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Was in Colorado last week (Denver) on business. Got a chance to get up to Rocky Mountain NP for the day and a couple of the local state parks around Denver/Golden/Boulder areas. Saw a few interesting critters: magpies, ravens, yellow-headed blackbirds, Stellar's jays, un-identified hummer (dark, possibly rufous?), western meadowlarks, bighorn sheep, elk, yellow-bellied marmots, Richardson's groundsquirrels, Colorado chipmunks.
Rocky Mountain NP is one of my favorite parks...I have not been there in years. We are thinking of taking a road trip "out west" next summer, and this will be high on my list...

I am in Maryland visiting my mom today, and we took a quick run through Bombay Hook...I don't ever recall seeing so many Avocets before in my life!

We had Moose, Bear, and Wolves in the yard over the past few weeks, but many of the warblers and other neotropical migrants seem to have moved on already...perhaps because of the dry weather?

When is your AK cruise, PABirder?