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They turned too late hitting from midship to the aft and right away they dropped anchor as soon as they could slow spinning the ship.

The lights went out because when you rip a hole that massive...I'm going to guess the auto-closing flood doors failed or would do little good when you tear a 100+ foot gouge in a boat this big. Clearly water was able to slosh to the starboard side causing the ship to list, so the integrity of the flood control system failed or was damaged.

The anchor was not dropped. If it had been it would have held in the ship in one position once she had slowed to stop. She could not have drifted to the North East and then back onto the rocks.

The watertight doors do not require any power to be closed and yes, they would confine the flooding to the damaged compartmets... and this is exactly what took place and kept the ship mostly upright for quite a long time.