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HI all in response to the following:

The original question remains unanswered, however: if, as deluxe suite passengers, we wish to eat using "open dining" at 6:30 PM each night, how much of an issue will that be? Will we be allowed to make reservations despite the "no reservations" policy, and if not, will there be much if any wait if we simply show up at that time.

We were on the noordam a few weeks ago and NO full suite guests are NOT allowed to make reservations after 5:30 pm or before 8 pm under AYW. That said -- we never ever had to wait for a table when we just went down -- the process worked smoothly - but I missed being able to request a specific table and reserve it to get the servers we wanted -- it was the luck of the draw and the service did suffer. We will go back to traditional dining in the future.
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Recently sailed on the Noordam (Alaska). Had an SA suite. Asked the concierge to make a standing 8:15/8:30 "window table" request for every night. Said we preferred sitting with one or two other couples. Without exception, we got what we asked for. Usually dined with other couples and thoroughly enjoyed every evening. Just let the concierge know your preferences early on.
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My husband and I were in a category SB suite on the Noordam 9/23-9/30. We had "as-you-wish" dining. One of the first things we did when we got on the ship was speak with the concierge in the Neptune Lounge. Being new to cruising, I was unaware that there were actual "times" during as-you-wish dining that you could NOT reserve a table in the dining room. We were NOT allowed (as suite guests) to reserve a specific table in the dining room with as-you-wish dining between 5:45 and 7:15 (per the concierge and per her telephone call to the dining room). Our four choices were 5:15, 5:45, 7:15, and 7:45 (for as-you-wish reservations). Thus, each day we requested the same table at 7:45 so we could have the same dining room attendant (who was wonderful). I hope that helps! Again, being new to cruising, I was unaware until reading this thread that suite guests are supposed to get special perks for dining. Everything worked out great for us, so I can't complain.