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Hey Bubbles!!! Rememeber me???

Ok it was our first cruise also (pic's in signature) but it was Eastern not to Mexico. I've only been on one other ship, but like the others...I really enjoyed my cruise on the Elation. The staff is amazing. Sold me on cruising. I can't do it as often as others, but it's made me want to cruise every year!!
Let us know how Mexico is. I'm also looking at this cruise.

Have fun.
Of course I remember you guys! How have you been? We're getting ready to head onto the Liberty, only 6 more weeks! Will let you know how Cozumel is when we get back. We've been to Costa Maya, it was great, believe it or not I went swimming with the dolphins on that one, it was awesome! Great to hear from ya, shoot me an e-mail sometime...
[email protected]. Would love to hear from you guys!
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