I don't recall the assistant cruise director's name. His first name is Jeff. He left the same day we did so their will be someone else now anyway. We actually saw him when we were at the San Diego airport. He was waiting for his plane. The production crew left too. A whole new troupe will be started on the 29th of Feb. The dancers and singers were there for 6 months. We have been on the Infinity and Millennium a couple of times. I like them both equally. I am sure the Summit or Constellation would be as nice since these are all sister ships. The Captain on the Millennium ( Iordanis Adamidis) is good. It all depends on where you want to go? I would choose a newer ship with the Itinerary we want. Maybe the S. Caribbean again for us? Alaska is always great. But if Mercury is dry docked and repaired, I would not hesitate to book her again. As I said in my review the staff is fantastic. And if you put everything together we still had a wonderful cruise despite everything. Do not think your cruise will be bad. I am sure you will love the Mercury and have a great time.