Here is the latest form on board in a announcement then written statement delivered to cabins. I'm hearing that the next cruise is most likely cancelled, but that is also just rumor, though from what i understand the damages are pretty extensive, there are 2 electric motors on each of the 2 prop shafts, both of the port motors critically failed.

We are presently at sea (reduced speed) en route back to San Juan. Here is the transcript of an announcement and written statement delivered to passengers after setting sail from St. Maarten this evening around 745pm.

Captain’s Announcement
March 13, 2012
St Maarten

Good evening Ladies and Gentleman, this is the captain speaking.

We have a very important announcement to make and I appreciate a few minutes of your time. As you are aware, we have a technical problem and technicians have been onboard reviewing our port propulsion motor. Late this afternoon they advised that the damage will take a significant amount of time to repair.

After careful review and consideration, it has been decided that we will return tonight to San Juan to wait for additional parts and make the necessary repairs. We will arrive tomorrow midday in San Juan and all passengers will be able to stay onboard through Sunday and then resume your plans to return home. For those passengers continuing on through March 18 we will provide you with an update late tomorrow as to the full impact on our next voyage. We sincerely apologize for this change to your cruise holiday.

Please know that we take very seriously any decisions that impact our passengers’ vacations. While Caribbean Princess is fit to sail, making these repairs is necessary and we regret how this has impacted your cruise vacation. Please rest assured that the safety and security of our passengers and crew is our priority.

We, of course, will be issuing all passengers a full refund of their 7-day cruise fare and a credit towards a future cruise. Additional details of this offer will be communicated to you in writing later tomorrow.

Again, you have our sincerest apologies that we are not able to deliver the cruise vacation you expected. We hope you continue to enjoy the excellent weather and all the services and amenities onboard Caribbean Princess.


Craig Street
Caribbean Princess