Anyone who books with anyone other than Bodden Tours is CRAZY!!!!
We just returned from the Voyager Cruise and were in Roatan last Wednesday.
I agree it was a little hectic getting off the ship and across the street to meet Victor but he met us promptly and we lucked out having him personally as our guide for 13 of us.
We went to the Jungle Canopy Zipline (Reviewed under 'Zipline Question' on this Victor's Lunch @ Mavis and Dixies in West Bay where Dixie waited on us herself (VERY Slow but good food and great atmosphere!) and then Victor arranged for some of us to Snorkel (Got us out on a boat) and some to Dive in the same area as well as some to horseback ride. (West Bay Beach)
The riders said their ride was the best commercial ride ever....they got to ride in town, woods and beach as well as getting to trot or run the whole time....they had a BLAST!
The dive shop did not rent good gear to my brothers but Victor was not aware they were sub-par equipment wise (He is now)....just take your own equipment if you go..... they also didn't have enough equipment for the kids so, again, take their own.
Victor was such a trooper with our jam packed schedule....
One of the mom's forgot her swimsuit on the ship so Victor went out on the boat with his clothes....and got soaked in the dive boat on the way to the watch her 7 and 9 year old kids snorkel.
Now THAT's a guide!!!!
We got to see a 1 hour old baby deer at his to hold two monkeys...the little black one is SUCH a snuggler! One of us did get "Swiped" by the anteater.....Really cute...but don't get too close!
Also the "Mean" monkey in the cage is a hoot! He really likes to play and is very agile! Man that tail is strong!
This was my favorite port EVER and Victor my favorite guide!
I would say though in the interest of time - only do Jungle / Victor's House / Food or Food / Victor's House / Snorkel - Dive or Ride. To do it all about killed all of us!
Oh, also....if you're on the Voyager....It leaves port @ 5:30 but for some reason the local port authority tells Victor 5pm. It made him nervous to get us back at 5pm but we showed him our schedule and promised them that if Royal Caribbean left us we wouldn't come home with him! (Not sure he believed us!!! )
As it turned out we left two in port when we pulled away at 6 pm....not sure I blame them.
Poor island for sure but is really mostly unspoiled. It won't be that way for long I feel....
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