougher passage. There are a few white caps; I made sure that I put a patch on last night so that I wouldn’t get seasick. It’s hard for me walking around but folks seem to be OK. So this might be a better passage than what Little Monty experienced. We have been lucky & had very good tour/bus drivers throughout our NZ week, including yesterday in Dunedin. We were the early City Tour which started late because we got into port late. We also ran almost three hours instead of 2.5 hours. I’m sure the PM city tour groups were frustrated w/ the delay w/ the PM tours. We definitely needed 3 hours & could have spent more time @ the railroad station than what we were allowed. I gave that as our feedback. There was a free shuttle that we could have taken back if we wanted to stay in Dunedin longer (& the rail station was in walking distance) but the ride back to Port Chalmers is 30 minutes & we were tired & hungry (we had skipped breakfast). From my perspective, Tauranga, Napier, & Dunedin were the best ports. I understand that Christchurch was one of the missed ports on an earlier cruise. Lyttleon is a really small harbor w/ a narrow opening. It was quite interesting to watch the Orion maneuver into port. Can understand if there was any wind why the port would be skipped. Too much of a chance to take out one of the piers. There wasn’t that much to see in Christchurch, lots of newer buildings, empty lots where buildings once stood, a heavily damaged Christchurch Cathedral (which will be restored to its former beauty). The ship is gorgeous. Staff is really wonderful. Food is very good, not exceptional. I think I have been spoiled by Oceania’s cuisine. Manfredi’s was very good, but we found the service to be very slow. We had a 6:00 PM reservation, took two hours for dinner. We went to the Chef’s Table last night. Service was much better. The México menu was fine, but not something I would sign up for again. We were disappointed on the Baltic w/ the Asian Peking Duck dinner as well. On this trip, we will also try the Thailand & the other Asian Cantonese menu. On a very positive note, there’s a food station opposite the WC bar that does omelets for breakfast, pasta for lunch & Asian for dinner! The Asian offerings include a different stir fry dish every night & every night, pork dumpling soup, chicken noodle soup, dan dan noodles. The pork dumpling are the best. It’s actually pork wontons w/ a very thin egg noodle wrapper. Almost as good as any Cantonese-styled pork wontons. Between the sushi, sashimi, & this Asian station, I am set. We usually don’t go to the Restaurant since we think it takes too long, so I sympathize w/ others on the slowness of that venue. Since it is a Sea day, we will chance the Restaurant for lunch as a change. The pool grill is excellent and we just love the gelato offerings. Haven’t had a chance to have afternoon tea yet. Internet has has been pretty good. Logging on was easy, your cabin # & last name. It easily re-establishes connection when you come back on. In fact, outside of the ship, on a bus, I was still getting WiFi. My Apple Map gps only works in port. Apple News doesn’t load so I haven’t been reading my usual news feeds. That’s all for now.
  22. Peelsh

    Viking Orion

    Is anyone going on the Beijing to Hong Kong cruise on October 4
  23. I'm onboard Orion now. Meet and Mingle was tonight at 6. I went with name tags, etc. There were trays and trays of snacks, trays of drinks...hotel manager was there, cruise director, probably 6 or 7 other officers. They were expecting 40 people. My husband and I and one other couple (Sherry and Jim) showed up. Embarrassing. We got to meet a lot of officers but I felt terrible that they all went to so much trouble for nothing. Wasted food, drinks, and time for the officers. I know Sherry said she didn't get her invitation and only knew because I mentioned it on another site. We are on the next cruise from Sydney to Bali and they said that they were expecting even more people on that one. I sure hope it happens or I wouldn't blame them if they discontinued it.
  24. Actually this is Bali to Bangkok but not of importance. We flew in from London Heathrow via Dubai with a 6 hour layover so a travelling time of 24 hours so a bit zonked. Bali airport was chaotic but Viking reps everywhere acknowledging you and making sure you went in the right direction. Embarkation was a breeze, plenty of staff and very organised. Spending the evening unpacking, getting our bearings on the ship, a quick bite to eat in the World Cafe at the noodle station by the Aquavit bar thanks to a CC recommendation and then a couple of drinks in the Explorer Lounge. That was very quiet and so had a really good discussion with an American guest. UK v USA, not saying what we talked about! Not doing any organised tours tomorrow, just mooching around. Will update later.
  25. I have done a couple of “live” reviews on previous Viking River cruises, but haven’t made an attempt on a Viking Ocean. (Although we were on the Sea last year from Barcelona to Venice. Too lazy!!) So as long as my stamina holds up and the Wi-Fi connection remains firm, I’ll try to step in every day or two and fill you in on my impressions of the cruise. As I write this I am sitting in Dallas Fort Worth Airport waiting for our 17 hour flight to Hong Kong. After a four hour layover in Hong Kong we have the seven hour trip to Cairns for our pre-cruise extension. We splurged on the trip and the entire flight program is in Business so the flights won’t be as bad as they could be. Very much looking forward to Australia and New Zealand plus being on Viking Ocean again. We had a ball last time out and have also loved our ventures on the Viking River Cruises. ( I have posted a couple of “live“ reviews from our two previous River outings. A number of years ago, but you can still find them with a CelticMutt search.) I have found that the immediacy of posting while cruising adds a lot to the information (either that or just lets my long-winded nature have its way!!) Talk to you all from Cairns! Santé Bill
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