Hi! My DH and I are thinking about a cruise for next May or so and have never been on one. I have done a lot of reading and research, but I still have some questions. Perhaps someone here knows the answers:

1) Do Carnival or RC serve diet drinks? Particularly Dr. Pepper? Or Coke Zero? We have no problem buying the drink cards, but we are both diabetic and neither of us are fond of Diet Coke, which seems to be the only thing most restaurants carry. I am wondering if the cruise lines are the same way.

2) We are both big, tall people and sleep in a king size bed. I have noticed that the twin beds in most of the cabins only make into a queen sized bed. Is anyone able to tell me, especially on Carnival, which type of staterooms/suits will make into a king? I have read the brochures, but I keep getting confused, they seem to contradict themselves on this.

3)I want to use a prepaid cc for putting money in an onboard account. I have never purchased a prepaid cc, and I have heard that some of them work on the cruise lines, and some of them don't. Who knows which kinds work and where I would get that kind?

4)I am a little worried about not finding much to do during the day on the ship. We are not sports oriented. If the pool is full, we won't climb in. We don't sunbathe-there is skin cancer in our family. We don't really gamble. Does that leave us much to do?

Thanks to everyone for all the great advice I have already gotten. I have been copying it off and have made myself a great big file of the best ideas I have found.