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Wow, Dr. Koob! What a fabulous trip summary! You have no idea how much you have helped me plan our cruise to New Zealand and Australia! Thank you so much for all of your hard work! I can't believe how much ink and paper I just used printing your itinerary summary along with all of the ports, tours, and even Starbucks!


Just glad I could help. We like to pay back Cruise Critic folks whenever we travel. You are going to have such a great time. If you go to the sheep ranch in Akaroa tell the folks there hi for us.

And you can always go back to my stuff. I never delete it. There are still pics and reports from our earliest cruises.

Have a wonderful trip.

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10/18 New England and Canada on Summit

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  1. 8/2000 Alaska on HAL (old Westerdam)
  2. 3/2002 Mexico on Carnival (the cruise from and to hell)
  3. 11/2004 Panama Canal on Infinity (We fall in love with X)
  4. 9/2005 Pacific Northwest on Infinity(Martini Mates Forever!)
  5. 2/2006 Eastern Caribbean on Infinity (I learn I really don't like the Caribbean but I have a good time anyway)
  6. 6/2006 Pacific Coastal on Infinity (Only 3 days. How sad.)
  7. 10/2006 Exotic Mediterranean & the Black Sea on Galaxy (Not that exotic but great)
  8. 8/2007 North to Alaska with the Martini Mates on Infinity! (Are we on a Carnival cruise?)
  9. 10/2007 Western Mediterranean on Century
  10. 8/2008 Alaska again...on Infinity...again (We can't help ourselves)
  11. 10/2008 Oosterdam to Mexican Riviera (Close, quick, disappointing)
  12. 03/2009 Eastern Caribbean on Celebrity Solstice with the Mates! (I went for the Mates, still hate the Caribbean)
  13. 10/09 Pacific NW on Mercury (Close to home and fun)
  14. 2/10 Azamara Quest to SE Asia (Amazing trip! Amazing ship!)
  15. 05/11 Zaandam around the Sound from Vancouver (Too much smoke!)
  16. 09/11 Century to Alaska (Back we go again)
  17. 01/12 Century Down Under from Auckland to Sydney (We love it! Incredible people and places)
  18. 11/12 Century to Hawaii with the original Martini Mates (It's not a race. Too much Century)
  19. 06/13 The Baltic on Eclipse with a SUPER Cruise Critic roll call!
  20. 11/14 The Panama Canal 10 years later (to the day) with the Martini Mates on Infinity (same ship in the same cabin)
  21. 8/16 British Isles on Celebrity Silhouette
  22. 6/17 Martini Mates return to Alaska one more time on Solstice