While Ralf has made the argument that everyone has rights, it's clear to me at least that he has made a weak case:

1- Everyone has rights and my right to enjoy the beautiful Observation Bar before dinner on the Quest world cruise and protect my health trumps ANY argument that those who choose to smoke and pollute the room with carcinogens have a superior position in terms of access and stay rights in that space;

2- The science of second hand smoke as a source of danger to individuals is well grounded and accepted. (Show me a medical doctor who claims inhaling it is good for one's health and I will demur); and

3- The sentiment about protecting one's family and fellow passengers is adequately described in this thread. It's a human issue which has been treated adequately by restaurants and bars in much of the world years ago.

So... What's the plan Seabourn Management? I certainly hope you are not afraid to address smoking in the Observation Bar in the coming months.

Here's to logic and happy sailing!