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We actually enjoy the sea days. It gives us time to chat with new friends we've met. There are always lots of trivia games to play. On Royal Caribbean, there are lots of things like the flow rider and ice skating. You can go see extra shows. Take an afternoon nap.
I don't think the Enchantment and Serenade have the flow rider or ice skating. Ice Skating is on the Voyager class, Freedom class, and Oasis class. Flow rider is on the Freedom class and Oasis class. Both the Enchantment and Serenade have the rock climbing wall (free). I think only the Enchantment has a mini-golf course (free) -- but this can be really windy on sea days. There is usually a "card room" for board games -- I suggest you bring your own cards and games. I'm sure there will be video games (not free). My grandkids are never bored on sea days.

If you want the fewest sea days, you might look at the Southern Caribbean such as those out of Puerto Rico.
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