The Caribelle Batik Factory was located at Romney Manor…also part of the estate owned by Thomas Jefferson’s ancestors. The little shop had various batik items for sale…sarongs, shirts, dresses, wall hangings, etc. A lady doing a demonstration explained that the process takes several days to dye a piece of fabric. I ended up buying the same print she is holding…only in browns and golds. (Cost was $40…we will have to frame it ourselves.)

Some of the batik fabric being dried on the clothesline behind the shop…

The gardens around the batik factory are beautiful.

As we continued our tour around the island, we continued to see groups of the muddy school kids on their walk-a-thon. Most of the time they seemed to be unsupervised. I am a teacher and can't even imagine letting a bunch of kids hike for several miles on their own!

Driving along the coast you could look up and see our next destination…Brimstone Hill Fortress…a fort perched at the top of a big hill.

Royston also pointed out an area where the water was white…this was due to the volcanic activity on the island.

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