Pod Problem from Summit Nov1 to Nov15 cruise
1. After leaving Mykonos, we stopped for about 3 hours at sea - we didn'r notice it but table mates did.
2. At late seating there was a general announcement that we had lost one of the Gas Turbine pods and our speed was reduced from 24 to 15 knots. That we would skip Split in order to make Venice and demarkation on time. We received a refund of $200.00 per oceanview, Balconys received $250.00. Therefore last 2 days were at sea - tired enough to relax.
3. The following are comments that are not absolute facts:
a. German Technical crew boarded in Venice and since ship in harbor 36 hours will work on pod, without drydock.
b. rumors that it takes from upto 5 days to replace pod.
c. Ship has to GTS pods and one diesel engine - thought for propulsion.

I am sure there will be people with better info soon. By the way we were pleased with the speed of the internet on board and even used VOIP successfully - haven't got all the bills yet, but believe it was most cost effective way of calling the states