There are 2 teen age groups on RCI..12-14 and 15-17. Some activities are combined, others aren't. The younger teens seem to start out earlier in the day, but lasted as late as the older teens. I had one in each age group, and they had a blast. They do like to go the first night, its an icebreaker type of thing, and they made friends they hung out will the rest of the week.

The adult pool did allow teens aged 16 and up to participate, my oldest was apt to visit the hot tub with friends late at night. She did say (because I asked) the solarium was empty, so they weren't annoying anyone at the time. They all seemed like good kids, just silly and a little louder than some might have wanted.

Both my 12 yo and 17 yo didn't know anyone prior to boarding, but had fun making new friends...they even started a facebook page together!
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