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What about walkie talkies? Are they permitted?
We brought walkie talkies and we used them. As did others.
Reception gets limited however when you are on an upper deck forward (like deck 8) and the lower decks aft (like the MDR). Seemed to work very well when one was on deck 8 and the other on the Lido deck (9) regardless of forward or aft.

Flashlight, no. Battery powered nightlight yes. I got these LED things at WalMart made for a closet or something - a small disk about 2 1/2" round and 1/2 high. Push on/push off. Nicer than having to leave a room light on to find the bathroom at night. Almost a new moon on our sailing so not much moonlight.

I was glad to have a bedside alarm clock and glad that I had a post-it notepad to leave notes for room steward etc.

I did not need binder clips for the shower curtain.

Carnival will not punch your kid's S&S cards and give you a lanyard for them in the casino. Adults (casino players) yes. Not kids. You can't get them at Camp Carnival either. You want a lanyard for your kids' S&S cards, you need to go to the "Fun Shop" and buy them for 4.50 each.

I did get decks of cards at customer service.

There is no extension for the shore excursion desk - you have to go there in person.

Fun shop closes 1 hour before arrival in a port. So, if you need something like a hat or sunscreen for being on shore, don't wait until the last minute.
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