Judy, I guess there's nothing wrong with brainstorming - when it's a group project - but hey this is your deal. Why with all your posts and cruises under your belt would you need to solicit ideas? Sorry, but that confuses me. It's just like in school; pass or fail by your own doing. KWIM?
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NCL Dawn 01-2004 11-Day Southern Exotic; NCL Dawn 09-2004 7 Day Florida/Bahamas; NCL Dawn 11-2005 10 Day Eastern Caribbean
NCL Dawn 06-2006 7 Day Bermuda/Bahamas; NCL Dawn 12-2006 11 Day Western Caribbean; NCL Spirit 11-2007 15 Day Caribbean Repo

NCL Dawn 06-2008 7 Day Bermuda;
NCL Spirit 09-2008 6 Day Canda/New England; CCL Fantasy 11-2008 5 Day Progresso/Cozumel
NCL Dawn 11-2009 14 Day Repo; NCL Jade 03-2010 12 Day Eastern Mediterranean; NCL Jewel 10-2011 7 Day Canada/Portland Cruise;
NCL Gem 10-2013 7 Day Canada/New England; NCL Sun 11-2014 7 Day Western Caribbean;
NCL Gem 10-2016 8 Day Eastern Caribbean;

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