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Thanks for the update Bill. I live in hope that the service provided by RCCLAPAC to Azamara customers might improve going forward but forgive me if I am somewhat sceptical about the “great strides” that have been taken for Azamara in the past 12 months when my experience in dealing with them over the past 2 months had been less than satisfactory.
I have gone in swinging with some specific questions to the customer services staff at RCCLAPAC and will report back to you with my opinions on their programs once I receive a response. I do look forward to meeting their customer contact staff on the Quest if they are sailing out of Hong Kong on 26 Mar next year. Dick and Jackie
Hello Cruisersoz and Australian Azamara Followers -

For the sake of good order, I want to follow-up with all of you with some important information about the issue of "price protection" in the Australian market and the apologize for any misunderstanding that I may have created in a separate thread, "When prices go down before final payment," by not remembering to mention that the information applied to only the US/Canada market. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showt...1522484&page=2).

Later on in that thread I mentioned that I would get back and advise our Australian guests about "price protection" after I had received an approved response from Australian management. Unfortunately, I dropped the ball in posting that information on the new thread, "Important Update about Azamara’s Australian Operation.

In fact, Cuisersoz was able to make contact with Adam Armstrong who stated "that the Azamara, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruises terms & conditions in Australia do not permit "price protection," i.e., guests with existing bookings are unable to take these new prices/offers. Each market/country in which our brands operate has its own set of unique terms & conditions which reflect the common trading practices in that market/country and the "price protection" blog posts to which you refer in your email apply specifically to Azamara in the USA market - and unfortunately not to Australia.”

I think the most important point for me to address is the reality of different legal rules of engagement in different markets in which we have the corporation’s reservation offices: Miami for US & Canada; London for UK & Ireland; Sydney for Australia & New Zealand; and Frankfurt for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. That explains why we do not produce a global brochure. If we were to do so, then we would be required to have sections with terms that are different in for every country. Also some promotions once printed are for the life of the brochure (Germany). Price and terms cannot vary in some countries. It is NOT straight forward. With the transparency created by the internet, we find our challenge to be in speaking to a world of differences.

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