I have loads of pics of the Elation in my signature. She's the 1st ship we ever cruised on, and she will always have a special place in my heart, it's the ship I fell in love with cruising on. It's a very easy ship to navigate, you'll know your way around in no time. Lots of fun and the staff was great!
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Elation E.Carib. Cruise 6/06
Liberty Bahama/S.W.Carib. Cruise 2/07
Valor E.Carib. Cruise 6/07
Miracle S.Carib. Cruise 2/08
Liberty W.Carib. Cruise 6/08
Glory E. Carib. Cruise 5/09
Spirit Alaska Cruise 5/10
Miracle S.Carib. Cruise 2/11
Dream E.Carib. Cruise 6/11
Legend W.Carib. Cruise 1/12
Dream E.Carib. Cruise 10/12
Freedom Antigua & Tortola Cruise 2/14

Fantasy Bahamas Cruise 08/14
Pride W. Caribbean Cruise 1/15
Fantasy Bahamas Cruise 1/16
Conquest Bahamas Cruise 6/16