I have one in my signature but it is from October 2007.
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2019-Ruby Princess (Alaska), 2018-Coral Princess (Panama Canal), 2017-Crown Princess (Canada/New England), 2016-Royal Princess (Caribbean), 2015-Ruby Princess (Hawaii), 2014-Ruby Princess (Canada/Colonial America aka Canalonial), 2013-Golden Princess (West Coast Getaway), 2013-Sapphire Princess (Coastal-Los Angeles to Vancouver), 2012-Golden Princess (Hawaii), 2011-Sapphire Princess (Coastal-Vancouver to Los Angeles), 2010-Sapphire Princess (Coastal-Vancouver to San Francisco) , 2010-Coral Princess (Alaska southbound), 2009-Coral Princess (Panama Canal), 2008-Sapphire Princess (Mexican Riviera), 2008-Dawn Princess (Coastal), 2007-Caribbean Princess (Eastern & Western Caribbean), 2005-Island Princess (Hawaii), 2003-Island Princess (Alaska northbound), 1993-Celebrity Zenith (Western Caribbean)
Pictures: http://cruiserjanet.shutterfly.com