As I understand it, the board rules provide that we are not supposed to post the website addresses for these companies. because too many commercial firms are trying to do that as free advertising, but you can get in touch with all of the people I described at their websites which any good search engine will produce (e.g., Spiros has an Athens Taxi website and Gennaro has a SorrentoLimo website). The prices are in the process of changing so you would need to get current quotes from all of these people but a day of touring will range from a low of about 200 Euros (for Spiros in Athens) to a high of around 400 Euros (for a full day of touring around Rome with Max Leotta or his drivers). The prices sounded high to me until I started calculating what we would pay for the ship's tours as a family of 3 and then also took into account the fact that in places like Athens we ended up doing the equivalent of 2-3x what the ship's tours were doing. Also, on Santorini we came home with more than 60 photographs of our family courtesy of Nikos, and they were far superior to the photos we were routinely buying on board the ship for $20 a piece. So, in touring as in everything else, you get what you pay for and I felt the money was well worth it for each of the guides we used.