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What better place to ask for help then here from all you cruise experts.

I'm taking a pass or fail course for 5 days on giving presentations starting next week. At the end I have to give a presentation on something not work related but that we are passionate about.

So guess what I think I will pick? You guessed it cruising.

Now for the help, I haven't started the course but we have to submit my info before the class begins and then we can change it.

1st - I need a catching title, I'm looking for some unique suggestions.

2nd- what part of cruising should I talk about? It's a 20-30 minute presentation. One idea I had was as if it was for first time cruisers that have no idea where to begin. Another one, I don't like as much was tips or tricks but can't really think of a great way to lead into that. I'm open for any and all ideas.

3rd - I need to maybe add audiovisual, handouts (I thought some of you might know some websites where I can print some handouts.) , audience interaction and I must conclude with a summary of the main points.

I'm hoping I will get some great ideas from fellow cruise lovers. I might also convert others in the class to cruise lovers.

Please help me get moving in the right directions with lots of ideas!
I have actually done this! Our financial counselor asked me to give a 15 min. talk on cruising to a group of his clients. It was my choice on which direction to go. Since many of the audiance had never cruised I decided on a PowerPoint presentation (of our pics) that showed the different aspects of cruising ... and dispelled some of the negative myths (ie, I will be so bored on a ship for that long, the staterooms are way too small, etc.). I also lured several of them with pics of exotic ports of call.

I'm a Cruise Consultant and two couples booked onto a group cruise I had going at the time.

It was sooo much fun ... talking about my passion. I found I did not have nearly enough time to cover everything ...

Have fun!

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