I would suggest that you find a good travel agent. When we first decided to cruise, the travel agent we saw asked us a ton of questions about our likes and dislikes and our vision of an ideal vacation. He then thought about our answers and told us he thought we might enjoy this fairly new cruiseline with a brand new ship. We booked a cruise on Celebrity Zenith and couldn't have been more pleased. It met nearly all our expectations. The cruiseline was a perfect match for us.
But it might not be for you - a good travel agent will help you find the perfect cruise for you. A cruise shouldn't be bought by price and specific itinerary alone. Each line has their own ambience and has their own niche. Remember, you will be on that ship for good portion of the trip and if it doesn't meet or come near to your expectations, you won't be happy.
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Zenith-Western Caribbean-6/92
Zenith-Eastern Caribbean-6/93
Century-Maiden Voyage-12/95
Galaxy-Southern Caribbean-11/99
Mercury-Northbound Alaska-6/00
Millennium-Westbound Transatlantic-9/01
Horizon-Western Caribbean - Adults only cruise-11/02
Millennium-Westbound Transatlantic 10/26/03
Century - Western Caribbean 1/31/04
Millennium Back to Back
- Celebrity Millie Trans two day "Barcelona land cruise" (due to drydock extension)-11/18/05
- Millennium - Westbound Transatlantic-11/20/05 & Millennium - Cruise to Nowhere - 12/2/05
Zenith-Special Caribbean - 11/3/06
Millennium Back to Back - 28 DAYS ONBOARD
-Millennium - Mediterranean 11/18/07 & Millennium - Westbound Transatlantic - 12/2/07
Celebrity Century-Caribbean-01/03/09
Upcoming: Celebrity Constellation- Westbound Transatlantic - 11/24/13