You should have said hi Pompey.....I don't

Kitty....That was KMsolo......She met some of us CCers the first day and we saw her a few more times during the cruise....Her first one and she loved it.

CLICK HERE for "Valor Vampires" Cruise Info on Valor 10/30/05
CLICK HERE for "Partae Pirates" Cruise Info on Miracle 2/13/05

Randy ~ [email protected]
Dallas, TX

Destiny-5/00, Victory-3/01, Pride-6/02,Celebration-11/02,
RCI Mariner-1/04,Triumph -3/04,Elation-5/04,Sensation -10/04, Miracle - 2/05, Valor - 10/05

Days til Sensation Cruise from the Bayou

Days til Miracle Partae Pirates Cruise from Tampa

Days til Valor Vampires Cruise