Hello 2012 Brides! This is great -- there are a lot of us here already! Let's learn some more about each other -- I'll go first:

NAME? Cindy
AGE? 36
LINE/SHIP Carnival Miracle
WEDDING DATE April 20, 2012
HOW LONG TOGETHER WITH S2B (Spouse 2 Be)? Almost 3 years. We have a 2 year old little boy who is the coolest little man ever. Finally getting around to getting married! (We've known each other for many years -- he's one of my brother's best friends. I actually don't remember when we first met - isn't that terrible?)
WHY DID YOU CHOOSE A CRUISE WEDDING? This is the second marriage for both of us. I had a wedding last time, but he didnt. I wanted something really easy maybe run off to Vegas! but he wanted a real wedding. Cruise wedding was our compromise really easy to do, but our family and friends could still all be there for our port wedding.
HOW MANY GUESTS (SAILING AND NON-SAILING)? 5 sailing us, our son, and Grandma/Grandpa. Probably the maximum of 50 non-sailing.
WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO? Im planning to get a Dolly Couture short and sassy dress and I want a really awesome pair of sexy red shoes. Im so excited about the shoes! Oh wait, probably should have said something first about my husband to be hahaha! Im also super excited about getting pictures on deck with the Statue of Liberty as we sail past. After we get married, were having dinner in the Steakhouse that evening I cant wait for that. Just a romantic dinner with the 2 of us after all the hub-bub of the wedding. Im also intensely looking forward to relaxing on our balcony with a pina colada with H2B as we cruise away on our honeymoon. Ahhhhh!
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