Yeah,Raydon, I found you! I hope you don't think I appear "needy" from all my posts, but it was suggested I use the WebCam and follow along.Plus, I wanted to keep the thread going. I felt as if I were writing in a journal when I posted. I'm glad the weather held for you most of the time,as it seemed from here that there were storms and showers in your area all week. I did see a post from Janet and John who had a rough ending from their trip but their first several days were great.I'm so glad you're all back safely.The temps here all week have been in the high 80's + 90's ,but you probably get a breeze over your way. I'll be awaiting other posts.Since I'll be doing 3 of your ports in Sept aboard the Caribbean P, I'm looking forward to the reports.Take care. Lynne