A little tip for the future. If there's a wine you really like try to take the label off of the bottle and save it. Now yes this usualy means soaking the bottle in water. If you can't get it off then write the info down, everything on the label. This way you can take it to a wine store and ask them if they have it. I got this tip from a wine expert. I don't know how to spell somellier, my brother's one.
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'99 Carousel
'01 Sunbird
'03 Disney Magic
'05 Golden Princess
'07 Carnival Liberty
'08,Crown Princess
'09, B2B on the Carnival Freedom
'11, Carnival Liberty
'14, 15 day Hawaii on the CCL Miracle
'16 10 day, Triumph
'17 8 day on the CCL Conquest
'18 7 day on the CCL Magic, then to the Daytona 500.
Is there anything better than cruising? I doubt it
It's only funny till someone gets hurt, then it's hilarious.
There's no working during drinking hours!

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