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Thanks for trying but I am quite sure that after reading both lengthy posts, I "don't get it". Actually, I think I am more confused than I was to start with. Oh well.......
Can I have a go at this?

If you "subscribe" to a thread (however you do it), you can keep track of what's happening to it by getting specially notified one way or another (at your choice) when there's activity on the thread.

One way of getting subscribed is to ask to automatically subscribe to every thread you post to. To do this, go to User CP -> Edit Options. Under "Messaging & Notification", there is an option for "Default Thread Subscription Mode". Set this to whatever you like. "Do not subscribe" means that you won't be subscribed to a thread even if you post to it. Any of the others will subscribe you to the thread.

Another way of subscribing to a thread is to display it. In the bar immediately above the first post, there is a link "Thread Tools". Click that, and one of the options will be "Subscribe to This Thread". If you click that, you will again get given options about what sort of subscription you want.

What happens when you are subscribed? This depends in part on the option you've selected for that thread. (If you subscribe by default to threads you post to, the automatic selection will be whatever you chose on the Edit Options page.)

The first thing that always happens is that any subscribed thread on which there's been new activity will be listed on your User CP page. That's a great way to see instantly which threads have been active - on this and another vBulletin board, I set the User CP as my board start page for this reason.

Also, if you've chosen a form of email notification, you will get that as well - once it's up and running.

You can always unsubscribe from a thread, in many ways. If you display a thread to which you're subscribed, the "Thread Tools" link will show you "Unsubscribe from This Thread" - that's one of the easiest. Also, the User CP display of active subscribed threads has a quick link to unsubscribing.

You can also modify your email notification type for any thread. On the User CP, at the bottom of the box containing your active subscribed threads, there will be a link for "View all Subscribed Thread". Click that, and you'll get the entire list of your subscribed threads. Delete subscriptions, or edit email notifications, much like you could do with the old board.

Remember, you can still be subscribed to a thread even if you choose "no email notification". This makes the thread come up on your User CP.

Sorry it's so long windede, but hope all this helps!
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