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Had trouble finding the website to sign up for another card earlier today but Diana68 heard my plee and responded with the correct location. Some of the other links are no longer available. https://wwwa.applyonlinenow.com/USCC...&mc=A0000028IT

Last time I paid off most of my cruise minus the $500 credit I was hoping to earn and a couple hundred dollars ahead to get to my certificate early enough to send it for my final payment. Wanted to leave a small balance just in case the price dropped...it didn't.

Important warning...if you pay online make yourself aware of BOA cutoff times. When I went in to pay my first payment I had to pay a $12 charge to get the payment there on time. Alternative was for it to be a day late and for them to charge a $39 fee. Now I sometimes pay the minimum (or something) when the bill arrives and the rest by the due date. I'm also one of those people that pay off my cards in full every month but I charge for the points or money or free airline tickets.
Remember , if you are running late on making a payment , you can allways drop it off at any BOA branch( within 24 hours of 5pm due date , no charge) .. I find myself doing that often because they are slow to mail out my statement. I ussually only have 1 week ..

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