I have a group going and have 2 newbies to cruising. They will be sailing the Legend with us in April 09.

They are asking me a lot of questions which most of them I can answer.

I know many have posted different sites where there is some great info, deck plans, info on the ships, etc., kind of a one stop shop.

Without spending hours searching the site, can anyone post links to some sites where info like this....of all kinds can be found.

I'd appreciate any help you can send along.

I just got my CC t-shirt today and know on my next cruise I'll be approached by someone (as another poster said) I want to be armed with a wealth of info.....LOL. Then again I can always just tell them to go to CC.com and get all the info they need.

Wait a minute, can I plug CC on here...LOL. Thanks for your help guys, I appreciate it.
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My next sailing (I think)! WooHoo

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