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I have loads of pics of the Elation in my signature. She's the 1st ship we ever cruised on, and she will always have a special place in my heart, it's the ship I fell in love with cruising on. It's a very easy ship to navigate, you'll know your way around in no time. Lots of fun and the staff was great!

Hey Bubbles!!! Rememeber me???

Ok it was our first cruise also (pic's in signature) but it was Eastern not to Mexico. I've only been on one other ship, but like the others...I really enjoyed my cruise on the Elation. The staff is amazing. Sold me on cruising. I can't do it as often as others, but it's made me want to cruise every year!!
Let us know how Mexico is. I'm also looking at this cruise.

Have fun.
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Searching and hoping for the next one!!
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