Hi all,
Thanks ce you couldnt have said it any better.We were on the same line when you say the service was bad.Another thing was when you asked about serving yourself at the buffet,they said it was company wide.Well when we were in port with the Sky we asked the people from there about it,they said they served themselves.
We firmly believe the ship was undermanned.And maybe[but not sure]that is wh

y the servi
ces were very bad.But still no excuse.
I also was in the pool when your children were there,and i also think that they were very good considering they had no activities for them.We were also at the pool when Matt[the other little boy]gave his mother a real problem.
Yes the Crown is an OLD ship,but we think that NCL should send it back to the Orient lines.You are correct about being late for EVERY port call.We started to call the Captain,Captain Lately, because of this.
Another problem we had was when we had the problem in Aruba,we would have rather stayed there rather then to be in Bermuda the extra time.