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5. If you gamble, avoid the ship's slots and electronic card games. The payouts on slots are significantly lower than ANY other place. Las Vegas is regulated and must payout 97%. A ship in international waters is regulated based on where it is registered which may not have any gaming laws. Payouts for ship slots are estimated to be around 85%. The odds for craps, blackjack, roulette, etc are the same as other locations.
Vegas is NOT regulated to 97%. They aren't allowed to change the payout % on the fly or anything like that though - that's regulated. However they can take the machine out of service and increase/decrease in Vegas. However in Vegas there is a lot of competition between casinos so they tend to keep their slots in the 90-97% range. However nothing requires them to.

The casino on a ship is horrible because they have no other competition when they are open usually.