I have a hard time deciding destinations and cruise lines, does anyone know..
1. what is the difference between cruising eastern, western and southern caribbean in terms of things to do etc.?
2. I'm not very into sports and sea activities so does that mean I shouldn't go for Caribbean cruises? I mean I love the sun and swimming (pool only cause I'm allergic to sea water) but I don't do beaches and water sports. I haven't been to Caribbean and would love to visit but is there anything else to do, like museums, monuments, sight seeing, fishing, etc.? If yes where should I go (travelling with my husband tentatively April-June)
3. Celebrity, Royal Caribbean, Princess, which one should I pick? We would want a nice new big ship but we also want good service. Is Celebrity more expensive and more catered to adult travelers? But are the ships less equipped i.e. fewer things to do onboard? Cause it seems to me the RC ships got more facilities...