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Thanks for all the great ideas, Please keep them coming, I will keep you posted.

Sorry if this bothered some, I have tons of ideas. But just thought it would be great to get new ideas from others. Then I will put them all together for hopefully a great project.

terrymtex01, I would love your ideas!!!!

I would either try to find the average cost of hotels on a national average, or, try to use an example of how the least expensive decent hotel will run you $xx.xx. Then include say gas costs if you were to use a road trip as the example (since most cruise liines go to different ports, a road trip goes to different cities, etc). Then factor in the cost of food, entertainment (shows, movies) and anything else you can think of. Then show how much that would be PP PD. Compare that to the cost of a cruise for the same seven days for like an inside cabin or maybe even an outside stateroom. I am not for sure where Hudson Valley is, but be sure to include the cost of transportation to the port of NY as that would only be a fair comparison. Run with it. I wish I had a project like this to do. I talk people's heads off at work about cruising. A guy just yesterday asked me for info for an Alaskan cruise.. basically wanted to know who would be best to cruise with for Alaska..He just wanted an idea, I sent him what would equate to two pages worth of info, if he were to actually print it. LOL
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