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Found 20 results

  1. Mahogany

    Silver Spirits Package

    My first Viking Ocean cruise isn't until a year from now, but I have a few questions which may have been discussed previously. 1) Can you bring alcohol on board for consumption in your stateroom (I'm in PS), or in dining rooms with a corkage fee? 2) What is Silver Spirits package? Can't find anything on website, or on My Viking account. Can I pre-purchase, or only once onboard?
  2. HI! We booked Into The Midnight Sun for July 2019 in August of this year when Viking was offering the Silver Spirits Package free. I do not see this indicated anywhere on my account when I go to My Viking Cruise. I'm wondering how they will know that I have the package. Has anyone else had experience with this? I did try calling them (and will again), but did not reach an agent. Just wondered who knows the answer to this. Thanks!
  3. Elizabetho55

    Silver Spirits Package

    There have been a lot of conversations on this board concerning the SSP. We just returned from the Into The Midnight Sun cruise (which was AMAZING) and here is my opinion. We considered getting it with our OBC but decided against it upon boarding. We looked at the wine list and tasted that day’s house wines and decided that the included wines were pretty much equal to what was offered on the wine list. IMO there was nothing wrong with the wine list but there was nothing offered that would justify the $279 PP cost of the SSP. We were very satisfied with the included wines at the meals. We never hesitated to order a drink when wanted one outside of meal time. Generally, we would have a before dinner drink, 2 drinks after dinner and on a sea day maybe one after lunch but before the ‘before dinner drink’. Much more than we ever normally drink but hey - we were on vacation! In the end we spent about $250 on our drinks. There were 2 days when we had nothing to drink outside of meals as we were off somewhere enjoying the destination. For example, my husband would drink Armagac after dinner and I varied - Bailey’s on the rocks, martini or port. Before dinner we normally ordered a wine from the wine list, or I’d have a martini and my husband a beer. We never looked at prices (which turned out to be VERY reasonable) and always ordered what we wanted. So, according to my calculations, we saved about $300 NOT getting the SSP. If you drink a lot more than we did and you always purchase wine at dinner than it may be worth the price for you.. But for us it wasn’t worth it. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  4. If after embarking and you are two days into the cruise and decide the wine and beer that are included in your cruise fare does not meet your expectations, will Viking allow you to still purchase the Silver Spirits Beverage Package?
  5. We originally thought the silver spirits package would be a good decision but given the poor choices of wine by the glass, we decided to cancel 12 days later and more than six weeks before our cruise. I called Viking this morning because I hadn’t seen any refund. They told me it was processed the same day we canceled! Then just today, a “pending refund” was posted but for less than we paid. Has anyone had this happen? We paid $558 but the refund is for $537.59! Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. The Viking Sun will be making her maiden voyage on October 4, 2017, less than 6 months from now and will begin Viking's first World Cruise Miami to London in December. There are a number of roll calls that have been started but they aren't getting much traffic. Maybe that is because people are relying on the "Find Your Roll Call" tool in the tool bar at the top of this page and the Viking Sun has not yet been added to the list of Viking ships. I don't know as much about the Spirit but I do know that there are a couple of roll calls already started and that Viking Spirit is also NOT on the drop-down list in the roll call tool. Cruise Critic has not gotten around to fixing the omission. I love the roll calls and I want to help everyone who wants to participate to have an easy time finding them. I'm going to post links for all of the roll calls that have been started as of today and this list will be accurate only for today. I am not going to edit it in the future. If your sail date is not on the list below go to Viking Roll Calls/Viking Sun and check the list for existing roll calls before you start a new one. (There is nothing more frustrating than multiple rolls for the same sail date). If you don't want to actively participate in a roll call, you can still easily follow it by subscribing to the thread. Use the THREAD TOOLS drop-down menu at the top of each thread to subscribe to the thread. Choose "Daily Notification" to receive a transcription of the last 24 hours worth of posts delivered right to you e-mail inbox (no need to navigate to Cruise Critic or to open the app in order to keep up with what's going on). If there have been no posts in the last 24 hours, there will be no e-mail and so you not have a flood of e-mails telling you that there have been no posts in the last 24 hours. Here is the current list of Viking Sun roll calls, up to date as of May 7, 2017 and with no future updates anticipated. INAUGURAL CRUISE Viking sun october 4-11 2017 venice, the adriatic and greece WORLD CRUISE Viking Sun 12/15/17 World Cruise Viking Sun Italian Sojourn Oct. 17, 2017 roll call Viking Sun 11/6/17 Mid-Atlantic Crossing Lisbon to Miami Viking Sun 11/24/2017 11/17/17 Cuba & Central America Shores VIKING SUN Viking Sun 10/11/17 roll call December 1, 2017 Central American Shores & Cuba Viking Sun - 12/08/17 - Cuba and Central America Viking Sun - 8/11/18 - British Isles Explorer Viking Homelands May 19, 2018 Viking Sun 5/5/2018 British Isles Explorer Viking Sun 8/25/2018 - British Isles Explorer Here is the current list of Viking Spirit roll calls, up to date as of May 7, 2017 and with no future updates anticipated. August 12, 2018 - Venice, The Adriatic & Greece Passage To India August 19, 2018 April 21, 2019 - Far Eastern Horizons and North Pacific Passage Grand Pacific Explorer 2019- Viking Spirit Nov 30 2018 Bali to Sydney July 8 – 15 2018 Iconic Cities of the Western Med
  7. MMDown Under

    Viking Spirit to become Viking Orion

    New ship Viking Spirit to become Viking Orion. CC News Does anyone know why? Isn't the former Australian small ship Orion now the National Geographic Orion?
  8. We've booked on Spirit for next December. Does anyone know where they are in the construction? Not really nervous, just........curious.
  9. peasmith

    Silver Spirits Drink Package

    Hi can anyone tell me how much the drinks package is to purchase onboard and not prior to departure as I know it is cheaper in the UK if you pre-book but then we can't use the onboard credit towards it only if we use it to pay onboard. We are doing the Iconic Western Med which is 8 days (7 nights).
  10. We are booked and paid for 2015. This is the first time I am hearing of this package. Can anyone tell me how much it costs and what it includes? I know that beer and wine are included in lunch and dinner. Is complimentary beer and wine included at other times during the day? Does anyone know how much a beer and glasses of wine cost in the lounges? Thanks.
  11. Please move this to the Roll Calls once you create one for the Viking Spirit. Thank you! We have booked this for our first cruise on Viking (ocean). It’s 713 days until we sail, but hey, who’s counting?
  12. Will be sailing on transatlantic cruise in November for the first time on Viking. Looking at the Silver Spirits Beverage Package that they offer which costs $219/pp. Wondering if this is worth while since there is beer and wine available at lunch and dinner? On the Viking web site the package description says that the mini bar is replenished daily. We have a deluxe verandah cabin and I wonder if they put alcohol in your mini bar if you buy the Silver SpiritsPackage? Looking for experienced feedback on this.
  13. I have a severe alcohol intolerance. The kind of if there is any trace of uncook alcohol in a dish, I will pass out in the next 10 min. So anything from Aged balsamic vinaiger, a lot of desserts, wine, beer is a no go. On Celebrity, I ussually get my free package downgraded to make sure I am not served alcohol even if I order a virgin drink. Is there any possible way to get a waiver to be able not to have to buy the Silver Package for both people in a stateroom? My husband enjoy his wine and cocktails, but on a 11 day cruise, that's a lot of money to pay when you have to double up...
  14. I would love to receive feedback from passengers on board with the "Silver Spirits Package" as to what is really included. Of course, before you plunk down your money "Everthing is included"; then after you have paid, not so much. If it is a "premium beverage package", shouldn't it include premium items? We would just like to know what to expect berfore we board. Any feedback from you helpful cruisers would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hi to the Viking cruisers! We have never sailed Viking, as you can see RCCL and X are our favorites! Just love cruising. Thinking of the Spirit August 2019 through the inner passage. Would love to hear comments plus and minuses. As always CC is a great sharing place. Thanks in advance. Hope I can return the favor on this RCCL or X threads. :D
  16. doctorj2

    Viking Spirit 2018

    Hello all, My spouse and I are fairly experienced cruisers (Celebrity X 10 and Disney X 1) but were looking for something different for Europe in 2018. We came across a Viking Ocean cruise that looks interesting, "Iconic Cities of the Western Med" July 15, 2018 on the Viking Spirit. I am a bit hesitant as, if I'm doing my research right, the Viking Spirit is to be constructed and delivered sometime in June 2018 and that date would be only its second voyage. How has Viking previously performed delivering these new builds on time and were there any significant service or experience related issues in their early cruises? Thanks in advance, doc
  17. Can you bring on your own champagne and spirits? Beer and wine are included with meals only? Any suggestions on where to buy alcohol in Stockholm?
  18. AdventureGal79

    Alcohol Selection (Not Silver Spirits)

    We are booked in a PV2 room for October, which includes daily restock of the mini-bar alcohol. The room also "comes with" a bottle of welcome champagne. I prefer sweeter wines (moscato, sweeter white zin, table reds, etc), and I like gin or vodka for a mixer. Can anyone describe the selection of included wines for lunch/dinner (will there be something for me to drink?!), and the types of alcohol offered for mini-bar stocking (brands)? And the welcome champagne... hopefully is light enough that I'd drink it!
  19. I just found several recent pictures of the Viking Spirit under construction at the Fincatieri shipyard in Ancona, Italy. The Spirit is in the drydock. One picture also shows the Sun is at the adjacent pier where it has been docked since it returned after its initial sea trial in mid-June. With the embedded link below, you should be able to view the pics, the most recent which are from July 23. MT http://http://www.shipfriends.gr/forum/gallery/image/69376-viking-spirit_23-07-17_ancona_2jpg/
  20. English Voyager

    Silver Spirits Drinks Package.

    I have booked a cruise for 2018, and part of the promotion was a free upgrade to the Silver Spirits Drinks package. How does this operate on board. I am thinking particularly of wines accompanying lunch or dinner-- how is one identified as being entitled to an enhanced choice? Thanks in advance for any advice.