On the Mariner now. So far I have only gained 63.5 pounds this week so the food must not be very good. LOL As far as choices, the menu is the same on all RCI ships. We were told this by the executive chef on Jewel and I can confirm that the menus this week on Mariner are exactly the same as the menu last week on Jewel (except for the special T'giving dinner last week). The quality was better last week but as far as size and presentation....that comes from Miami. The E.C. even showed us the pix that Miami sends them and said they can't even change the amount of brocolli, etc. Yes, we all have different tastes but there are so many choices how can anyone possibly go hungry on a cruise? If you don't like what you are served in the dining room just ask for something different. If you want two appetizers (two of the same or two different...just ask). If you want two desserts...just ask. If you didn't enjoy your meal in the d.r. then more than likely there is somewhere else you can get something else...J.R. or Cafe Prom, or Seaview, or 24/7 room service. Food just can't be an issue on a cruise. Too many different options!
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