I was sound asleep when we left Nassau. Hmmm. I just realized Iíve not written anything about Breakfast or Lunch on the ship. I had breakfast at the lido buffet one morning. It was alright. Iím not a big fan of buffets, so weíll leave it at that. On this day, I had a few leisurely cups of coffee on deck and lounged about the pools. (Plenty of chairs available everywhere). As soon as the deli opened I ordered a bagel with lox and a shmear. Or as it says on the menu, Bagel, Smoked Salmon, Cream Cheese (hold the onion please). Now thatís breakfast. Yes, I could have ordered this off of room service, but I was hesitant to order room service for breakfast because that would commit me to a waking up time. I preferred spending today around the aft pool. It was a bit less chaotic than the main pool. To me the daytime activities were a bit cheesy so it was my choice to avoid them. I think I tried the pizza for lunch. It was ok, but I wasnít over the moon for it. I think itís a better choice at 1am. : ) the soft serve ice cream Ö thatís ice milk, right? It was a bit grainy and not much flavor. Bummer for sure.

Iíd missed a couple activities I did want to do today so around mid-day I finally got the idea to start setting the alarm on my cell phone. Wish I would have thought about that on Day 1.

Midday I caught the Newlywed Not so Newlywed show. What can I say, it was cute and it kept my sunburned nose in the shade.

Now what? Pictures. Iíd really wanted one of the pictures I took while in Nassau. I couldnít find it to save my soul. Bummer. I never realized how hard it would be to pick myself out of a sea of photos. I mean I thought that my eye would instantly be drawn to myself. Nope.

OK. Casino time! Me and my $20, head on in there. Iím prepared for smoke to be billowing out of the casino. Nah. Yes it was noticeable when I first walked in, but once I got away from the tables, it was not much worse than any other place that allows smoking. Cigarette smoke and I donít get along, makes me wheeze. I won $20 on the quarter machines (spent $2), and oddly $20 on the penny machine (maybe it was a 2 cent machine I donít know). In between I played roulette, dollar machines, and more quarter & penny machines. Walked away with more than I walked in with, so all was well. I like the penny machines because they make so much noise Ö all for winning 37 cents. Nap time.

Time to get ready for dinner. Listened to the debarkation talk on the TV while getting ready. Good information, but again glad I didnít spend time sitting through it. Decisions Decisions, pack now, or wait till after dinner. I waited.

After dinner, I rushed back to my stateroom to get my suitcase packed. I always felt rushed to finish dinner if I wanted to make the start of the late shows. Iíd probably try for an 8pm seating next time. I got my suitcase all packed up except for the few things I needed the next morning, and set it outside my door. Rushed upstairs to the Fantasia Lounge to catch the evening show, Curves.

This show was really just great. The costumes were again great, the dancers good and entertaining. I really liked it. Shortly after this show was Tiaís Adult comedy show. Pretty sparse crowd, but oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. It was a nice way to end the evening. It was going to be an early morning, so I turned in for the night shortly afterwards.
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