You went on Thanksgiving and wonder why there were so many kids?
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Ok, I am not impressed with this ship! Not very big, and it was on Thanksgiving week, but if I ever felt like an ant in an ant colony it was at this time on this ship! Never again, will I cruise on a 4 night ship. The food was not very good, IMO, and our waiter was not very friendly and when he was, he was faking it. He would get a frustrated look on his face, if we ordered the pumkin pie instead of the chocolate cake that were both available on Thanksgiving dinner???? The buffet lines were LONG!! To many strollers with babies, and toddlers. The kids were not out of control, just to many of them. The casino was small, and all I kept saying is "excuse me, excuse me, can I get by you" on the whole ship. Key West was nice, but to short of a stop. Cozumel was great, once you got out of the pier area, that looked like a tourist trap. Bars playing Rock and Roll, and no authentic music. We did head down to Palano (sp?) Beach, which was awesome, but didn't get there until 4:30, because you had to get #'s assigned to you to take a vendor to the island. Very long wait! Sea day was ok, but was actually looking to get my feet planted on solid soil by this time. We got the Penthouse suite which was great, but the balcony was always wet from the mist coming from the ship. I did think the beds were great, so comfy!!

I don't mean to be snobbish, but the people on this ship looked a little ragged, a couple of people looked like homeless people, missing teeth, one woman had to be 500 pounds, and one mother would allow her little 2 year old to hit the "Cash out" on slot machines, where one woman was playing and all her coins came out.

Nope, no more 4 nighter! The next cruise will be on a 7 to 10 day cruise on a BIG A__ ship.

I did do RCCL last year at the same time and it wasn't as bad as this year, but still will not go again!

Mind you this is just my opinion. There were some highlights, like Louie, the trolley driver from the port to Key West. He was hilarious and so funny! But, other than that - They are not going to see my money anymore!

Any questions, please feel free to ask.